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What is The Elder Geek?

The Elder Geek is a digital magazine that aims to celebrate the inner geek in everyone! It was founded in 2020 with a goal to deliver fresh and unique content in a wide range of niches from comics and tv shows to tech and space.

We believe that you can be a geek about anything and anyone can be a geek…whether they like it or not!

Our dedication is to provide you with both entertainment and value. Our content ranges from news, gift recommendations, inside scoops, reviews, critiques, predictions of what kind of alien you would be reincarnated as…stuff like that.

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The Writers

Stacey Macdonald Writer At The Elder Geek


Stacey is a content and blog writer, life-long geek and just about as sassy as they come. When she’s not writing (and sometimes when she is) you can often find her at her local coffee shop, comic store, or concert venue.

Tiras Buck Writer At The Elder Geek


An experienced geek-culture pundit, Tiras regularly consumes and reviews all manner of fantastical, fictional, and high-concept content. He also dreams of ending an eons-long war between two factions of intimidatingly tall transforming robots.

Noel Diem Writer At The Elder Geek


Noel is a content writer and marketing manager with a deep passion for all things fandom related. She’s a huge theater nerd and a lover of all literary things.