43 Captain America Gifts for Fans of Unfrozen Avengers

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A diminutive Steve Rogers was too weak to serve his country during World War II, but his determination eventually outshined any weakness.

And this determination eventually caught the eye of Doctor Abraham Erskine, who was quite sure Steve could serve in a more….extraordinary manner.

Steve’s apparent selflessness made him the perfect candidate for Project Rebirth — a clandestine government project to create enhanced beings — Super Soldiers — in order to fight the Axis during WWII.

What gift can you get a Captain America Fan?

The experiment was a success, and Steve Rogers — the first and only American-made Super Solder — helped the Allies win decisive victories during WWI, and the Avengers combat countless cosmic and terrestrial threats.

Have a friend who can’t stop extolling the virtues of Steve Rogers? Know someone who keeps wearing the same Captain America t-shirt regardless of the slight stench and obvious mustard stain?

Then it’s time to take advantage of our Captain America gift list, and get them something new to celebrate America’s favorite son.

Captain America Clothing and Apparel

Embody the spirit of Captain America (who embodies the spirit of America) with Captain America t-shirts, clothing, and apparel.

Captain America Chef Apron: I Can Do This All Day

Captain America can take a beating all day, and you can grill all day in the beating sun. Celebrate your uncompromising determination to grill without reapplying sunblock with this Captain America chef apron.

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Vintage Captain America Apron

An apron featuring the printed appearance of Cap’s classic costume, this Captain America apron allows one to grill America’s favorite foodstuff.

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3D Print Captain America Compression T-Shirt

This stretchable compression t-shirt features a realistic, 3D print of Cap’s armored costume. With a detailed front and back print, this Captain America t-shirt is perfect for 72-hour sprints or rooftop super-heroics.

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Marvel Captain America Men’s Costume Socks

These Captain America costume socks feature Cap’s flag-inspired uniform accents. Perfect for active feet that consistently kick determined despots in the teeth!

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Marvel Captain America Shield Logo Men’s Royal Blue Varsity T-Shirt

This varsity-style t-shirt features a purposely distressed image of Cap’s handy shield. If you’re on the side of freedom, equality, and inalienable rights granted to every human born upon our tumbling, tumultuous planet, then you’re absolutely a member of Team Cap.

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Marvel Captain America Men’s Avengers Captain America T-Shirt

Here it is — a simple (and purposely distressed) shield on a navy-blue t-shirt. And this simple symbol says it all — freedom is certainly a fight, but the focus is always defense.

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Captain Rogers 1941 Boxing Club T-Shirt

If you joined the Captain Rogers Boxing Club circa 1941, there’s a chance your trainer was a star-spangled Super Soldier. Celebrate the Brooklyn-based boxing club that had quite a few heavy bags with fist-shaped holes.

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Captain America Bike Helmet

This head-shielding bike helmet for kids features colorful illustrations of Cap-in-action and Cap’s familiar costume accents. We recommend wearing one while biking, or head-butting gloating Hydra scientists.

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Marvel Captain America Shield Logo Pullover Hoodie

This soft and warm hoodie features Captain America’s weathered shield symbol. It’s the perfect cool-weather gear for a light 48-hour jog.

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Captain America High-Top Sneakers

These Converse-style kicks feature Captain America shields and canvas, navy-blue bodies sporting a subtle airbrush quality. Available in black and white, these Captain America sneakers are perfect for long walks or a painful hike through Dimension Z.

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Captain America Gear and Accessories

A collection of gear and accessories to help fight the good fight.

Marvel Captain America Laptop Herringbone Backpack

Looking like official military gear handed to soldiers during WWII, this Captain America backpack features countless pockets for countless things (including a laptop). When the super-charged Sentinel of Liberty moves out, he stuffs this very backpack with freedom-enforcing equipment.

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Captain America Wallet

This star-spangled wallet features a carefully etched Cap, several pockets for several cards, and a clear, plastic ID slot to quickly validate one’s secret identity.

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Captain America Headphones

When Cap catches up on decades of music, he grabs these padded, branded headphones. What does he play? Occasionally, The Beatles — but mostly Tommy Dorsey.

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Hayabusa Captain America Boxing Gloves

These Captain America boxing gloves are painstakingly stitched, padded, and crafted to recreate the nuances of Cap’s protective uniform. They’re also crafted to pummel enemies of freedom in the ring.

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Captain America Shield Shoulder Backpack

With a hard-plastic front and padded back, this Captain America backpack recreates Cap’s easily carried shield. With multiple inside pockets, adjustable straps, and other Cap costume accents, this backpack doubles as a patriotic, defensive discuss.

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Captain America Mask With Filter Included

A veritable shield against germs, pollutants, and airborne pathogens, this Captain America mask features an exquisite design and replaceable filter.

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Captain America Key Chain

Your favorite Avenger? Check.
Reduced to an adorable Funko figure? Check.
Dangling from a keychain while softly uttering the Pledge of Allegiance? Check, and…. probably.

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Captain America Notebook

Adorned with a stylish, line-rendered Cap, this Captain America notebook is perfect for sharing personal, patriotic thoughts, and keeping track of Tony Stark’s in-armor expletives.

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Captain America Toys, Games, and Collectibles

The exploits of America’s favorite son are worth remembering, collecting, enacting, and displaying.

Captain America Heavyweight Collection (Avengers: Endgame)

Standing over 5″ high, this Captain America statue captures a seminal moment from the tear-inducing Marvel movie, Avengers: Endgame. Armed with Thor’s trusty hammer, this Captain America figurine reminds one of Cap’s unquestionable worthiness.

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Captain America Funko POP!

Based on Cap’s bearded appearance in the hit film Avengers: Infinity War, this Captain America Funko figure avoids arrest to conduct clandestine avenging.

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Captain America Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys

If the above figure isn’t detailed enough for you, then we suggest this incredible, movie-accurate upgrade from the folks at Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys. This poseable figure is a pristine recreation of Captain America’s appearance in the film that made you cry AT LEAST 36 times — Avengers: Endgame.

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Marvel Avengers: Endgame Titan Hero Series Captain America Figure

Because you want something cool but don’t care if the dog eats it, here’s a less pricey but sizable Captain America figure. Standing 12″ tall, this Captain America figure launches weapons and projects sound effects (but only with the Titan Hero Power FX Launcher, which is, of course, sold separately).

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Avengers: Captain America Shield

This plastic, lightweight shield is the necessary accessory for your Cap cosplay, or the perfect, playful weapon against siblings who swear allegiance to Hydra.

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Captain America Popular Custom Bobblehead With Engraved Text

You watched Captain America fight threats both domestic and cosmic, but now it’s YOUR turn. Just send the required photos, and your unique noggin will top Cap’s meticulously sculpted bod. (And you can totally add text to the base!)

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Captain America Amigurumi Crochet Doll Pattern

Crochet yourself just the cutest Captain America with this Captain America Crochet Doll Pattern. And no, it’s not the actual doll — it’s the highly detailed, instructional and inspirational PDF!

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Captain America Replica Shield

Movie-accurate and ready for less dangerous real life, this Captain America Replica Shield features adjustable straps, a premium finish, and the means to end all wars with a singular, deflecting sling.

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Captain America Costumes

Look like an authentic Super Soldier built by sheer luck and implausible, desperate science with these Captain America costumes.

Captain America Costume Avengers: Endgame Steve Rogers

This movie-accurate Captain America costume recreates every conceivable buckle, clasp, pocket, and armored panel found on Cap’s authentic uniform circa Avengers: Endgame. If you want to look like the Avengers’ moral (and bearded) backbone, this is the Cap costume to snag.

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Boys Captain America Costume – Classic

It’s a boy-sized costume featuring the printed appearance of Cap’s classic uniform. If your child responded to Doctor Erskine’s questionable serums and Vita Ray bombardments, I suggest buying this costume and taking one last picture before he leaves forever in a flying car.

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Adult Captain America Muscle Costume – Classic

This printed costume features molded muscles to project that body-by-science physique. With a brown utility belt and “A”-adorned hood, this Captain America costume is a must for freedom-fighting adults.

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Captain America Cosplay Helmet

Closely resembling Cap’s movie-accurate battle mask, this homage-paying headpiece is a singular latex mask with non-adjustable but adjustable-looking straps. Embody the armored noggin of America’s engineered, blue-eyed incendiary device with this detailed latex mask.

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Captain America Movies

Watch America’s premier, time-lost, and perhaps a little sad Super Soldier kick supervillain tail in these epic Marvel movies.

Captain America: The First Avenger [Includes Digital Copy] [4K Ultra HD Blu-ray/Blu-ray]

It’s the first modern movie introducing Captain America to modern audiences. Watch Steve Rogers’ transformation from meek, morally upstanding civilian to science-baked powerhouse in his amazing Marvel Studios debut, Captain America: The First Avenger.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier [Includes Digital Copy] [4K Ultra HD Blu-ray/Blu-ray]

Hydra, Hydra everywhere! There’s something fishy going on with SHIELD, and it’s up to Steve Rogers (aka, Captain America) and a few tough accomplices (Black Widow, The Falcon) to shake the tree until Hydra lands head-first on freedom’s concrete floor.

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Captain America: Civil War [Includes Digital Copy] [4K Ultra HD Blu-ray/Blu-ray]

Cap’s taking a lot of flack for aiding the Winter Soldier and refusing the political noose demanded by the Sokovia Accords. How does Iron Man — who’s trying like hell to avert a war with the U.S. government — feel about all this? Well, he’s certainly not happy. In fact, I would say he passed congenial a long, long time ago.

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Captain America 1-3 [Blu-ray] [Region Free]

This Blu-ray collection features Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Captain America: Civil War. Relive Cap’s action-packed adventures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with this complete Blu-ray collection.

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Captain America Home Décor and Household Items

Make Cap feel at home in this modern, confounding world with Captain America furnishings, décor, and household items.

Captain America Shield Patent Print

Perhaps it’s for a toy, or perhaps it’s for Disney’s premier Super Soldier engineered in those secret catacombs beneath the theme park. Whatever (or whomever) it’s for, this official patent schematic for Cap’s modern shield is a must for superhero schematic completists.

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Captain America Retro Wall Art

Printed on subtly glinting metallic canvas, this hangable, comic-inspired wall art features a chaotic collection of Cap comics, and an order-barking, front-facing “First Avenger.”

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Captain America 11 x 17 War Bonds Poster: I WANT YOU to Buy War Bonds Now

When the U.S. government wasn’t sure how to utilize their first (and only) successful Super Soldier, they made him an inspiring mascot for the war effort. Celebrates Cap’s efforts to finance the war against tyranny with this WWII-inspired call to action.

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Marvel Avengers Captain America Shield Cutting Board

Slice food upon the (not quite) invincible surface of Captain America’s shield with this shield-shaped cutting board! With a tempered glass surface and no-slip rubber feet, this Cap shield cutting board is the perfect, patriotic accessory for finely sliced peppers!

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Many Happy Chis Evans Coffee Mug

Are you happy in the morning? No, probably not. Would you like to be happy in the morning? Say, as happy as Captain America himself, Chris Evans? And then several more, still very happy versions of Chris Evans? Then we suggest this coffee mug — it’s absolutely slathered with more than a gaggle of incredibly happy Chris Evans-es!

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Engraved Captain America Decanter Set

This decanter set features carefully engraved Captain America shield symbols. Cap can’t get drunk, but you should always drink one for him. And then another, and then, perhaps, yet another.

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Captain America Vintage Army Mug

This militaristic mug features Cap’s shield, his official rank, patriotic stripes, and…..a serial number? Or, it’s one part of the secret serum that made Cap superhuman.

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Captain America Protein Shaker

Because biology-enhancing Vita Rays aren’t an option, you’ll need to chug protein-rich shakes to build a svelte Super Soldier bod. With a secure spout guard and stainless-steel BlenderBall for manly mixing, this Captain America Protein Shaker transforms flab into flag-colored muscle!

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Captain America Gaming Chair

Sporting Cap’s Winter Soldier costume accents, this exquisite gaming chair features pocket springs within copious padding, scratch and stain-resistant prime retro leather, and a stable, reclining backrest for non-stop gaming in various, back-supporting positions.

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Freedom Is a Gift

You gave your Captain America fan that awesome Cap collectible, and now they can’t stop jumping for joy — which is something they “can do all day,” apparently. So, when the jumping stops and it’s safe to resume relaxed conversation, direct them to this very list, and then give them space for another round of joyful jumping.

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