81 Dragon Ball Z Gifts for Your Favorite Super Sayain

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Building on the epic events of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z continues the story of Son Goku – a powerful martial artist who utilizes extraordinary, planet-flattening fighting techniques.

Along with his son, Gohan, and other notable allies (like Krillin, Bulma, and Master Roshi), Goku protects Earth from horrifying villains who simply wish to assert their dominance, or emphatically destroy everything.

Airing in the United States from 1996-1998, the acclaimed anime gained a massive audience who demanded the further adventures of Goku and his eclectic band of Z-Fighters. Due to this demand, Viz Media released the official manga, and Funimation released several movies, series, and TV specials.

What gift do you get a fan of Dragon Ball Z?

If you’re shopping for a DBZ fanatic, don’t be intimidated by the massive selection of Goku-approved products — our helpful Dragon Ball Z Gift List is your one-stop-shop for carefully selected DBZ collectibles.

81 of the Best DBZ Gift Ideas

Dragon Ball Z Clothing and Apparel

This DBZ apparel will survive the transformation from mere mortal to Super Saiyan.

Dragon Ball Z Goku Kanji T-Shirt

This soft, red t-shirt features a dramatically lit Goku and accompanying, currently untranslated kanji. What does it mean? I’m taking a wild guess, but probably something like, “It’s Goku vs Frieza for the fate of planet Namek.” Of course, I could be wrong.

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Son Goku Super Saiyan Christmas Knitting Pattern Christmas Sweatshirt

Resembling the hand-knitted Christmas sweaters gifted by Grandma, this Dragon Ball Z sweatshirt features festive patterns, recurring logos, and a silhouetted, ready-to-strike Goku.

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Kid Goku Flying Nimbus Cloud Vintage Beige Hoodie

This gorgeous hoodie features young Goku riding a rocketing nimbus cloud. Celebrate Goku’s early years with this stunning, comfortable hoodie.

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Saiyan Armor Fitness Tank Top

This elastic fitness tank top features an accurate print of Vegeta’s armored torso. Whether pumping iron or repelling Cell, this athletic tank is your all-purpose attack top.

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Dragon Ball Z Snapback

This Dragon Ball Z snapback cap features the raised and embroidered kanji of Master Roshi! With a stylish flat bill and snapback closure, this slick DBZ lid also features an embroidered Dragon Ball Z logo.

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Dragon Ball Z Beanie

With your choice of symbol (Goku symbol/kame symbol) and color (orange/black), this stylish Dragon Ball Z beanie with embroidered patch is perfect for push-ups on ice-capped peaks.

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Dragon Ball Z Gaiter

Featuring the purposely distressed kanji of Son Goku, this Dragon Ball Z gaiter mask reaffirms your fandom while repelling Cell’s airborne assault.

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Dragon Ball Z Face Mask

This orange, pullover mask features Goku’s familiar kanji. With filters for extra protection and an adjustable earloop, this Dragon Ball Z mask guards against vehicle vapors, tenacious bacteria, and Bulma’s onion breath.

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Dragon Ball Z Goku Training Joggers

With your choice of character kanji (choose between Goku and Master Roshi), these Dragon Ball Z training joggers feature elastic ankles, a drawstring tie, and the ability to inspire consistent training in dangerously high gravity.

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Dragon Ball Z Onesie

Featuring the printed accents of Goku’s renowned uniform, this Dragon Ball Z onesie is perfect for barely teething, mostly napping Z-Fighters.

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Dragon Ball Super Socks

Featuring the bushy silhouettes of Goku and Vegeta, these Dragon Ball Z socks also feature their anime-accurate uniform accents. Depending on your mood, one pair reflects intolerance, the other endless kindness.

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Dragon Ball Z Goku Cosplay Swim Trunks

Train one-thousand fathoms below sea level or simply dress like a beach-faring Goku with these summery DBZ swim trunks.

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Dragon Ball Z Goku Super Saiyan Sleep Pants

Super Saiyans sleep. Yes, it’s more often a restorative, near-death stasis, but it’s rest nonetheless. Now YOU can rest like an invincible martial arts master with these comfortable Super Saiyan sleep pants.

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Dragon Ball Z Kame Symbol Zip Up Hoodie

Featuring Goku’s official kame symbol, this Dragon Ball Z zip-up hoodie is perfect for a light jog across arctic moons.

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The Amazing Vegeta T-Shirt

Based on the cover of a classic Spider-Man comic, this Vegeta t-shirt celebrates Vegeta’s transition from super-jerk to mostly tolerable Super Saiyan.

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Dragon Ball Z Hoodie Son Goku Winter Fleece

This warm DBZ hoodie features Goku’s familiar logo while mimicking his popular attire. Available in multiple colors, this hooded Goku sweatshirt is perfect for training in sub-zero temperatures.

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Adult Bathrobe Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Cosplay Costume

This plush robe resembles Goku’s colorful judogi/karategi complete with raised logos. If your Z-Fighter needs something comfortable to wear after a hot shower (which comes immediately after bench-pressing derelict satellites), we recommend this soft and stylish DBZ robe.

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Dragon Ball Z King Kai & Master Roshi Moccasin Slippers

Give thanks to Goku’s relentless trainers with these DBZ moccasin slippers. Featuring King Kai’s kanji on the right and Master Roshi’s on the left, these soft moccasins feature orange sherpa linings for a soft, comfortable fit.

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Dragon Ball Z Costume Men’s Goku Costume

Adorned with Goku’s familiar gi top, pants, wristbands, belt, and boot covers, you can now unleash devastating energies during a simple spin-kick. The wig isn’t included, but we’re confident 75 consecutive hours on a rollercoaster will produce the desired effect.

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Dragon Ball Z Home Décor and Household Accessories

Accent your home or make living simpler with DBZ-inspired décor and accessories.

Dragon Ball Z Frieza Lamp

To light up your home, you must power up Frieza. Is this a wise endeavor? No, certainly not. But…it’s an amazing lamp that captures the animated accuracy of Goku’s purple-ish foe.

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Dragon Ball Z Lamp Goku Spirit Bomb

This awesome lamp features a sculpted Goku conjuring a massive Spirit Bomb (which is totally a color-changing light). Witness Goku’s incredible power (that also drains streetlights) with this amazing Goku lamp.

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Dragon Ball Z Goku Vs Vegeta Lamp

This sculpted, dueling duo conjure their characteristic Spirit Bombs in this action-filled lamp display. Bear witness to the destructive power of metaphysical martial arts with this utterly unique Dragon Ball Z lamp.

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Dragon Ball Cordless Lamp

Measuring 7.5″ high, it’s a cordless Dragon Ball lamp! The perfect recreation of a legendary Dragon Ball, this Dragon Ball lamp features a rechargeable, USB-powered battery and a glow that may imply unlimited, unimaginable power.

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Goku Nightlight

This handmade nightlight features Goku’s spiky silhouette and the recognizable stars of a mighty Dragon Ball. Let Goku’s electric kung-fu light the darkest hallway with this unique Goku nightlight.

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Dragon Ball Z Goku Blanket

Made with comfortable, warmth-trapping polar fleece, this DBZ blanket features Goku in Super Saiyan form. Which means this blanket is heated by an overwhelming, planet-puncturing power source.

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Dragon Ball Z Pillowcases

This full-color, Dragon Ball Z pillowcase features a double-sided, high-definition illustration of your favorite DBZ characters! Lay your head upon a pillow of valiant, interplanetary protectors with this powerful DBZ pillowcase.

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Dragon Ball Z 3-Piece Drinkware Gift Set

With a coaster, expresso mug, and 10oz glass, this DBZ set is perfect for drinking multiple drinks while binging DBZ.

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Dragon Ball Z Mug and Coaster Gift Set

Adorned with Goku’s familiar logo, it’s a 16oz ceramic mug and corked-back coaster! It’s the perfect gift for any Z-Fighter that’s conscious of staining the coffee table.

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Dragon Ball Z 4-Star Ball Ceramic Noodle Bowl & Chopsticks Set

This ceramic noodle bowl features a 4-star Dragon Ball and Goku’s official symbol. So, fill the bowl, grab the chopsticks, and slurp sticky noodles like a starving Goku!

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Dragon Ball Super Multicolor Metallic Finish Shot Glass – Set of 4

These metallic, multicolor shot glasses feature your favorite, slightly more compact DBZ characters. And after three shots, one feels very much like a Super Saiyan. Well, until one’s Kaio-ken Kamehameha blast is reduced to a burp.

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Dragon Ball Z Tumbler & Journal Set

When your immediate needs include cool drinks and organized thoughts, you turn to the Dragon Ball Z Tumbler and Journal Set. This unique pairing features an insulated tumbler with Goku’s familiar logo, and a hardcover journal with 150 lined pages.

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Vegeta Ceramic Bowl Mug With Lid

Perfect for soup, drinks, or porridge on-the-go, it’s the amazing Vegeta Ceramic Bowl Mug! Made from strong ceramic, this bowl/mug hybrid features a stirring image of Vegeta, and a very secure snap-on lid.

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Dragon Ball Z Plush Throw Fleece Comforter

Made from 100% fleece, this Dragon Ball Z comforter reminds one of the perilous battles fought to procure the mystical Dragon Balls. It’s also incredibly warm, and reminds one to resume their post-battle nap.

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Dragon Ball Z Blender Workout Shaker Bottle

When hefting the gravitational force of several hundred planets, one needs to rehydrate and reenergize. This Dragon Ball Z shaker bottle allows one to easily mix powders and liquids for a restorative energy drink. It’s also perfect for smoothies, juices, liquified algae, or plain but effective water.

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Dragon Ball Z Mashup Metal Poster

This metal poster features the close-up expressions of popular DBZ characters. From the super-nifty Displate brand, this metal poster “sticks” to walls with a simple magnetic strip.

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Son Goku Metal Poster

Sick of the aforementioned metal poster hanging on your wall? Then simply remove it and place this one in its stead. Featuring a full-color Goku and a background of his battling selves, this metal poster can utilize the same magnetic mount for easily exchangeable, wall-mounted media.

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Dragon Ball Z Glass Circle Velboa Floor Rug

This circular floor rug features a ring of character profiles with Son Goku front and center. Made from a soft and sturdy polyester fabric, this area rug looks great in any room or otherworldly dojo.

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5-Piece Son Goku Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Anime Poster

This modular, 5-panel poster features several Gokus surging with the power of a Super Saiyan. This set looks stunning in any room, or upon the wall of King Kai’s dojo.

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Dragon Ball Z Goku LED Wall Sign

Available in multiple colors, this DBZ wall sign sports a silver background and a solid glass frame. Activate the LED light and witness Goku’s surging Super Saiyan power.

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Dragon Ball Z Custom Portrait

Want to insert yourself into the animated world of Dragon Ball Z? Then grant these fine folks your fondest images for an accurate anime recreation. This is the perfect gift for individuals, families, couples, and any brave group of incredibly close Z-Fighters.

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Dragon Ball Z Starry Night Framed Canvas Print

Based on the classic painting by Vincent Van Gogh, it’s the Dragon Ball Z Starry Night Framed Canvas Print! With Goku delivering a mighty Kamehameha blast, Vegeta returns fire in this hybrid of high art and Dragon Ball Z.

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Dragon Ball Z Coaster Set

Made from wood and perhaps the peeled exteriors of actual Dragon Balls, this Dragon Ball Z coaster set features five detachable coasters. From what do they detach? Why, the engraved embodiment of Shenron himself.

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Dragon Ball Z Toys, Games, and Collectibles

Celebrate the spectacle of planet-ravaging martial arts with these DBZ figures, statues, games, toys, and collectibles.

Dragon Ball Z Medium Crystal Glass Dragon Balls

Now YOU can hold the power of life-restoring Dragon Balls. These glass Dragon Balls mimic the wondrous orbs prevalent in the hit anime series. Put them on display, or keep one in your pocket should a battle with Frieza end in resurrection.

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Golden Great Ape Goku Statue

Before Goku achieves Super Saiyan 4 status, he becomes the destructive Golden Great Ape! Measuring over 5″ high, this plastic PVC statue truly captures the more savage form of a Super Saiyan.

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DBZ Bad Vegeta GK Statue

This 4-inch, PVC Vegeta flips the proverbial bird in this character-accurate sculpt. With immaculately painted details, this Vegeta statue claims a Dragon Ball while goading his off-screen assailant.

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DBZ Dragon Radar Replica

It’s the perfect life-sized replica of the forever handy Dragon Radar! Searching for Dragon Balls? Then click the top button for realistic sound effects and various display modes. Due to the Dragon Radar replica’s undeniable realism, one might rightly consider the true existence of Dragon Balls.

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Dragon Ball Z Trunks Sword

Boasting polished, stainless-steel construction and a leather sheathe, it’s an incredibly accurate replica of Trunk’s powerful sword! Measuring 31″ long, this not-meant-for-stabbing replica celebrates the time-traveling hero who heralds forthcoming perils from the future.

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Super Saiyan Vegeta Model Kit Figure

From the renowned Figure-Rise Standard line, it’s the Super Saiyan Vegeta Model Kit Figure! With considerable articulation and several interchangeable parts, this Vegeta figure kit is easy to build, and worthy of display.

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Super Saiyan Goku Model Kit Figure

Also from the Figure-Rise Standard line, it’s the Super Saiyan Goku Model Kit Figure! Boasting interchangeable parts, this buildable, posable figure also features an attachable Kamehameha effect with transparent stand.

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Goku Plush Doll

With flaming blue hair, it’s an anime-accurate Goku plush! Standing over 8″ high, this collectible plush is certainly soft, but that should never imply weakness. In fact, while you binged the Dragon Ball Z anime, this Goku plush smashed the moons of Jupiter against its rock-hard abs!

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KELAKE Dragon Ball Z Action Figures: DBZ Goku Figure Statue Figurine

This 5” figurine features a battle-worn Goku invoking a Dragon Ball’s power. This is the perfect collectible for those who continue to fight regardless of Frieza’s insurmountable assault.

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Dragon Ball Z 5.5″ Movie Mega World Collectible Figure Shenron and Dragon Ball Set

It’s the Dragon God himself, Shenron, hovering above his prized Dragon Balls. Standing over 5″ high, this official figure from Bandai is ready to bequeath ultimate power, or…eat you. Historically, it’s the latter.

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Saiyan Space Pod Building Kit

This series-accurate space pod features a seated Vegeta, a display stand, and a resealable hatch. If you want to relive the moment Vegeta crash-landed into your above-ground pool, this space pod kit should rekindle that very uncomfortable memory.

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Dragon Ball Bulma Figurine

It’s everyone’s favorite, blue-haired heroine — Bulma! Sporting her classic pink outfit, this extremely posable Bulma figure comes with optional expressions, optional hands, a Dragon Radar Gun, a holster, and her very own two-star Dragon Ball.

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Master Roshi Supreme Shirt Gold Turtle Shell Action Figure

Sporting his “Supreme” button-down shirt, it’s an utterly adorable Master Roshi action figure! Holding a golden staff and hefting an equally golden turtle shell, this Master Roshi action figure is ready to impart advice to any budding (and quite impatient) marital artist.

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Kid Goku & Krillin Action Figures

These hilarious, plastic caricatures of Kid Goku and Krillin are an absolute must for those who enjoy their beloved, brotherly banter. Because the action is certainly epic, but relationships move the audience.

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Goku Eating Noodles: Dragon Ball Z Funko POP!

It’s a crouching, noodle-slurping Goku given Funko’s deformed figure treatment. Measuring 3.75″ high, this famished and feasting Goku will simply sit, slurp, and promptly ask for seconds.

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Dragon Ball Themed UNO

This Dragon Ball UNO game features brilliant illustrations of all your favorite Dragon Ball characters. Prepare to upset siblings with Bulma’s “reverse” card or Piccolo’s dreaded “draw two.”

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Dragon Ball Z Board Game

Your mission: to accumulate power and defeat the dreaded Dragon! With a 3D game board and plenty of game pieces, this DBZ game promises a challenge for adults and a great time for kids.

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DBZ Trivial Pursuit

Think you know DBZ? Then test your knowledge with Dragon Ball Z Trivial Pursuit! Covering every conceivable occurrence in the renowned DBZ saga, this Dragon Ball Z Trivial Pursuit game features over 600 questions regarding the beloved martial arts mega-epic!

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Dragon Ball Z Monopoly

Dragon Ball Z gets the Monopoly treatment with this Dragon Ball Z Monopoly game! Featuring six collectible tokens, a series-inspired board, and DBZ-themed gameplay, this DBZ Monopoly mixes standard gaming mechanics with muscled-up, martial arts mayhem.

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Dragon Ball Z Advent Calendar Pocket Pop!

Countdown to Christmas with this Dragon Ball Z Advent Calendar! Each day reveals a deformed, pocket-sized DBZ figure from Funko, which is 10000 times better than boring, foil-wrapped chocolate.

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Dragon Ball Z Merch, Gear, and Accessories

Carry your collected Dragon Balls or simply embrace convenience with Dragon Ball Z gear and accessories.

Dragon Ball Z Goku Built-Up Backpack

This fancy, multi-pocketed backpack features Goku’s symbol, a padded laptop pocket, orange straps, elastic netting, and upon further inspection, even more padding. This is the perfect shield when engaged in unrelenting backpack battling.

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Dragon Ball Z Backpack

This incredible Dragon Ball Z backpack has more than enough features for an evolving (and organized) Super Saiyan. With a laptop compartment, multiple pockets, and adjustable, padded straps, this DBZ backpack is perfect for carrying every conceivable item for every conceivable mission.

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DBZ Kid Goku & Krillin Riding Nimbus Phone Case

For variations of the iPhone 12, it’s the Kid Goku Krillin Riding Nimbus Phone Case! This ultra-thin, silicone phone case features Goku and Krillin riding a nimbus cloud. And one of them is noticeably more calm than the other.

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DBZ SSJ Blue Goku and Goku Black Rose PS5 Skin

Your PS5? White, homogenous, and boring. Your PS5 with vinyl, full-color DBZ illustrations? A gaming system that achieved the coveted state of Super Saiyan. Featuring adhesive skins for your unit and two controllers, this digital cover set is a must for gamers with an uncontrollable DBZ obsession.

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Goku Blue Super Saiyan Transformation Xbox S Skin

With vinyl, adhesive skins for your Xbox S unit and two controllers, these colorful DBZ game wraps grant your gear the implausible power of an ever-evolving Goku.

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Goku and Gohan Motorbike Joy Ride Non-Slip Mouse Pad

This extended, non-slip mouse pad features an image of Gohan and Goku taking a leisurely scooter ride on an old country road. And yes, we’re quite sure an alien threat will arrive to spoil this incredibly rare occurrence.

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Dragon Ball Z Laughing Majin Buu Airpods Case

This pink, rubberized Airpods case is rendered in the shape of Majin Buu’s cackling cranium. If you’re looking for a shock-resistant Airpods case with a case of the giggles, this is the cranial storage space for you.

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DBZ Guitar Picks

This set of 20 guitar picks features breathtaking, double-sided illustrations of your favorite DBZ characters. Play guitar with the supernatural speed of a finger-flailing Super Saiyan with these sturdy celluloid picks.

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Dragon Ball & Dragon Radar Keychain

Need help tracking mystical, well-hidden Dragon Balls? Need help remembering and securing keys? Then look to the Dragon Radar Keychain! This keychain gift set features a Dragon Radar – complete with light and sound effects – and a 4-star Dragon Ball.

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Dragon Ball Z Dragon Radar Light-Up Watch

Can it tell time? Yes. Can it track Dragon Balls? Of course! Based on the Dragon Radar device, this metallic watch presents green, blinking lights with a simple button press.

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Dragon Ball Z Herb Grinder

This handmade herb grinder is rendered in the shape of a 4-star, hard-to-find Dragon Ball! Can’t properly grind King Kai’s medicinal, otherworldly herbs? Then grab this Dragon Ball Z herb grinder and produce a fine, easily packed herb.

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Dragon Ball Z Stickers

It’s a collection of 100 stickers featuring every conceivable character from every conceivable episode of Dragon Ball Z. Stick one on something, and then repeat that same step 99 times.

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Super Saiyan Goku Vinyl Decal

Perfect for your skateboard, laptop, or Renault 5 Turbo, it’s the Super Saiyan Goku Vinyl Decal! Easily affixed to clean, flat surfaces, this vinyl decal features the white silhouette of a supercharged Goku.

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Dragon Ball Z Capsule Corp Patch

Welcome to the Capsule Corporation, home to the Brief family and birthplace of the famous Hoi-Poi Capsules. As a new employee, please accept this official patch, and then report to the atrium for undignified dinosaur wrangling.

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Respect the Source Material

This selection of Dragon Ball Z manga is the basis for Goku’s animated adventures.

Dragon Ball Z Paperback Books: Complete Box Set

This compete box set features all 26 volumes of the popular Dragon Ball Z manga. If you’re longing to read the greatest (and intergalactic) martial arts epic of all time, this is the full set to get.

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Dragon Ball Paperback Books: Complete Box Set

Before Goku was a man entrenched in intergalactic hand-to-hand combat, he was a boy entrenched in intergalactic hand-to-hand combat. Relive Goku’s early years with every single volume of the classic Dragon Ball manga.

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Dragon Ball: A Visual History

This gorgeous hardcover features the stunning work and works-in-progress of legendary Dragon Ball creator, Akira Toriyama. Enveloped by a stunning slipcase, this exquisite art book is stuffed with sketches, notes, promotional material, and other amazing entries integral to Toriyama’s creative process.

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Watch Planets Shatter in Senses-Bashing Blu-ray (and DVD)

Experience the epic conflicts of Dragon Ball Z in blistering Blu-ray HD (or mildly exciting DVD).

Dragon Ball Z: Seasons 1-9 Blu-ray Collection

This Blu-ray set features all nine seasons of Dragon Ball Z collected on 36 glorious discs. Watch (and rewatch) the epic pummeling of super-charged martial artists in clear-as-day Blu-ray.

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Dragon Ball: Complete Series Seasons 1-5 DVD Box Set

What contains 25 discs in five box sets and features every single episode of the classic Dragon Ball series? That’s right — the complete Dragon Ball series on glorious DVD!

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Dragon Ball GT: The Complete Series on DVD

Need a little GT with your DB? Then buy the entire Dragon Ball GT series on DVD. Can Goku rediscover the scattered Dragon Balls before something unabashedly awful occurs? Tune in to the epic series!

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Your Shopping Is Complete, But Your Training Must Continue

Yes, you utilized our helpful gift list to find the perfect Dragon Ball Z present. And by utilizing this list, you learned a little bit about Goku, his friends, their enemies, and all the outrageous goings on in a constantly imperiled Universe 7. But there’s still more to learn, and more compelling adventures to experience. So, dig into the manga, watch the anime series, and find out why DBZ is such a captivating, cultural phenomenon. And when you return to this list, perhaps you’ll add a little something for yourself.

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