55 Doctor Who Gifts for Temporally Challenged Time Lords

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“Doctor Who” is the accepted moniker of an immortal, time-traveling alien who, oddly enough, appears quite human.

With his handy time-traveling machine (that resembles something quite ordinary), Doctor Who – and a lucky/unlucky human companion — traverse the timestream to right extraordinary wrongs.

A staple of British science fiction, the good Doctor’s televised adventures started in 1963, ended in 1989, and came back with a howling vengeance in 2005.

If a fan of the erratic, tenacious Time Lord lands on your gift list, you’re probably overwhelmed by the sheer volume of collectible Doctor Who doodads.

Not exactly sure what to procure? Quite confused by all the aliens, a time-traveling call box, and a rotating cast representing a singular Doctor?

Then check out our handy Doctor Who Gift List. It might not explain a time paradox, but it should direct you promptly to the perfect present.

Your House Is Bigger on the Inside

Fill a sizable tesseract with Doctor Who home décor and household items.

Doctor Who Tardis Large Throw Blanket

This giant throw blanket mimics the good Doctor’s dependable means of conveyance — the TARDIS! Made from a polyester blend, this silk-touch blanket makes a temporal vehicle out of any sofa or bed.

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Doctor Who Throw Blanket

Made from tachyon-saturated polyester, this never in flux Doctor Who blanket features a time-charged TARDIS. Where is it headed? Twelve seconds into the future, which is exactly when you hit “But It Now.”

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Doctor Who 17oz Tardis Mug

Filled with coffee poured in the past, it’s a ceramic TARDIS mug! Yes, it implies a limit of 17oz, but upon further inspection, it seems to carry elephants quite comfortably.

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Doctor Who Tardis Ceramic Teapot

An incredibly detailed recreation of the Doctor’s quirky call box, this ceramic, TARDIS-shaped teapot is perfect for an eternal supply of always timely tea.

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Police Public Call Box Tea Infuser

And what goes in one’s TARDIS-shaped teapot? Why, a TARDIS-shaped tea infuser! Looking very much like the teapot (which looks very much like the TARDIS), this time-bowling call box is capable of chambering and creating the aforementioned, eternal tea.

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Doctor Who Ice Cubes Tray

Create the frozen likenesses of several Daleks and TARDISES with this Doctor Who Ice Cubes Tray. Perfect for water, juice, coffee, or pudding, this Doctor Who Ice Cubes Tray is the ultimate creator of tasty, time-frozen treats!

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Doctor Who Silicone Spatula Set

These gorgeous spatulas feature clear plastic handles and rubbery, non-stick tops covered in daring Doctor Who designs. They’re necessary additions to a never-ending TARDIS kitchen.

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Doctor Who Movie-Inspired Characters Canvas Wall Art

This multi-panel art piece features painterly versions of Doctors nine through eleven, as well as the battle-hardened War Doctor. This brilliant wall art references absolute wonder, and the occasional break for war.

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Dr. Who-Inspired “Time Lord/Souffle’ Girl” KitchenAid Stand Mixer Decal Kit

Affix these vinyl decals to any mixer and bake better than any dough-rolling Dalek! With the Doctor’s name denoted in elaborate, Gallifreyan text, this decal kit protects any mixer from Cyberman assimilation.

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Buenas TARDIS Coffee Mug

No, it’s not Spanish for “good afternoon,” it’s made-up Spanish for “good TARDIS.” This ceramic mug sports a mustachioed, sombero-ioed TARDIS that might take a siesta while soaking in the sink.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Blanket

This 50” x 60” plush blanket takes its inspiration from Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” Your fine art friend who doubles as a Whovian will absolutely love this Doctor Who blanket.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Print on Antique Dictionary

This TARDIS print layers a 100-year-old dictionary page (which I’m sure is a reprint, and not the actual ready-to-disintegrate, century-old page). Hang this in the study, or wherever one’s vocabulary can use assistance from the past.

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TARDIS Flowerpot

This gorgeous glass flowerpot features carefully painted call box details. It’s the perfect Doctor Who accent for subtle kitchen nooks, cozy end tables, and any space lacking temporal bouquets.

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Caffeinate, Caffeinate Coffee Mug

When a Dalek annihilates, he screams “EXTERMINATE!” When he drinks coffee, he screams “CAFFEINATE!” And when he demands you buy this mug, he screams “ADD TO CARTINATE!” I can’t see you, but I sense you’re not amused.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Light Candle Holder

Based on the 13th Doctor’s unique TARDIS design, this ceramic candle holder will not condemn your candle to an infinite time loop.

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Doctor Who Ceramic Coffee Mug – TARDIS and Rainbow 13th Dr. Design

This ceramic Dr. Who mug celebrates the 13th Doctor with her scarf-inspired emblem. And yes, this “rainbow” trail emanates from a time-distorting TARDIS!

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Doctor Who Gear and Accessories

Travel the timestream with helpful gear, stylish accessories, and a surprisingly handy screwdriver.

Doctor Who Tardis Wooden Jewelry Box

Based on the TARDIS, this wooden jewelry box features three hooks, three drawers, and a rotating necklace holder. Where does one keep “borrowed” jewelry from the past? In this TARDIS-inspired jewelry box.

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Doctor Who Small Tote Bag: I Am TARDIS

This woven bag features the printed elements of a totable TARDIS. Carry everyday necessities or spare parts for K-9 with this adorable Doctor Who bag.

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Doctor Who Tardis Backpack

This Doctor Who backpack features innumerable buckles, straps, pouches, and whatever else a Time Lord might need when it comes to infinite, portable storage. Looking very much like a TARDIS, one wonders how deep those pockets really go.

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Doctor Who The Thirteenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

It’s a perfect, playable replica based on the Thirteenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver! With a rotating handle, sound effects, flashing lights, and rotating crystal, this fake (but realistic) accessory completes your Doctor Who costume.

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Doctor Who 12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver With Sound

This 8” replica recreates the Twelfth Doctor’s all-purpose Sonic Screwdriver! With touch-activated light and sound effects, this Sonic Screwdriver will open any hatch or sturdy pizza box with a simple button press.

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Doctor Who Gallifrey Bronze Necklace Quartz Pocket Watch Gift Set

This Doctor Who pocket watch tells time when one is literally out of time. With etched Gallifreyan symbols, this exquisite timepiece tracks the infinite while accentuating one’s cosplay.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Police Box Juniors Mini Brief Handbag

With embroidered TARDIS windows and a metal “Police Box” emblem, this Doctor Who handbag is perfect for transporting a Time Lord’s eclectic trappings.

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Timeless Doctor Who Clothing and Apparel

Time-trekking apparel for aspiring, not-quite-immortal Time Lords

Doctor Who Tardis Infinity Scarf

This stylish scarf features several TARDIS (TARDISES?) as they float aimlessly amidst sparkling nebulas. If you have a trench coat littered with growing baby galaxies, this is the perfect apparel accent.

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Doctor Who Adult Unisex Lucky 13 T-Shirt

Celebrate the 13th regeneration of Doctor Who, or the charitable, fan-made miniseries with this “Lucky 13” t-shirt. And if you’re aware of the miniseries, your fandom is officially unquestionable.

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Ripple Junction Doctor Who Call Box Window Adult Zip Hoodie

This zip-up hoodie features the familiar characteristics of a certain call box. Prepare for especially chilly dimensions or London’s perpetual mist with this comfortable Doctor Who hoodie.

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Doctor Who Tardis Union Jack Glow Adult T-Shirt

This t-shirt celebrates two things: Doctor Who, and the country that birthed him. Wear this t-shirt and instantly befriend science fiction fans from across the pond.

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Doctor Who Women’s K9 Slippers

These plush, embroidered, and uncannily accurate K9 slippers will warn you of approaching mutant monstrosities while maintaining optimal toe temperature.

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Doctor Who Tardis Adult Slippers

These TARDIS-themed slippers for adults feature printed Dr. Who designs, non-slip bottoms, and just the softest plush vehicles for your time-worn feet.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Police Call Box Fringed Knit Scarf

It’s a stylish scarf resembling the Doctor’s time-traveling call box! This fashionable neckwear goes great with the very next item on our list.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Knit Pom Beanie

Made from carefully knitted acrylic, this incredibly warm TARDIS beanie protects one’s noggin from frosty scalps or aberrant (and surprisingly chilly) time dilation.

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Revisit the Past by Rewatching Doctor Who

Doctor Who: The Complete Twelfth Series

This 3-disc set features the entire 12th series starring the stunning 13th Doctor! Captured in glorious high-definition, this Blu-ray collection features Jodie Whittaker’s tenacious Time Lord.

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Doctor Who: The Complete David Tennant Collection (Blu-ray)

This massive, 16-disc set features every episode starring the Tenth Doctor – David Tennant! Relive Tennant’s madcap portrayal of the good immortal Doctor with this extensive Blu-ray collection.

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Doctor Who: The Matt Smith Years (Blu-ray)

This Blu-ray collection features every episode of Matt Smith’s divisive tenure as the good Doctor. Stored in a lay-flat booklet and gorgeous slipcase, this massive collection features every recorded second of the 11th Doctor’s video diary.

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Doctor Who Toys, Games, and Collectibles

Reenact time-displacing adventures, apply eternal intelligence to beloved board games, or display the Doctor’s sculpted likeness with these Doctor Who toys, figures, games, and collectibles.

Dr. Who Dalek Emperor & Dalek Drone Figure Set

Based on the multi-platform story “Time Lord Victorious,” it’s the exquisitely rendered Emperor Dalek! And accompanying the Emperor? A loyal Dalek drone!

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Seven20 Doctor Who Hide 5″ Action Figure Set

Based on the Doctor Who episode entitled “Hide,” it’s the appropriately named Doctor Who Hide Action Figure Set! Featuring two, 3.75” action figures and a 5” TARDIS, this action figure set lets you replay the on-screen adventure.

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Doctor Who Remote Controlled Inflatable Dalek

Standing over two-feet tall, this remote-controlled Dalek says terrifying Dalek things (like “EXTERMINATE!!”) and makes terrifying Dalek sounds (from it’s terrifying-sounding Death Ray). Looking to annihilate inferior species roaming the kitchen? Then activate this remote-controlled Dalek and maintain absolute control through absolute terror.

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Seven20 Doctor Who the Tenth Doctor 5″ Action Figure

Based on David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor, this 5” figure features a series-accurate suit, serious (and manic) articulation, and a handy, multi-functional Sonic Screwdriver.

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BIG Chief Studios 1/6 12″ Fourth Doctor Action Figure

There are action figures that kind of/sort of resemble their subject, and then there’s this eerily accurate work of action figure art. Based on the Fourth Doctor (played by beloved actor Tom Baker), this extremely limited figure features an exquisite character sculpting and accurately tailored apparel.

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Doctor Who Mega Cyberman Figure

Produced by Eaglemoss, this 8.75” figure is a scaled recreation of a compassionless Cyberman! Yes, this diminutive, detailed character model looks benign, but it may transform small animals into obedient, human-eating machines.

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary TARDIS Monitor Mate Bobble Head

This silvery, plastic TARDIS sits perfectly on any monitor. Its purpose? To bobble when you poke it, and send your finger to the Mesozoic Era should you dare poke it again.

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Doctor Who LEGO

This Doctor Who LEGO set allows one to build a TARDIS’ interior! With over 120 pieces and several minifigures, this Doctor Who LEGO set shows part of the TARDIS’ infinite insides!

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Doctor Who Funko POP!

Why, it’s the Tenth Doctor in compact Funko form! Complete with carefully sculpted trench coat and handy Atomic Screwdriver, this cute, collectible Doctor is ready for your shelf or comparably compact (but still impossibly large) TARDIS.

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Doctor Who Monopoly

Celebrating 50+ years of Doctor Who, it’s the Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Monopoly Game! Featuring Doctor Who-themed rules, collectible player tokens, and a graphically exciting game board, this Monopoly set celebrates over 50 years of prestigious (and British) sci-fi.

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Doctor Who Clue Board Game

Whodunit? Well, probably not — he’s usually on the side of protecting life. However, someone did something atrocious, and it’s up to you to solve this case in a Doctor Who-ified version of the classic board game.

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Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit

Sure, you’re a Doctor Who fan, but are you familiar with over 50 years of complied (and beloved) Doctor Who data? Test your dedication (and your memory) with this Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit game.

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Doctor Who Chess Set

This Doctor Who Chess Set features 32 chess pieces chambering familiar characters presented in lenticular, 3D images. If your intelligence is indeed eternal, we suggest challenging a robotic, despotic opponent in a game of Doctor Who chess.

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Doctor Who Christmas Decorations and Ornaments

Decorate the TARDIS, the tree, and your repurposed Cyberman coat rack with Doctor Who holiday décor.

Doctor Who 2.25″ Dalek 4-Piece Ornament Gift Set

These tree-dangling Daleks will absolutely exterminate any cheerful, shelf-dwelling elves. If you’re a fan of Doctor Who and his rolling, robotic adversaries, we suggest hanging their likenesses upon the nearest indoor spruce.

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Doctor Who Tardis String Lights

It’s a string of light-up TARDISES to make any Christmas tree twinkle. One-million times more exciting than stringed popcorn, these TARDIS-shaped lights bring temporal harmony to any Christmas décor.

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Reading Is Time Well Spent

Lose yourself in amazing Doctor Who books and archaic, handheld reading materials.

Doctor Who Dalek Combat Manual

“Know your enemy.” This in an important phrase, especially if your enemy is a race of hateful mutants encased in murderous machines. If you want to beat the Daleks, we suggest heeding the aforementioned phrase, and then purchasing this book. And you should do it rather soon-ish, considering their commitment to absolute annihilation.

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Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook

Hungry for Cyberman Pie? How about Cassandra Pizza? If either of these dishes sound more delicious than deadly, we recommend this Doctor Who cookbook and concocting something savory and/or catastrophic.

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Doctor Who Tardis Journal

No, you can’t read it. Not initially. But you can read it after you write. This beautiful TARDIS journal features a TARDIS-covered cover, lined sheets with show-inspired designs, and a fine ribbon for marking pertinent pages.

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Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales

It’s a gorgeous collection of Doctor Who tales chambered in an elegant slipcase. Featuring 16 wondrous stories, these brief but beautiful tomes contain engrossing, untelevised epics.

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Doctor Who: Character Encyclopedia

If you’re looking for indelible details of every diligently incarnated Doctor, or perhaps accurate facts regarding their fan-favorite foes, we suggest the incredibly informative Doctor Who: Character Encyclopedia.

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Doctor Who Coloring Book

With 96 pages of gorgeously illustrated, Doctor Who-inspired images begging for color, the Doctor Who Coloring Book allows one to express suppressed creativity through crayons.

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Buying Presents in the Present

You finally got that Doctor Who doohickie your friend has been rambling on about. Is our loud and proud Whovian gear granting them wide, arbitrary grins as they go about their day? Are they quietly asking phone booths to traverse the timestream, or calling the neighbor’s canine “K-9?” If so, that means your gift was a hit, and you should probably return here, in the future, to recreate your friend’s happiness in the past. Yup.

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