102 Na-Na-Na-Na-Need-to-Have-It Batman Gift Ideas

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Batman’s effectiveness as a crimefighter? Legendary. How legendary? Well, for every two-faced gangster cowering in the shadow of Batman’s inhuman wingspan (which is totally a cape), there are 10,000 obsessive fans of Gotham’s gothic guardian.

And these Batman fans? They want – no, need – their Batman fix. Whether it’s Batman apparel, toys, costumes, or movies and animation, these Dark Knight adorers want to play with, collect, watch, and wear the Batman’s licensed likeness.

So what should you buy someone who likes Batman?

Well, you’ve come to the right place – our Awesome Batman Gift Guide will help you pick the perfect gift for family members, friends, or loved ones who skulk in the shadows and bemoan Superman’s incessant positivity.

Enjoy this list of curated Batman gifts for holidays, birthdays, and Batman Day (because there is such a thing).

102 Cool Batman Gift Ideas for the Most Obsessive Batman Fan

Batman Toys and Collectibles (Play with Batman)

These Batman toys and collectibles are perfect for enacting your own Batman adventures. They also upgrade any empty shelf or transform an impersonal workspace into a personal Batcave.

Jada Toys DC Comics 1966 Classic TV Series Batmobile with Batman and Robin Figures

Jada Toys Dc Comics 1966 Classic Tv Series Batmobile With Batman And Robin Figures

It’s the “happier” Batman as depicted in the hit 1960s TV series. Right, the one who invented his own dance: The Batusi! This Batman set features a die-cast model of the Batmobile, a die-cast Batman, and a plastic Robin figure. Relive the classic adventures of Adam West’s Batman with this collectible – and surprisingly kooky –  action figure set!

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YuMe 10″ DZNR Batman 80th Anniversary Collector Plush – Dark Knight Edition

Yume 10 Dznr Batman 80th Anniversary Collector Plush Dark Knight Edition

Is Batman cute? Not particularly. In fact, I would describe Batman as ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING. However, this soft, cuddly, and ridiculously round plush toy is the epitome of unquestionable cuteness. Standing 10” tall and based on Batman’s classic attire, this squishable and chibi-inspired plush figure is a must-have for those who prefer more approachable, dare I say huggable, vigilantes.

What’s “chibi?” Chibi is a Japanese slang term referring to something short and utterly adorable. Even if it threatens you with a Batarang.

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LEGO DC Batman Batcave Clayface Invasion Batman Toy Building Kit with Batman and Bruce Wayne Action Minifigures (1037 Pieces)

Lego Dc Batman Batcave Clayface Invasion Batman Toy Building Kit With Batman And Bruce Wayne Action Minifigures

This LEGO version of the Batcave has it all: Minifigures representing Batman and the extended Bat-Family (and, uh, Two-Face), a LEGO-rendered trophy room, weapons room, and even the famous Batcomputer. And let’s not forget the hulking clay elephant in the room: Clayface! It’s an aggressive assault on Batman’s home turf, and fans of LEGO Batman get to decide the outcome (and then pick up the pieces – literally — if said outcome is less than favorable).

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Hot Wheels Bundle Set of 6 Exclusive Batman Die-Cast Vehicles

Hot Wheels Bundle Set Of 6 Exclusive Batman Die Cast Vehicles

This collection of iconic Batman vehicles features die-cast versions of classic and modern modes of conveyance! Featuring the Batmobile from Adam West’s 1960s adventures and the Tumbler featured in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, this collection of Batman vehicles from Hot Wheels is for those who admire Batman’s wonderful (and virtually indestructible) toys. This is a really fun batman gift for boys!

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DC Collectibles DC Comics Designer Action Figures Series 2: Thrasher Suit Batman Deluxe Figure by Greg Capullo

Dc Collectibles Dc Comics Designer Action Figures Series 2 Thrasher Suit Batman Deluxe Figure By Greg Capullo

Based on the design rendered by fan-favorite comic book artist Greg Capullo, DC Collectibles grants us the famous (and incredibly sturdy) Thrasher Suit. Standing 9” high, this limited-edition action figure recreates the mechanized armor worn by Batman during the acclaimed story arc, Batman: Court of Owls. And in this arc, Batman found himself overwhelmed by undead, owl-themed, ninjas.

What does one do when one’s sacred, secret superhero cave is overrun by undead, owl-themed, ninjas? One inserts oneself into a man-shaped tank and violently vanquishes said undead, owl-themed ninjas.

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LEGO DC Mobile Bat Base (743 Pieces)

Lego Dc Mobile Bat Base

Because the Batcave is far too important to leave behind! This awesome Batman LEGO set – a veritable Batcave on wheels — features the BatQuad, the Batjet, the Batcycle, and additional vehicles that don’t carry an official name but probably start with “Bat.” It also features six minifigures (heroes and villains) who want to use the Mobile Bat Base for good or hijack it for reasons unscrupulous and nefarious.

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Batman: Metal Die-Cast Bat-Signal

Batman Metal Die Cast Bat Signal

You finally have the means to summon Batman! Made from sturdy die-cast metal, this 5-inch replica of the legendary Bat-Signal allows one to project said signal up to 20 feet! This means you can activate the signal from your bedroom, project it on a shed, and wait for Batman to arrive and reprimand you – severely — for diverting his attention from 300 mechanized penguins armed with teeny-tiny shoulder cannons. Yep.

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Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Transforming Batcave

Fisher Price Imaginext Dc Super Friends Transforming Batcave

This Batman playset from Fisher-Price expands and transforms with super-nifty Power Pad action! Turn a Power Pad and watch platforms expand and bat-wings extend! Marvel at an opening garage door and a fairly animated Batcomputer! Featuring Batman and Joker figures, this interactive playset is perfect for young, aspiring, hands-on Batman fans.

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DC Collectibles The Dark Knight Returns: 30th Anniversary Superman & Batman Action Figures (2 Pack)

Dc Collectibles The Dark Knight Returns 30th Anniversary Superman And Batman Action Figures

Remember when Batman beat the holy sweet potatoes out of Superman in Frank Miller’s seminal miniseries, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns? Of course, you do, which is why you want to immortalize (and perhaps reenact) that catastrophic comic book conflict with this anniversary action figure pack!

Measuring 6.75”, these Dark Knight Returns figures epitomize Miller’s brawny, stylistic designs and make manifest two stubbornly opinionated superheroes.

Celebrate 30+ years of the venerated comic series that pushed Batman – and comic books – into the realm of intelligent, mature entertainment.

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Batman Arkham City Logo Wall Clock

Batman Arkham City Logo Wall Clock

A handmade Batman wall clock fashioned from the remains of a vinyl record? Oh, yes – this will definitely excite Batman fans with an eye for album-oriented timepieces. Hand-designed and sculpted, this unique Batman clock features a modern Bat Symbol from the Dark Knight film era, an open-face clock revealing industrial gears, and silhouettes of the Dark Knight amidst Gotham’s rectangular rooftops.

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Personalized Batman Guitar Pick Box and Pick

Personalized Batman Guitar Pick Box And Pick

Batman’s guitar? Custom, singular, and very much unique – a jet-black, Heavy Metal thunder-axe that renders criminals deaf and despondent. His guitar pick? Equally custom, carefully crafted, and a little less….aggressive. Available in walnut, ambrosia maple, mahogany, and cherry; these wooden, handmade, guitar picks feature engraved Bat Symbols and any additional messaging you feel compelled to add. And where does one store such lustrous guitar implements? Why, in an accompanying, equally customizable guitar pick case!

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Batman FRS Walkie Talkies for Kids with Lights and Sounds

Batman Frs Walkie Talkies For Kids With Lights And Sounds

Never lose track of your wandering sidekick with these Batman walkie talkies! Featuring built-in speech and sound effects and an active light-up display, these walkie talkies allow instant communication during tactical assaults upon unsuspecting supervillains.

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It’s Batman, You Dig?

For fans of the seriously brighter Batman TV series that “KA-POWED” television audiences in the 1960s!

Batman – Original Series 1-3 [1966] [Blu-ray] [2015] [Region Free]

Batman Original Series 1 3 1966 Blu Ray 2015 Region Free

This Blu-ray collection features all 120 episodes of the hit Batman television series. Airing from 1966-1968, this live-action, semi-serious show starred Adam West as Batman, Burt Ward as Robin, and a host of classic Bat-villains played by a veritable who’s who of 1960s superstars!

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Batman Classic TV Series Logo Garden Yard Flag

Batman Classic Tv Series Logo Garden Yard Flag

Measuring 13” x 19”, this green garden flag features the official Batman TV series logo! The average Batman flag may intimidate any plant-nibbling rabbits or garden-gnome-stealing ne’er-do-wells, but this Batman flag is surprisingly…chummy.

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Batman Classic TV Series Batman Collector Action Figure

Batman Classic Tv Series Batman Collector Action Figure

It’s Adam West’s version of the slightly silly Dark Knight! Based on the hit Batman television series airing in the 1960s (1966-1968), this Adam West Batman action figure is the perfect, plastic reproduction of actor Adam West’s less intimidating, less emotionally embattled Batman.

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Batman T-Shirts and Apparel (he never tires, but you can definitely wear him out. Get it?)

From t-shirts to sweatpants, this selection of fashionable Batman apparel features striking images of Batman’s imposing visage, or the emblazoned, inspiring symbol adorning his chest.

DC Comics Men’s Batman Basic Logo T-Shirt

Dc Comics Mens Batman Basic Logo T Shirt

This is it. This is all a Batman fan really needs – a simple black t-shirt bearing the bold and beaming Bat Symbol. Made from 100% cotton, this Batman t-shirt for men expresses respectable, stylish support for Gotham’s gargoyle-hopping guardian.

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Batman Dad by Day T-Shirt for Father’s Day

Batman Dad By Day T Shirt For Fathers Day

That friend of yours? The one who finds ways to celebrate Batman while embracing the hectic demands of fatherhood? This one’s for him. Made from 100% cotton, this Batman t-shirt presents an interesting premise: After the little ones slip into unconsciousness (after a story and warm milk), dad dons the cape and cowl to patrol the streets for…. chocolate mint ice cream. Because that’s what daddy likes, and daddy only has time to eat it when the kids are asleep.

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Batman Always Be Yourself DC Comics T-Shirt & Stickers

Batman Always Be Yourself Dc Comics T Shirt And Stickers

You? Boring, unathletic, and completely untrainable in the ways of martial arts. Batman? A fiercely brilliant, obsessively tenacious, and ridiculously stacked physical specimen who knows 36 ways to invert your elbow. So, if given the choice, would you be yourself… or Batman? Made from 100% cotton, this Batman t-shirt makes the obvious choice for you.

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EkarLam 3D Marvels Shirts Men Compression Long Sleeve Quick Dry Superhero Jersey T-Shirt

Ekarlam 3d Marvels Shirts Men Compression Long Sleeve Quick Dry Superhero Jersey T Shirt

For the athletic Batman fan, this form-fitting compression t-shirt features the familiar, illustrated elements of Batman’s armored costume. Featuring four-way stretch fabrication for increased mobility, this Batman compression shirt is perfect for the gym or any intense superhero training regimen.

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DC Comics Batman Logo Pom Beanie

Dc Comics Batman Logo Pom Beanie

Made from 100% acrylic, it’s the Batman Logo Pom Beanie! Featuring athletic striping, a raised and rubber Batman symbol, and a soft, fluffy pom-pom, this Batman beanie is perfect for Gotham’s especially long winters (which are “especially long” due to several supervillains boasting sizable freeze rays).

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DC Comics Men’s Batman Onesie

Dc Comics Mens Batman Onesie

The Batcave at night? Cold. I mean…brrrrrrrrrr. Your friend’s house? Equally cold, because he wants to simulate life in the Batcave. How to keep him warm? How about a Batman onesie? This soft and cosey onesie for men features a bright Batman applique and a lined hood complete with fluffy bat ears. And after mentioning that last feature, I believe my job here is done.

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Batman DC Comics Black Adult Comfy Throw Fleece Blanket

Batman Dc Comics Black Adult Comfy Throw Fleece Blanket

Made from 100% polyester, this wearable, one-piece blanket features the illustrated likeness of Batman’s costumed form. It’s the perfect gift for perpetually sleepy Batman fans who consistently escape death traps but never leave the couch.

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Hot Topic DC Comics Batman Guys Pajama Pants

Hot Topic Dc Comics Batman Guys Pajama Pants

It’s a bright, screen-printed Batman Symbol! It’s an equally bright, screen-printed Batman logo! Where does this ubiquitous Bat-branding reside? On a pair of lounge-friendly pajama pants for men! Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, these Batman pajama pants are perfect for…everything. Wear them for everything, and don’t feel compelled to explain yourself.

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Spoontiques Batman Apron

Spoontiques Batman Apron

You can’t fight like Batman, but you can sure as heck cook like Batman. Made from 100% cotton, this Batman apron features the illustrated, costumed figure of Gotham’s premier gourmet. And no, you still can’t throw a Batarang without scalping the cat, but you CAN stuff a turkey like nobody’s business. This is a fun gift for your Batman loving husband!

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DC Comics – Kid’s Batman Slippers

Dc Comics Kids Batman Slippers

WARNING: Batmobile footwear may inspire children to produce engine-revving (and migraine-inducing) sound effects! Featuring the modern likeness of Batman’s dependable road horse, these soft Batmobile slippers for kids will protect one’s feet from a cave’s frigid floor.

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DC Comics Boys Batman 2-Piece Pajama Set

Dc Comics Boys Batman 2 Piece Pajama Set

Available in toddler, juvey, and youth sizes, this Batman pajama set for kids features a surprisingly happy Batman on a long sleeve top. The pants? Slathered with recurring Batman Symbols. Made from 100% polyester, these Batman pajamas are perfect for your niece, nephew, son, daughter, or the neighbor’s “high-energy” child who won’t stop singing “Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na…..BATMAN!”

Don’t ask him to stop. He’ll just do it again. Only louder.

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DC Comics Boys Glow in the Dark T-Shirt

Dc Comics Boys Glow In The Dark T Shirt

The shirt-length Batman is certainly captivating (and perhaps a little unnerving), but turning off the lights reveals a glow-in-the-dark Bat Symbol! This Batman t-shirt for boys features a faceless Batman taking up a lot of t-shirt real estate, and a glow-in-the-dark symbol that lights the way when traversing dark and threatening alleyways (i.e., walk-in closets or hallways leading to the bathroom).

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Western Chief Little Boys’ Batman Rain Coat

Western Chief Little Boys Batman Rain Coat

Does it rain in Gotham City? Always. Do little boys appreciate Gotham’s perpetual rainstorm? Of course — it’s a never-ending excuse to wear an official Batman Raincoat. Made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester, this Batman raincoat for boys features illustrated Batsuit accents, a waterproof lining, and a flowing Bat-cape. If your child is ready to fight crime in Batman’s dependable element, I recommend this very raincoat.

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Batman Logo Utility Belt Crew Socks

Batman Logo Utility Belt Crew Socks

The average everyday socks of a non-vigilante? Boring, and completely lacking adequate space for cool crime-fighting gadgets. Batman’s socks? They sport foot-sized utility belts in the name of ultimate, obsessive preparedness! Made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex, these Batman socks feature Batman Symbols and those handy (but not actually usable) utility belts!

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Women’s Batman Classic Logo T-Shirt

Womens Batman Classic Logo T Shirt

It’s the simple but stylish Batman Symbol on a women’s t-shirt. Made from 100% cotton, this Batman t-shirt for women is perfect for the mother, friend, wife, or coworker who obsessively prepares for every contingency while maintaining an eerie calm (and a strangely bulky yellow belt).

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Women’s DC Superheroes Batgirl Sporty Tee – Fun Batman Gift for Her

Womens Dc Superheroes Batgirl Sporty Tee

Made from 100%, this sporty Batgirl shirt for women features ¾” sleeves wrapped in athletic stripes, a stylish V-neck collar, the recognizable Batman (or Batgirl) Symbol, and…a cape! This is perfect for the Batman/Batgirl fan who loves fighting crime immediately after flag football.

Batman Cape Swimsuit

Batman Cape Womens Swimsuit

If your Bat-fan is a total beach diva, I recommend this limited-edition Batman swimsuit. Made from a stretchy blend of elastane, polyester, and nylon, this one-piece Batman swimsuit for women features printed Batsuit accents and a totally detachable cape. This could make for a nice batman Valentine’s Day Gift! Alternatively, this could be a great Batman gift for your boyfriend!

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Batman Wayne Industries New Era 59Fifty Fitted Hat

Batman Wayne Industries New Era 59fifty Fitted Hat

If you worked at Wayne Industries (and never questioned Bruce Wayne’s arbitrary “borrowing” of particularly dangerous vehicles), you earned yourself an official Wayne Industries hat. From the skilled hat-handlers at New Era, this Wayne Industries hat features a raised and embroidered logo, a back-facing and embroidered Batman Symbol, and the official New Era medallion.

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Batman on the Big Screen

For fans of the various Batman movies and series starring various Batmen fighting various criminals. And occasionally Superman.

The Dark Knight Trilogy [Blu-ray] [Region Free] [UK Import]

The Dark Knight Trilogy Blu Ray Region Free Uk Import

Here it is – the entire trilogy of Dark Knight films captured in splendorous Blu-ray quality. Featuring Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises, this Blu-ray collection features the impeccable performances of Christian Bale’s Batman, Michael Caine’s Alfred, Heath Ledger’s Joker, Gary Oldman’s Jim Gordon, and, uh, Tom Hardy’s Bane.

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The Dark Knight – Batman Logo on Fire One Sheet Wall Poster, 22.375″ x 34″, Black Framed Version

The Dark Knight Batman Logo On Fire One Sheet Wall Poster

It’s Christian Bale’s growling Batman in the official movie poster for 2008’s masterful film, The Dark Knight. Enter: Heath Ledger’s Joker. Enter: Aaron Eckhart’s Two-Face. Enter: Absolute, unequivocal chaos brought upon a city that manifests exotic, psychotic predators and bat-inspired protectors. This was one heck of a film, and its promotional visuals demand a place on your wall.

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Mezco Toys 1: 12 Collective: DC Justice League Movie Tactical Batman Action Figure

Mezco Toys 1 12 Collective Dc Justice League Movie Tactical Batman Action Figure

Ben Affleck’s Batman? Brilliant, and he absolutely looked the part. If your Batman fan wants to celebrate the gorgeous visual accuracy of Ben Affleck’s Batman, I suggest picking up this insanely detailed action figure from Mezco Toys. Standing 6” tall, this highly poseable action figure features Batman’s armored costume from the mostly combustible film, Justice League. I also recommend you act now since this in-demand collectible is almost out of stock.

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Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Multiverse Batman Armor Action Figure

Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice Multiverse Batman Armor Action Figure

Based on the “hit” film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, this armored Batman action figure is ready to smite anyone who dares deliver justice without Batman’s approval. Featuring over 20 points of articulation and based on Ben Affleck’s Batman, this armored Batman figure will always assume you’re a conquering alien BEFORE attempting a Zoom call.

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Batman v Superman Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots

Batman V Superman Rock Em Sock Em Robots

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – a movie that sought to answer fandom’s burning question once and for all: Who would win in a fight? Batman or Superman? Well, I say skip the film and let 600 rounds of Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots sort it out. Ready to watch mutually assured superhero destruction? Just press the yellow buttons and persistently pummel your plastic opponent!

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Batman v Superman Bat Symbol Black T-Shirt

Batman V Superman Bat Symbol Black T Shirt

Inspired by the divisive film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, this gray t-shirt for men sports the broad Bat Symbol adorned by Ben Affleck’s Batman. Made from 100% cotton, this particular Bat Symbol takes inspiration from the thicker, stockier, meatier symbol adorning Batman’s costume in the acclaimed comic book series, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (which features a thicker, stockier, meatier Batman).

Available in multiple colors!

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Jada 1989 Batman Batmobile 1/32 Die-Cast Model Car

Jada 1989 Batman Batmobile 1 32 Die Cast Model Car

Who was Batman in 1989? Michael Keaton. Who directed the quirky, eerie, goth-noir movie starring Michael Keaton’s Batman? Tim “life is a never-ending, stop-motion Halloween” Burton. And what kind of Batmobile came from the mind of Tim Burton? This sleek, beautiful machine recreated in jet-black die-cast metal. A perfect, palm-sized reproduction of the movie’s stylish Bat-vehicle, this collectible Bat-car is perfect for fans of the oddly comical and equally nightmarish Batman film.

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Take Control of Batman (and regain control of Gotham City)

For fans of the incredibly immersive Batman video games, and for those who will gladly spend 18 months collecting 243 Ridder Trophies for an additional ten minutes of gameplay.

Batman: Arkham Knight Cover Wall Poster 22.375″ x 34″

Batman Arkham Knight Cover Wall Poster

Featuring art pulled right from the box, this Batman: Arkham Knight poster celebrates the hit video game developed by Rocksteady Studios. The fourth chapter in the Batman: Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Knight pits Batman against a surprisingly effective Scarecrow, a city consumed by a hyper-aggressive fear toxin, and a mysterious, Bat-themed malcontent who really, REALLY dislikes Batman. I suppose he should get in line.

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DC Comics Costume – Batman: Arkham Knight All-Over Front/Back T-Shirt

Dc Comics Costume Batman Arkham Knight All Over Front Back T Shirt

Made from 100% polyester, this costume t-shirt features the accurately rendered armor of a, particularly playable, Dark Knight. Yes, this Batman: Arkham Knight t-shirt is perfect for those who hurl their controller like a Batarang after the Batmobile rolls off a bridge. And then again. And then 73 more times.

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Batman: Arkham City Deluxe Batman Gloves Costume Accessory

Batman Arkham City Deluxe Batman Gloves Costume Accessory

Based on Batman: Arkham City — the second installment in the Batman: Arkham video game series — these costume Bat-gauntlets are acutely responsible for pummeling criminality into submission! Made from 100% vinyl, these not-at-all-dangerous but dangerous-looking gauntlets are perfect for palm-striking trees or upright sticks that, in the right light, may resemble The Scarecrow.

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Batman Arkham Collection (Standard Edition) (Xbox One)

Batman Arkham Collection

Okay, enough with merchandise based on the games – here’s the very game series that inspired said merchandise! This collected edition from Xbox features the ultimate version of each game in the globally venerated Batman: Arkham video game series. Featuring post-launch content and remastered visuals, the Batman: Arkham collection will keep any Batman fan busy for AT LEAST six months.

(Before handing it over, they must agree to a series of weekly wellness checks — the games, you see, are dangerously immersive).

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Batman Arkham Collection (Standard Edition) (PS4)

Batman Arkham Collection Ps4

No, we absolutely DID NOT choose to ignore the equally popular (but not at all superior) PlayStation platform. So, here’s the globally lauded Batman: Arkham game series on PlayStation. You’re welcome. And yes, it features the same exquisite content found on the above-mentioned Xbox collection, so you’re still getting remastered versions of the game, post-launch content, and any additional, splendorous content gifted by Rocksteady Studios. Happy?

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Bandai Tamashii Nations Play Arts Kai Batman Arkham Origins Action Figure

Bandai Tamashii Nations Play Arts Kai Batman Arkham Origins Action Figure

Based on the hit video game, Batman: Arkham Origins, it’s the very action figure based on said video game! Standing a commanding 10” high, this Batman action figure features accurate character detailing and impressive articulation (including the cape!). Perfect for stoic poses or swooping action stances!

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Batman: Animated

For fans of the dark and moody animated drama that finally got the Dark Knight right — Batman: The Animated Series.

Batman: The Animated Series Logo T-Shirt

Batman The Animated Series Logo T Shirt

It’s the official logo and demonic design that encapsulated the tone of a modern, animated classic. Made from 100% cotton, this Batman: The Animated Series t-shirt summons flickering images of featureless, dark spires and angled figures corralled by stalking, bat-shaped, shadows.

Available in multiple colors!

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Batman: The Animated Series Art Paper Poster – No Frame (24 X 36)

Batman The Animated Series Art Paper Poster

Ah, yes. This Batman: The Animated Series poster freezes the final, visually arresting moment in the show’s dramatic introduction. With a single lightning strike, the terrifying stalker of cowardly criminals becomes apparent, heroic, and a force of exacting, unyielding nature.

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Collectibles Batman: The Adventures Continue: The Joker Action Figure

Collectibles Batman The Adventures Continue The Joker Action Figure

Based on the hit animated drama, Batman: The Animated Series, this 1:12 scale Joker action figure will persistently taunt any Batman action figure to the point of nervous exhaustion. He will also utilize chattering, wind-up teeth in order to distract security guards while robbing a bank. Stand this Joker figure next to a Batman figure and bask in the eternal struggle of hyper-seriousness vs. hyper-mania.

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McFarlane DC Animated 7” Action Figures – WV1 – Animated Batman

Mcfarlane Dc Animated 7 Action Figures Wv1 Animated Batman

Measuring 7” high, this Batman action figure epitomizes the broad, angular character design made famous in the hit Batman drama, Batman: The Animated Series. Featuring multiple points of articulation and dependable Batman accessories, this Batman figure is ready to guard any bookshelf, or scowl at you disapprovingly from across the room.

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DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series: Batmobile

Dc Collectibles Batman The Animated Series Batmobile

And what kind of Batmobile comes from a sleek, stylish animated series awash in bold, uncomplicated shapes and hard, unyielding edges? Take a gander at this jet-black beauty taken from a series that dared embrace the dark! A perfect expression of the series’ striking design, this high-end, collectible replica features working lights and two seats for 6” figures (sold separately). If you want to be remembered as eternally awesome, this is the Batman gift to get.

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Batman: The Animated Series, Volume One (DC Comics Classic Collection)

Batman The Animated Series, Volume One Dc Comics Classic Collection

Relive the looming, angular structures, the intrusive searchlights, and the quiet, crime-noir chaos with the first collection of everyone’s favorite (and animated) Dark Knight drama, Batman: The Animated Series. This impressive 4-disc set features the first 28 episodes and a host of additional Bat-content. If your Bat-fan mimics the gravelly voice-acting of Kevin Conroy while ordering a Chardonnay, I suspect he or she may appreciate this collection.

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Shop Like a Wayne (Unique Batman Gifts)

Too expensive? Not for Bruce Wayne. Here’s a selection of high-end collectibles for the quality-conscious Batman fan.

Gudeke Unisex’s Zinc Alloy Dark Knight Rises Batman Batarang Money Clip

Gudeke Unisexs Zinc Alloy Dark Knight Rises Batman Batarang Money Clip

Okay, not super-expensive, but this metallic money clip holds the very credit cards granting Batman unlimited purchasing power! Based on the Bat Symbol prevalent in The Dark Knight Rises, this Batman money clip secures cards (and cash) with the ineffable power of magnetism!

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Hot Toys Batman (VGM26) DC Comics Batman: Arkham Knight 1/6 Scale Video Game Masterpiece

Hot Toys Batman Vgm26 Dc Comics Batman Arkham Knight 1 6 Scale Video Game Masterpiece

This exquisitely rendered action figure from Hot Toys deftly interprets the look of the video game Batman! Based on the hit Batman game from Rocksteady Studios, Batman: Arkham Knight, this 1/6 scale figure features extreme articulation, immaculate character design, and a host of interchangeable accessories and body parts. Yes, this Batman: Arkham Knight action figure could feasibly end up under a number of previous categories, but the cost and level of craftsmanship places this one squarely in the “Shop Like a Wayne” column.

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Hot Toys – Batmobile – Tumbler (Camouflage Version) Batman The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masterpiece

Hot Toys Batmobile Tumbler Camouflage Version Batman The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masterpiece

Based on the hit film The Dark Knight Rises, this 1/6 scale Batmobile (aka, “The Tumbler”) is the perfect, collectible reproduction of Batman’s dexterous tank for extreme urban warfare! Painted in desert camouflage and featuring working headlights, this perfect (and pricey) reproduction from Hot Toys recreates Batman’s official, on-brand monster truck!

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Hot Toys Batman The Dark Knight Movie Masterpiece Batman Armory With Bruce Wayne & Alfred Pennyworth 1:6 Collectible Figure Set

Hot Toys Batman The Dark Knight Movie Masterpiece Batman Armory With Bruce Wayne & Alfred Pennyworth 1 6 Collectible Figure Set

Based on the second film in director Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Batman: The Dark Knight, this Dark Knight action figure set features Christian Bale’s Batman/Bruce Wayne, Michael Caine’s Alfred Pennyworth, and the very armory chambering a tactical suit of Bat-armor. The sculpting and attention to detail here are top-notch — and that’s to be expected considering this set is part of Hot Toys’ uber-intricate Masterpiece line.

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Hot Wheels Elite Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile Vehicle (1:18 Scale)

Hot Wheels Elite Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile Vehicle 1 18 Scale

Based on the hard-to-handle Batmobile used sparingly in the hit Batman video game, Batman: Arkham Knight, this 1:18 scale Bat-vehicle absolutely nails the detailed video game aesthetic. From the car-obsessed creatives at Hot Wheels, this beautifully designed reproduction makes you forget the 72-hour hate-fest involving The Riddler’s underground obstacle course.

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Classyak Batman Dark Knight Rises Real Leather Jacket – Really Cool Batman Gift for Men

Classyak Batman Dark Knight Rises Real Leather Jacket

If you’re considering a ride on the Batcycle, this Batman leather jacket is a stylish (and protective) necessity. Based on the hit Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, this real (like not imitation) leather jacket features protective panels and familiar Batsuit design elements. If you’re competing against Bane during the annual Gotham City Motocross, this jacket should protect one’s back during head-on collisions or unexpected atomic knee-drops.

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HJC RPHA 11 Pro Helmet – Batman (Small) (Black)

Hjc Rpha 11 Pro Helmet Batman Small Black

Jacket? Check. Helmet? Oh, yes. A fiberglass composite shell made from a blend of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and aramid, this comfortable and aerodynamic helmet is a MUST for any motorcycling Batman fan. Featuring illustrated Batman design accents, this high-end helmet – from the helmet-making maestros at HJC — protects the wearer while intimidating The Riddler.

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The Gotham Golfcart – Coolest Batman Gift for Adults!

The Gotham Golfcart

Not necessarily the best option for maintaining a secret identity on the golf course, this Batman-themed golf cart takes its cue from The Tumbler – Batman’s dependable ride in the hit series of Dark Knight films. Featuring a six-horsepower, battery-powered, electric go-cart motor, this modified Tumbler features plated, movie-inspired aesthetics, adjustable leather seats, and folding, aerodynamic wings (they help protect one from, say, errant golf balls or manically slicing supervillains).

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Batman Bodysuit – Prince

Batman Bodysuit Prince

Yes, it’s a costume, but the price point moves it firmly into this column. This custom-sized bodysuit is the crux of a professionally designed Batman costume. With its incredibly detailed musculature and illustrated costume accents, this one-piece Bat-suit is made from athletic compression material — and as such, it breathes and wicks perspiration. No, it doesn’t come with all the accouterments (gloves, cowl, cape, boots, Batarangs, or collectible Garbage Pail Kids cards), but it’s the essential part of an eerily accurate Batsuit.

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Classic Custom Batmobiles

Classic Custom Batmobiles

If you have the bank (like SERIOUS bank), this is your chance to actually own one – or several – working, authentically designed Batmobiles. Interested in the Batmobile driven by Adam West in the 1960s TV series? How about the Batmobile charging through Gotham’s rain-slick, cobblestone streets in the hit 1989 Batman film starring Michael Keaton? If you have everything else – the money, the training, the equipment, and the cave – this is the final, instrumental piece to become…The Batman.

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Armored Batman Life-Size Figure

Armored Batman Life Size Figure

From the paradigm-shifting figure-makers at Hot Toys, it’s a full-size (like, intimidatingly huge), Armored Batman! Measuring 7’ tall, this life-size statue is part of the aptly-named Life-Size Masterpiece Series. Based on the okay-ish movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, this very big figure features film-accurate character design, light-up eyes, a fabric cape, and a light-up base.

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Batman Dark Knight Gaming Chair

Batman Dark Knight Gaming Chair

Batman spends several hours in front of the Batcomputer. And when he’s not using it to deduce unsolvable crimes, he’s crushing noobs in PUBG. How does he maintain excellent posture and extended comfort during 36-hour, first-person assaults? With this Batman Gaming Chair from Secret Lab! Featuring abrasion-resistant 2.0 PU leather and Secret Lab’s cold-cure foam mix, this Batman gamer chair firmly supports caped backs and padded posteriors.

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Trick Out the Batmobile

Your car? Not the Batmobile. However, these Batman car accessories grant your car the spirit of the Batmobile. Kind of.

Batman Carpet Floor Mats, 4-Piece, Black/Gray

Batman Carpet Floor Mats 4 Piece Black Gray

Your car doesn’t have thrusters or launch grappling lines from the front bumper, but it DOES have these awesome Batman floor mats! With the beaming Batman Symbol and a camouflage pattern rendered in flapping bats, this set of four Batman floor mats features no-slip backing nibs for a secure, no-slip fit.

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KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 Harness Booster Car Seat, DC Comics Batman

Kidsembrace 2 In 1 Harness Booster Car Seat Dc Comics Batman

If your Batmobile occasionally shuttles children between high-speed car chases, we recommend this incredibly secure Batman Harness Car Seat. Featuring Batman’s likeness (in the shape of a car seat), this children’s safety seat boasts a 5-point harness configuration, padded straps, Bat-glove cupholders, and yes, a cape. Is it safe? Well, is Batman safe? Okay, don’t answer that. (Yes, it’s safe. It holds the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety “Best Bet” rating for booster car seats and exceeds Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.). This is the perfect batman gift for toddlers!

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HungMieh Car Stickers Decals Kids/Baby on Board Stickers

Hungmieh Car Stickers Decals Kids Baby On Board Stickers

Want to inform tailgaters of an innocent baby on board? Want tailgaters to realize said baby is under Batman’s protection? Then slap this reflective Batman car decal on the windshield closest to said, on-board baby! Made from durable vinyl, this Batman car decal adheres easily to glass, plastics, metals, windows (duh!) cars (double-duh!), boats, homes, trucks, and various hard services. It’s visible, noticeable, kind of adorable, and slightly intimidating.

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Batman at the Office

Handily decimate TPS reports like the Dark Knight with one of these Batman-themed office implements.

Trends International Batman Projector Pen

Trends International Batman Projector Pen

It’s a Batman pen that projects a Batman Symbol! Suffering from extreme writer’s block? Is the only solution a severely terrifying experience as Batman’s substitute sidekick? Then press the button, project the symbol, and let Batman’s punishing, nightly grind super-charge your creativity.

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Paladone Batman 15 oz Travel Mug – The Dark Night Commuter Coffee Cup

Paladone Batman 15oz Travel Mug The Dark Night Commuter Coffee Cup

The Batmobile’s average speed is 250 mph, so coffee spillage is infuriating but tolerated. Thankfully, Batman’s tolerance finally capsized, and he tasked Lucius Fox to concoct the ultimate stabilizing travel mug: The Dark Knight Commuter Coffee Cup! Made from silver stainless steel, this Batman travel mug features a black, rubberized sleeve for a secure, no-slip grip. It’s collectible! It’s stylish! It’s completely unspillable!

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Moleskine Limited Edition Batman Notebook, Hardcover, 192 Pages

Moleskine Limited Edition Batman Notebook Hardcover 192 Pages

Log your nightly crime-fighting accomplishments in this limited-edition Batman notebook! Sporting a cover by renowned comic book artist Jim Lee, this Batman hardcover notebook features an elastic band for closure, Batman stickers, and endpaper adorned with an illustrated Gotham cityscape.

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Batman in the House

Upgrade a boring, Batman-deficient decor with these everyday household items.

Batman Starry Night Art Print

Batman Starry Night Art Print

Based on the ubiquitous oil painting by renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh, this Batman Starry Night art print replaces familiar design elements with the vigilant Dark Knight. And amidst the swirling, nocturnal blues and moonlit yellows, a familiar, blinding symbol sits above the slumbering denizens of Old Gotham.

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Vintage Batmobile Patent Poster Prints, Set of 4 (8×10)

Vintage Batmobile Patent Poster Prints Set Of 4 8x10

Before Batman produced his famous Bat-vehicles, Batsuits, and Bat-accessories, he conceived them on paper and sought to patent the designs! Measuring 8” x 10”, these four wall prints capture Batman’s famous gear when they were merely Bat-blueprints.

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Fathead Wall Decals Collection

Fathead Wall Decals Collection

Not enough Batman hanging on the wall? Then check out this collection of removable Batman wall decals from Fathead. Including sizable images of Batman and his various logos, these stick-on, peel-off, stick-on-again wall decals are perfect for bedrooms, mancaves, and various Arkham Asylum cells where they effectively deter recurring emancipation.

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Padaday 3D Batman Bulbing Illusion Color Changing Light

Padaday 3d Batman Bulbing Illusion Color Changing Light

Perfect for desks, tables, caves, or wherever light is necessary or appreciated, this Batman light grants the illusion of a three-dimensional, color-changing Bat-cowl! Made from a clear acrylic glass sheet, this Batman light changes color at the touch of a button! Includes a stand, power cord, and a scowl-ready, color-changing Batman!

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Scotch Brand 910 Btm Gidc Batman Glow In Dark Duct Tape

Featuring glow-in-the-dark Batman symbols and a waterproof backing, this easy-to-apply Batman duct tape is great for decorating, crafting, and repairing a perpetually leaking Bat-faucet.

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Paladone DC Comics Officially Licensed Batman Logo Mirror

Paladone Dc Comics Officially Licensed Batman Logo Mirror

Is Batman vain? Not usually, but a mirror certainly helps while applying bandages to bruises and bite marks. Measuring 29.8” x 1” x 16” and crafted from acrylic, this Batman mirror is perfect for self-proclaimed Batcaves, children’s bedrooms, or any Batman-friendly office or workspace.

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RoomMates Batman Gotham Guardian Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Roommates Batman Gotham Guardian Peel And Stick Wall Decals

Decorate your wall with 31 reusable Batman wall decals! Is that Batman? It is! Is that the Joker? Of course! Is that a selection of various Batman Symbols and logos? Why, yes! And is that the Batmobile? You bet! Place these Batman decals on any clean surface, and then do so again. They’re easy to peel, easy to stick and do so without leaving any icky, sticky residue. YAY!

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JPI Batman Emblem Luxury Fleece Throw Blanket with Sewn Edge

Jpi Batman Emblem Luxury Fleece Throw Blanket With Sewn Edge

Made from 100% polyester, this luxurious Batman throw blanket features the familiar Bat Symbol! Measuring a whopping 50” x 60”, this fleece Batman blanket sports an accented border with intricately stitched yellow thread. It’s the perfect Bat-blanket for the vertically hanging Bat-bed!

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Desperate Enterprises Batman Retro Tin Sign, 12.5″ W x 16″ H

Desperate Enterprises Batman Retro Tin Sign

For fans of simpler times (and perhaps a simpler Batman), it’s the charmingly distressed (but completely new) Batman Retro Tin Sign! Measuring 12.5” W x 16” H, this tin Batman sign features classic comic book Batman against a purposely worn, sepia-colored background. It resembles an aged comic, or a tin keepsake found hanging in Grandpa’s tool shed.

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Batman Spotlight Candle Attachment

Batman Spotlight Candle Attachment

Don’t have the money for a full-blown spotlight? Then we recommend a more price-savvy solution – a solution involving candles and a 3D-printed Bat Symbol attachment. Just insert the attachment near the candle’s tip, light the wick, and watch in utter astonishment as the Batman Symbol – well, as its shadow – appears on your wall.

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Batman Ceramic Serving Tray Platter – DC Justice League Bat Symbol Design

Batman Ceramic Serving Tray Platter Dc Justice League Bat Symbol Design

On what should Batman serve Bat-appetizers (including meats, cheeses, fruits, and his notable Bat-dip)? Why, this very Batman serving tray! Made from dishwasher-safe/microwave-safe ceramic, this black serving tray takes the shape of Batman’s familiar symbol. It’s the perfect food-serving implement for parties, events, and notoriously long meetings with the dependably starving Justice League.

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Batman Poster Superhero on the Toilet Restroom Wall Art

Batman Poster Superhero On The Toilet Restroom Wall Art

Where does Batman unravel the most complex crimes and irritating riddles? Where does he find time to catch up on his latest comic book exploits? That’s right – the bathroom. Available in three sizes, this Batman wall art is perfect for bathrooms, Batcaves, or other spaces that allow for blissful clear-headedness. This is a really funny Batman gift idea for the joker in your life!

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3D LightFX Warner Bros DC Comics Batman Mask

3d Lightfx Warner Bros Dc Comics Batman Mask

How powerful is a Batman head-butt? According to this 3D Batman Mask Light, it’s more powerful than the average wall. Just place the effect decal on the wall, adhere the 3D mask, and voila – it’s Batman infringing on your privacy (which is especially creepy when the eyes light up).

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Batman Slap Meme- Dry-Erase or Wipe Board Art

Batman Slap Meme Dry Erase Or Wipe Board Art

Longing to interact physically with the Batman Slap meme? This dry-erase board provides the off-line means to, uh, meme. A framed illustration under glass, the empty speech bubbles demand your handwritten hilarity. Just grab a dry-erase marker, write in Robin’s attempt at a knock-knock joke, and then denote Batman’s interrupting intolerance (accompanied by a slap).

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Batman Whiskey Decanter Set

Batman Whiskey Decanter Set

This handmade whiskey decanter set features one 17oz decanter, six 3/4oz glasses, six wooden coasters, and a hand-carved box. With each piece boasting carved or laser-engraved Bat Symbols, this decanter set is the perfect gift for loyal butlers who tend to drink while their bat-obsessed charges run amok. This is a really cool novelty Batman gift.

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Personalized Batman Light-Up Sign

Personalized Batman Light Up Sign

Whose Batcave? Your Batcave, and we know it’s yours thanks to this personalized Batman sign. Handcrafted in the shape of Batman’s looming cowl — and a loomed over Gotham City – this Batman sign features LED lights for an ominous glow. Just choose a name or personalized message, and make any room your own Bat-base of operations.

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Batman Gear, Accessories, and Gadgets

The perfect Batman accessories and devices to make living – and crimefighting – a little easier.

Batman Gadget Tin

Batman Gadget Tin

Where does one store excess crimefighting gear? In their very own Batman Gadget Tin! Measuring 8.74” x 5.51” x 2.68”, this on-brand Batman tin is perfect for storing excess Batman Gadgets that can’t possibly fit in the Utility Belt.

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Batman Soft Silicone Gel Back Cover Case for iPhone

Batman Soft Silicone Gel Back Cover Case For Iphone

Designed for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, this ridiculously cute Batman phone case is…well, it’s just ridiculously cute. Made from soft silicone rubber, this adorable Batman phone case allows easy access to ports, buttons, and cameras. It’s the perfect protective cover for those who relish the often overlooked superhero/Hello Kitty aesthetic.

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5-piece 16-inch Batman Backpack Set

5 Piece 16 Inch Batman Backpack Set

This full-size “Bat-pack” (see what I did there?) is actually a 5-piece set including a lunch kit, water bottle, a zip-up case, and an ice pack. Filled with gorgeous graphics of a very active Batman, this Batman backpack is perfect for extended stakeouts on, especially, high rooftops.

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Zippo Custom Lighter – Dark BAT with Gothic Cross Tattoo High Polish Chrome

Zippo Custom Lighter Dark Bat With Gothic Cross Tattoo High Polish Chrome

Before wasting that Bat-match, try utilizing this custom Batman lighter from Zippo. Featuring an engraved Batman Symbol and a high-polish chrome finish, this exquisite Batman piece lights celebratory Bat-cigars immediately after Robin acquires a Learner’s Permit.

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Batman Best Friend Sterling Silver Necklaces

Batman Best Friend Sterling Silver Necklaces

Your best friend (who happens to like Batman) is incredibly loyal, trustworthy, and supportive. And, if you were dangling over a shark tank, you’re quite sure he/she would save you from such a diabolical (and unlikely) death trap. Want to express your appreciation? Hand them one-half of this friendship Batman necklace. Hand-cut from sheets of solid sterling steel, each personalized charm dangles from an adjustable cotton cord. It’s the coolest, and any Batman fan will concur.

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Batman Multi-Tool Bottle Opener Keychain

Batman Multi Tool Bottle Opener Keychain

Individual items overloading your Utility Belt? Then dump the surplus and grab this all-in-one Batman tool! Made from black-coated steel, this multipurpose Batman Symbol acts as a bottle opener, a keyring, a flathead screwdriver, and a crosshead screwdriver. It also picks locks (no, it doesn’t) and saws through steel bars (nope) and impossibly solid coconuts (absolutely not).

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Batman Symbols Ice Cube Tray

Batman Symbols Ice Cube Tray

Want more Bat-ice in your orange juice? Then grab a Bat Symbol “cube” from the Batman Symbols Ice Cube Tray. Just grab the rubber tray, add water, open freezer, place tray in freezer, take a nap, take another nap, and…voila! Batman ice cubes in the shape of Batman Symbols!

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Batman for Babies

For fans of Batman who can’t tell you they’re fans of Batman.

KidsEmbrace Batman Baby Activity Walker

Kidsembrace Batman Baby Activity Walker

Before Batman could walk…. he could drive (with his feet). Mimicking the adult Batmobile, this Batman Baby Activity Walker features a steering wheel, a gear shifter, an attached key, and a host of sound effects and blinking lights. It’s pretty much the ultimate Batman-themed, baby-distracting device.

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Batman Symbols Infant Onesie

Batman Symbols Infant Onesie

Before Batman knew he was Batman, he cried. A lot. Especially when he was hungry, or tired, or just a little cranky. How did Alfred comfort baby Batman? By dressing him in the Batman Symbol Infant Onesie. This one-piece snapsuit features recurring Batman Symbols and logos, and perhaps a less colicky Batman.

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Dress Like Batman

These Batman costumes will help Batman fans embody the diligent Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight Trilogy Adult Batman Costume

The Dark Knight Trilogy Adult Batman Costume

Does your Batman fan interrogate census takers like a growling Christian Bale? Does he dream of inhabiting the Batman movie trilogy conceived by director Christopher Nolan? Yes to both? Then I suggest enabling his Bat-affectations with this movie-inspired Batman costume. Featuring padded musculature, a cowl, cape, and that awesome, modern utility belt, this Batman costume for men nails Batman’s armored appearance in the trilogy of Dark Knight films.

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Black Urethane Comic Style Batman Cowl/Mask

Black Urethane Comic Style Batman Cowl Mask

This realistic, handmade cowl is a masterful feat of incredible costumery! Hand-sculpted from a silicone mold and lined with resilient power netting, this painstakingly accurate Bat-cowl is the final, essential piece to any Bat-costume. And yes, Batman always buys two.

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The Dark Knight Rises Utility Belt Resin Replica Prop

The Dark Knight Rises Utility Belt Resin Replica Prop

Here it is – the perfect recreation of the Dark Knight’s more practical Utility Belt! Based on the hit Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, this ridiculously accurate replica prop consists of over 90 hand-cast, and hand-assembled, resin pieces. Post-assembly, the belt was layered in a metallic bronze finish to perfectly mimic the original movie accessory. This is the ultimate Batman movie prop, and only serious Batsuit enthusiasts need apply.

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Read More Batman

Is your Batman fan hungry for the Dark Knight’s latest and greatest adventures? Then I suggest directing them to the source material – the wonderful world of Batman comics, graphic novels, and collected editions.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Batman The Dark Knight Returns

It’s a collected edition of the four-issue miniseries that redefined Batman! Released in 1986, The Dark Knight Returns features an older, formerly retired Batman contending with an especially viscous Gotham City. Available in library binding or paperback, this Dark Knight Returns collection is perfect for home libraries lining incredibly secret, computer-filled caves.

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Batman: The Killing Joke, Deluxe Edition Hardcover

Batman The Killing Joke Deluxe Edition Hardcover

Written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland, this graphic novel one-shot explored the Batman/Joker dynamic in new – and unsettling — ways. Targeted towards mature audiences, Batman: The Killing Joke revealed the Joker’s sort of/kind of origin story that’s sort of/kind of comic book canon. With the crippling of an important Bat-character and a surprising show of empathy towards an unsympathetic mass-murderer, this Batman story, along with Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, lifted comics into the realm of intelligent adult fiction.

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The Batman Handbook: The Ultimate Training Manual

The Batman Handbook The Ultimate Training Manual

Want to know how to throw a Batarang? What about the intricacies of making a Batsuit, or the best way to bulletproof various Bat-vehicles? Thankfully, The Batman Handbook is here to mold you into a proper (albeit homegrown) Batman. Available in library binding and paperback, this handy Batman manual will train you how to do a perfect backflip, or how to manage a potentially disagreeable sidekick.

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Congratulations – You’re Ready to Give the Gift of Batman

With this massive, expansive list at your disposal, you’re finally ready to give the ultimate Bat-present to the ultimate Bat-fan. And after presenting said present, you should prepare yourself for the following (and perhaps a little odd) outpourings of love and appreciation:

  • The recipient will finally show you what lies behind that towering and out-of-place grandfather clock.
  • The recipient will forever call you Robin. Remember, this is a sign of gratitude, so do your best to temper your annoyance.
  • The recipient will come to you with rather large (and deeply concerning) lacerations and ask you to sew them shut. Because, apparently, your name is Alfred — Batman’s dependable butler and an experienced field medic.
  • The recipient will hug you, press a button on his cufflink, open a trap door to a secret dwelling below sea level, and say something like, “I’ve been keeping something from you.” I advise you to just go with it.

Happy Bat-shopping!

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