77 D&D Gift Ideas for Daring Dragon Slayers

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“A troll is attacking your party. What will you do?”

This is a question one might receive if they’re playing Dungeons and Dragons — a tabletop role-playing game that depends on imagination, extensive rules and statistics, and a little luck courtesy of multi-sided dice.

Grab some friends, create a character, and journey through fantastical realms filled with magic, helpful creatures, unseemly beasts, and amazing artifacts.

With 13.7 million active players, I’m sure you have quite a few friends who tell tales of perilous adventures and disobeying dice.

Wondering what to get your friends who slay Hill Giants with lucky rolls and a slingshot? Then simply keep scrolling for this voluminous list of Dungeons and Dragons gifts.

77 Unique Dungeons and Dragons Gifts

Play the Game, Live the Adventure: Gifts for D&D Players

These Dungeons and Dragons manuals and modules will have you rolling dice and defeating dragons.

Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set 5th Edition

Dungeons And Dragons Starter Set 5th Edition

This D&D set has everything you need to start your adventure! With a Starter Set Rulebook, the Lost Mines of Phandelver adventure/campaign book, six sets of dice, and a bunch of other goodies, this D&D set is the perfect gateway to a never-ending game.

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Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything (D&D Rules Expansion)

Tashas Cauldron Of Everything Dd Rules Expansion

The Wizard Tasha has compiled a book of secrets and spells accumulated during her illustrious lifetime. This hardcover book features expanded content for Dungeon Masters and players alike, with additional spells, expanded subclasses, and amazing artifacts. It’s more game for your unending game.

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Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide (Core Rulebook)

Dungeons And Dragons Dungeon Masters Guide

This invaluable hardcover teaches one how to create and seamlessly run Dungeons and Dragons adventures! In this tome, you’ll learn about the rules, secrets, characters, magical items, weapons, and amazing realms that make up this incredibly thorough gaming system. Start reading, and then start emailing invitations for your first campaign.

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Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set

Dungeons And Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set

It’s a complete set of super-special, foil-cover rulebooks – the Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, and the Dungeon Master’s Guide. If you have a friend who’s itching to play D&D, this gift set is the perfect, complete primer.

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BONUS: Dungeons & Dragons Vs. Rick and Morty

Dungeons And Dragons Vs Rick And Morty

Mix the role-playing mechanics of Dungeons and Dragons with the animated mania of Rick and Morty. Why? For an amazing hybrid gaming experience. Duh.

Based on the hit comic series Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons and Dragons, this set features two adventure modules, a DM screen, dice, and ready-to-fill character sheets. If there’s a D&D/R&M fan on your list, this complete gaming kit checks both boxes.

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SECOND BOONUS: Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Starter Set

Stranger Things Dungeons And Dragons Roleplaying Game Starter Set

Explore the Upside Down utilizing D&D’s fifth edition gaming system with this Stranger Things-themed set. Includes dice, miniatures, rulebooks, five ready-to-play characters, and an additional D&D module created by Mike Wheeler.

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Boost Your Armor Class With Official Dungeons and Dragons Clothing and Apparel

D&D apparel that lasts longer than a leather tunic.

D20 Atom Hoody

D20 Atom Hoody

It’s a soft, comfortable hoodie featuring an atomic, d20 die. Much like atoms are the building blocks of reality, dice are the foundational, somewhat chaotic structure of any of role-playing system. And…it looks super-cool, so just forget all that other nonsense.

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D&D – Novelty Crew Dress Socks

Dnd Novelty Crew Dress Socks

There’s in-your-face D&D fandom, and the more subtle variety residing on your feet. These comfortable D&D socks feature d20 dice and stylish heather-gray accents. Rubbing them together may ward off spells cast by dice-cursing wizards.

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Dungeons and Dragons Dragons With D20 Shirt in Black

Dungeons And Dragons Dragons With D20 Shirt In Black

If you’re positioned betwixt two dragons, we recommend rolling high numbers. This Dungeons and Dragons t-shirt features two illustrated dragons and a die roll that might save your life. This is the perfect gift for those who like to live (and roll) dangerously.

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Dungeons and Dragons Game Red and Gray Striped Marled Knit Hat

Dungeons And Dragons Game Red And Grey Striped Marled Knit Hat

With an embroidered d20 patch, this Dungeons and Dragons beanie warms one’s scalp while traversing the dreaded Plane of Ice.

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Dungeons and Dragons Logo T-Shirt

Dungeons And Dragons Logo T Shirt

It’s the official Dungeons and Dragons logo – a creature-filled ampersand on a dark gray t-shirt. Any Dungeons and Dragons fan will appreciate the logo, and recognize the imminent danger baked into its design.

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Because I’m the DM That’s Why Hoodie

Because Im The Dm Thats Why Hoodie

Is a player questioning your decision? How about their recent loss at the end of a Githyanki’s sword? Then simply point to the hoodie. This hoodie is the perfect, definitive argument for those who uphold the standard rules of dice-based adventuring.

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Dungeons and Dragons Black and Red Pajama Pants

Dungeons And Dragons Black And Red Pajama Pants

Made from 100% cotton, these Dungeons and Dragons pajama pants feature the recurring D&D ampersand and a pattern of essential dice. With a drawstring tie, hip pockets, and a single-button fly, these below-the-belly pajamas offer extraordinary comfort without having to roll for it.

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Run D&D T-Shirt Dungeons and Dragons-Inspired Design

Run Dandd T Shirt Dungeons And Dragons Inspired Design

Run DMC? A popular rap trio that’s nearly responsible for bringing the genre to prominence. Run D&D? That’s someone who runs a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and then listens to Run DMC while characters perish under a Storm Giant’s sandals. It’s the perfect t-shirt for campaigns that bust a rhyme.

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Building a Better Dungeon Master

Accessories for those who conjure the adventure.

Battle Grid Game Mat

Battle Grid Game Mat

Throw away that cheap grid paper and upgrade to a long-lasting PVC mat! Boasting a high-definition print and tear-proof material, this resilient gamer map allows one to make necessary, easily removed markings courtesy of dry erase markers. This high-quality gaming map is the definitive tool for diligent Dungeon Masters.

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The Master’s Atlas

The Masters Atlas

Lay out your dungeon, castle, fortress, or labyrinth with these helpful, reversible tiles. And add in-game objects like stairs, treasure, and doors with hand-illustrated object tiles. This is an easy way to map out a lair that eats adventurers for breakfast.

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Dungeons & Dragons Spellbook Cards

Dungeons And Dragons Spellbook Cards

Sick of going back to the book? Then break out these D&D flashcards featuring item statistics on one side and astonishing art on the other. It’s the easy way to keep track of wondrous artifacts and their magical modifiers.

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Dungeon Master’s Screen Reincarnated

Dungeon Masters Screen Reincarnated

This four-panel screen features a beautifully illustrated dragon for players to admire (or avoid). It also provides integral in-game information for very involved Dungeon Masters.

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Stratagem The Master’s Tome 4-Panel Customizable GM Screen

Stratagem The Masters Tome 4 Panel Customizable Gm Screen

This Dungeon Master’s screen is a four-panel monstrosity with eight helpful pockets! Use the outside to slide in maps and other graphics. Use the inside to hold integral adventure information. Includes free art inserts, example reference pages, and a dry-erase board for taking (and erasing) notes.

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Viridian Condition Rings

Viridian Condition Rings

This full set of 70 rings helps a DM keep track of various character conditions. Is the Ranger stunned? Is the orc incapacitated? Place these condition-reminding rings around miniatures and never forget a player’s plight during chaotic combat.

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RPG Grid Paper Composition Book

Rpg Grid Paper Composition Book

As a DM, grid paper is an absolute necessity. Never lose the ability to draw maps, forge weapons, concoct spells, or develop adventures with this book of cream-colored grid sheets.

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The Monsters Know What They’re Doing: Combat Tactics for Dungeon Masters

The Monsters Know What They're Doing Combat Tactics For Dungeon Masters

Struggling to make your adventures…. adventurous? Then read this helpful guide and become the knowledgeable, engaging Dungeon Master your players deserve.

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Digital Map Case for D&D

Digital Map Case For Dandd

This handmade case fits over a television, allowing one to project online maps for various adventures and environments. And the protective plexiglass allows for easy map viewing, robust dice rolling, and seamless miniature maneuvering. It’s an amazing alternative to more expensive gaming tables.

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Living With Dragons

Your home is unreasonably dry, well-lit, and lacking in adventure. So, we’re making it a dungeon with these Dungeons and Dragons home decorations and accessories.

Solid Walnut Dice Coasters

Solid Walnut Dice Coasters

Are they coasters that hold dice, or dice holders that hold drinks? Whatever their main function, these handmade, solid walnut coasters are perfect for drink and dice placement.

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D & D Coaster Set

D And D Coaster Set

Place your chilled orc mead on a wooden, engraved coaster! Featuring an engraved, 20-sided die, these handmade coasters are great as-is, or ready for your unique DIY finish.

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Dragon Bookends

Dragon Bookends

These skillfully sculpted dragons will protect your sacred tomes from pilfering dark wizards or unexpected tumbling. Made from a solid polyresin, these dragon bookends will look absolutely stunning on any shelf or bookcase.

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Dungeons and Dragons Mind Flayer Goblet

Dungeons And Dragons Mind Flayer Goblet

If you can excuse the Mind Flayers’ psionic subjugation of countless races, you might enjoy the less traumatic Mind Flayer Goblet. With a stainless-steel insert, this Mind Flayer skull holds 6.8oz of any bitter grog, or perhaps the bloody tears of the psionically defenseless.

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Dungeons and Dragons Water Bottle

Dungeons And Dragons Water Bottle

This D&D water bottle features the familiar ampersand logo, a secure flip-top lid, and a chambered, shakable d20. Stop using that ridiculous sports bottle and upgrade to more relevant, dragon-hunting branding.

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Vintage Dungeons and Dragons Dice Patent Poster Prints

Vintage Dungeons And Dragons Dice Patent Poster Prints

Want to celebrate the conception of those confounding polyhedral dice? Then hang these patent prints on your wall and enjoy the origins of D&D’s renowned, random number generators!

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Dogs Playing D&D

Dogs Playing Dandd

Dogs playing poker? Boring. Dogs playing D&D? Infinitely more interesting and with significantly less cigar smoke. This 19” x 17” poster belongs on the wall of every room where D&D campaigns take place.

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Ability Score Modifier Shot Glasses

Ability Score Modifier Shot Glasses

Drinking modifies crucial character stats. If you’re looking for actual numbers when trolls start a tavern brawl (aka, “barfight”), look to the glass after rolling the dice. And also mind your own intelligence after shot #3.

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Chaotic Neutral Mug

Chaotic Neutral Mug

Do you consider all the options, but occasionally ignore facts to follow your heart? If so, you might find this D&D mug utterly relatable. This D&D mug is for those who value individual freedom over negligible concepts like good and evil.

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Dungeons and Dragons Beholder Heat Reveal Mug

Dungeons And Dragons Beholder Heat Reveal Mug

Wielding the magical power of heat, a horrifying Beholder image can transform into another, equally horrifying Beholder image. This ceramic, 18oz mug jump-starts your day with equal parts coffee and abject terror.

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Dungeon Master Personalized Wooden Tankard Mug

Dungeon Master Personalized Wooden Tankard Mug

This handcrafted, oak tree mug features a gleaming, copper plaque and the potential for personalization. With a stainless-steel insert, this gorgeous D&D mug is perfect for swilling orc ale before foolishly committing yourself to a war party.

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Dungeon Meowster Mug

Dungeon Meowster Mug

There are Dungeon Masters, and apparently, Dungeon Meowsters. A Dungeon Master leads players responsibly throughout a campaign, forever aware of necessary stats and everyone’s dwindling hit points. A Dungeon Meowster is easily distracted by shiny objects and dangling string. Celebrate that consistently interrupted, seven-minute campaign led by Mr. Whiskers with this hilarious Dungeon Meowster mug.

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Dungeons & Dragons D20 Color-Changing Light

Dungeons And Dragons D20 Color Changing Light

Ready to set the mood for your next D&D session? Then turn off the lights and plop this sizable, d20 mood light right on the table (without shattering anyone’s miniatures). Measuring 7” high, this USB-powered mood light cycles through several colors while players struggle with a Mind Flayer.

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Dungeons and Dragons Canvas and Poster

Dungeons And Dragons Canvas And Poster

How many adventures begin at a tavern? Quite a few. In fact, the tavern is such a beloved trope, it’s definitely worth a humorous, instructional parchment. Printed on a canvas cover, this faux tavern sign expresses strict instructions for all manner of patrons. Place this on the door of your basement bar to deter unseemly, ale-seeking sorcerers.

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Rogue’s Revenge Gaming Candle

Rogues Revenge Gaming Candle

Want to improve the ambiance of any D&D experience? Then light up this Rogue’s Revenge Gaming Candle and let the woody scent conjure visions of shadowy forests and abandoned villages. Based on the Rogue character class, this scented candle is a means to impose reality into the fantasy.

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Customizable “In Case of Dragon Break Glass” Dungeons and Dragons Shadowbox Gift

Customizable In Case Of Dragon Break Glass Dungeons And Dragons Shadowbox Gift

How do you fight a dragon in D&D? With weapons, magic, and whatever else you can hurl at it. How do you fight one in real life? With seven polyhedral die allowing one to use weapons, magic, and whatever else you can hurl at it. This shadowbox display comes with seven die placed behind a clear cover. If you hear the thundering stomps of an approaching dragon, just look to the box, and follow the instructions.

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Drink for Initiative Wooden Handle Bottle Opener

Drink For Initiative Wooden Handled Bottle Opener

Made from solid beech wood, this bottle opener features engraved dice and a request to drink for initiative. We believe the bottle opener’s request is fair, and should therefore be carried out before any daunting task (like folding laundry).

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Dungeons & Dragons D20-Shaped Throw Blanket

Bioworld Dungeons And Dragons D20 Shaped Throw Blanket

It’s a throw blanket resembling a 20-sided die! In need of protection from roving bands of hungry trolls (i.e., your hungry children)? Then wrap yourself in this die-shaped blanket and point to the 20. This is the perfect room accent or comfortable couch blanket.

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You Live and Die by the Dice

A collection of ornate dice containers and beautiful, multi-sided die that frequently determine your fate.

Nyx 25mm Giant Polyhedral Dice: 7-Piece Set & Engraved Wooden Display Box

Titan Dice Nyx 25mm Giant Polyhedral Dice 7 Piece Set And Engraved Wooden Display Box

These giant, 25mm polyhedral dice feature a smoky black finish and gold-painted etching. With a beautiful storage box, this dice set includes seven essential die blessed by Nyx, goddess of night.

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Dungeons and Dragons Metal Dice Set With Gift Metal Box (Black and Gold)

Dungeons And Dragons Metal Dice Set With Gift Metal Box And Gold Number For Dnd Role Playing Games

Metal dice you say? Made from a shiny zinc alloy and layered with golden accents and numbers? Stored in a beautiful metal box with an ornately etched dragon and protective foam lining? Yes, this dice set boasts all of the above. We recommend using these on rare occasions. Perhaps when your entire fate rests on an 18 or higher.

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Red and White Health Potion

Red And White Health Potion

Keep your healing, magic-conjuring dice in a corked, potion-carrying jar! This exquisite dice set features 10 four-sided die expressing the coloration of red and white healing potions. And like all potions, these marbled dice reside in a glass, twine-wrapped bottle. This is the perfect dice set for seasoned or aspiring magic users.

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Dragon Dice Storage Box

Dragon Dice Storage Box

This gorgeous dice box resembles an ancient chest complete with ornately sculpted dragon. Use the foam insert to carefully store your finest seven dice, or remove it to store several more. We ask that you purchase this at your peril, considering we stole this box from an inventory-conscious dragon.

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Cup of Illusion: 5 Complete Sets of 7 Premium Two-Color Swirl Gaming Dice — Includes Gray Leather Dice Cup

Cup Of Illusion 5 Complete Sets Of 7 Premium Two Color Swirl Polyhedral Role Playing Gaming Dice For Tabletop Rpgs

With five full sets of color-swirling dice, this dice set comes with the “Cup of Illusion” – a bicast cup with a gold-foil stamp and teal velvet interior. If your D&D fan consistently says, “Me want more dice,” I suggest this bottomless dice cup set.

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Engraved Walnut D&D Gaming Dice Box

Engraved Walnut Dandd Gaming Dice Box

Made from hand-carved walnut wood, this engraved dice box is the perfect gift for any dice-slinging D&D player. Just pick a premade design, or request a custom carving that reflects your character’s style.

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Dungeons and Dragons Dice Dagger

Dungeons And Dragons Dice Dagger

Store your glittering, multi-sided dice with this dagger-shaped, “Slice and Dice” dice holder. Handcrafted with biodegradable plastic, this faux-dagger dice case features slots for all seven die, and a hilt that holds them firmly in place. If your D&D fan is especially deserving, this is the non-slicing gift to get.

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Accessories for Real-World Adventures

A collection of helpful Dungeons and Dragons accessories that maintain one’s imagination until the next Sunday session.

Dungeons & Dragons Travel Bag

Dungeons And Dragons Travel Bag

This is the ultimate, portable storage bag for all your necessary D&D accessories! With room for several books, miniatures, and even an adventure map, this astonishing bag fits every integral adventuring tool.

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When the Dungeon Master Smiles It’s Already Too Late Keychain

When The Dungeon Master Smiles Its Already Too Late Keychain

This stainless-steel keychain features a d20 charm and a universally understood occurrence. Because when the DM smiles, it usually means you’re the meat in a delectable human sandwich.

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Dungeons and Dragons Blue Lanyard

Dungeons And Dragons Blue Lanyard

This handy D&D lanyard features a recurring d20 graphic and a dangling, rubbery d20 charm. It’s perfect for your ID, or perhaps a spell card that might “help” one overlook your invalid ID.

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Dungeon Crate Box Subscription

Dungeon Crate Box Subscription

Want to gift a monthly box stuffed with carefully curated D&D accessories? Then grant your D&D fan a Dungeon Crate Box subscription! Stuffed with collectible D&D delicacies, this subscription box is the gift that constantly gives.

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Dungeons and Dragons Decal Vinyl Sticker

Dungeons And Dragons Decal Vinyl Sticker

Place this gorgeous D&D decal on your laptop, car, or any surface that deserves the legendary, dragon-formed ampersand.

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Dungeons and Dragons Embossed Mini Backpack

Dungeons And Dragons Embossed Mini Backpack

In this utterly boring dimension, there’s no such thing as a Bag of Holding. Thankfully, this mini backpack seems a suitable, stylish replacement. Made from leather-like polyurethane, this burgundy backpack features an embossed pattern of 12-sided dice and a metal d20 plaque. A crossbow might be too large, but you can certainly carry lunch.

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Treasures To Be Won and Worn

Dungeons and Dragons rings, necklaces, bracelets, and anything left dangling in the Lich King’s castle.

D&D Hard Enamel Pins Set

Dandd Hard Enamel Pins Set

These enamel, full-color pins feature D&D’s tools of the trade. These humorous pins remind one that dice can be fickle, but the fun perseveres.

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Dungeons and Dragons D20 Icon Ring Set

Dungeons And Dragons D20 Icon Ring Set

These reflective metal rings feature iconic elements strongly associated with D&D (like the ornate ampersand, a skull-laden sword hilt, and a glittering d20). Are they magical? No. Do they appear magical and perhaps a little threatening? Oh, yes.

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Dungeons and Dragons D20 Dice Mismatch Hoop Earrings

Dungeons And Dragons D20 Dice Mismatch Hoop Earrings

Granted by a stout wizard who dwells just outside a haunted forest, these mismatched earrings feature moderately different 20-sided dice and sturdy metal hoops. They may help your chances while exploring a certain haunted forest.

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Dungeons and Dragons Mini Pin Set

Dungeons And Dragons Mini Pin Set

This set of four enamel pins features four fantastical creatures who aren’t amenable to friendship. Affix them to jackets, backpacks, or upon the glistening, scaly pelt of a recently slain green dragon.

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Dungeons and Dragons Toys and Collectibles

Play with D&D while playing D&D with these Dungeons and Dragons statues, toys, and display-case-worthy collectibles.

Dungeons Dragons Funko POP!

Dungeons Dragons Funko Pop

It’s a bundle of Funko figures pulled from the hostile realms of D&D! With three compact caricatures and a set of die-cast nano-figures, this Funko bundle features the legendary Drizzt, the space-hamster-smitten Minsc, and creatures one should vehemently avoid.

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24/7 Player Support

Elevate the never-ending adventure with these gaming accessories for players.

Hero Forge

Hero Forge Custom Minatures

Want a miniature that actually looks like your character? Then head over to Hero Forge, design the character using the intuitive character customizer, and then wait for Hero Forge to create said character through the wonders of 3D printing. If you’re sick of relying on sort-of-comparable miniatures, head to Hero Forge and make manifest the miniature you imagine.

Get it on Hero Forge!

Pocket Compendium

Pocket Compendium

Is your character sheet crammed with countless spells and weapons? Then keep track of your robust inventory with this pocket-sized compendium. Resembling an ancient, sacred tome, this compendium features 54 customizable cards. Their purpose? To denote important statistics and imagery regarding any item or spell. It’s a quick-reference tool when struggling to remember life-saving spells.

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The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide

The Ultimate Rpg Character Backstory Guide

Need help building out your character’s backstory? Want to grant your Ranger a range of intriguing preferences but can’t determine his favorite eggroll? Then crack open this humorous guide and fill the holes in your character’s history.

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D&D Character Journal With Character Sheets

Dandd Character Journal With Character Sheets

Buy one or all five of these handmade D&D journals! Featuring ornate character sheets and additional pages for necessary notetaking, these Dungeons and Dragons notebooks are the perfect replacement for generic, downloadable character sheets.

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DOUBLE DRAGON Blank Page BOOK Handcrafted Leather

Double Dragon Blank Page Book Handcrafted Leather

Featuring a handcrafted leather cover adorned with dueling, hand-pressed dragons, this D&D notebook is the perfect means to record adventures or concoct powerful spells.

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Dungeons and Dragons Dice Prison

Dungeons And Dragons Dice Prison

Attention players: Dealing with dice that never roll your way? Dice that may be cursed by angry wizards committed to your undoing? Then place the misbehaving, multi-sided malcontents exactly where they belong – in jail! These plastic prisons are perfect for a dubious die that proactively seeks your destruction.

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D&D Dice Jail

Dandd Dice Jail

Here’s another variation of the dire dice jail for disparaging, character-damning dice! If you can’t seem to roll anything higher than a three, we recommend jailing the multi-sided makers of your imminent woe.

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Stylifing Dice Tray

Roll your dice on this hexagonal dice tray! With six snapping corners and soft velvet material, this portable dice tray protects surfaces and inhibits wandering dice.

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The Army Painter Dungeons and Dragons Official Paint Line Adventurer’s Paint Set

The Army Painter Dungeons And Dragons Official Paint Line Adventurers Paint Set

Ready to paint some miniatures? This paint set has everything you need to accurately color your compact characters.

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Cherry Pick Your Party at the Next D&D Convention

Celebrate D&D with countless fans and purchasable treasures at any number of D&D Conventions.

Tickets to a D&D Convention

Tickets To D And D Convention

Want to surround yourself with like-minded adventurers? Want to snag treasures without slaying a dragon? Then grab some tickets to the next Dungeons and Dragons Convention and enjoy the latest products, artifacts, and game-inspired cosplay.

Get it at dnd.wizards.com!

Continue the Adventure Online

Techno-artifacts and other mystical means to play D&D over the wizard’s magical (and worldwide) web.

Snowball iCE USB Mic (For Online D&D Play)

Snowball Ice Usb Mic

If you want to be heard – and heard clearly — during an online campaign, make sure you’re speaking through this Snowball iCE USB mic. Don’t let the DM mishear you, and don’t deny your party the booming confidence of your character’s voice. Just plug in this easy-to-use mic, and make your presence known.

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Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

Logitech Hd Pro Webcam C920

This easy-to-use HD webcam allows you to instantly join any online party. With full HD video and dual stereo speakers, this desktop webcam allows one to visibly participate in the DM’s online-only odyssey.

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D&D Beyond Subscription

Dandd Beyond Subscription

Sign up and join other players in the internet-connected, online space! Create characters, join parties, or launch your own adventure with access to countless modules and official rulebooks. This is the next best thing to a Sunday in the basement.

Get it on D&D Beyond!

Roll20 Subscription

Roll20 Subscription

Help players enhance their game with a Roll20 subscription! Now they can access music, sound effects, and hundreds of rule systems for various tabletop games. And if they can’t play in person, Roll20 also offers video and voice chat for contact-free goblin slaying!

Get it on Roll20!

Twitch Subscription

Twitch Subscription

Give the gift of Twitch! Now your D&D fan can join with other online players and play relentlessly in a bathrobe.

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Christmas in the Dungeon

Christmas gifts that accent any home or perilous castle riddled with traps, trolls, and treasure.

D&D Ornaments

Dungeons And Dragons Ornament

These skillfully crafted D&D ornaments are perfect for hanging upon the prickly limbs of towering tree giants. Or just regular trees. I suppose it has to do with how brave you’re feeling, or whether there’s a healing cleric nearby.

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Dungeons and Dragons: The Animated Series

For fans of the colorful cartoon that dominated Saturday mornings.

Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Animated DVD Series

Dungeons And Dragons The Complete Animated Dvd Series

Featuring every episode in its three-season run (1983-1985), this DVD set collects every single adventure from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon series. Those that remember this cartoon are still very leery about riding roller coasters that end in a portal.

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Dungeons and Dragons Old Wizard T-Shirt

Dungeons And Dragons Old Wizard T Shirt

Based on the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon series, it’s the tiny Dungeon Master on a heather-gray t-shirt. If you accidentally enter the realm of Dungeons and Dragons by way of cursed roller coaster, we recommend following – to the letter — the Dungeon Master’s instructions. He knows a thing or two about survival in a world of chaos.

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The gift list ends, but the adventure is just beginning

You scoured the lands, vanquished monstrosities, and regardless of your failures, managed to entertain a few good-natured gods. You also managed to procure wondrous items that might make life easier and dragons more fearful. So, it’s time to bestow these items to your faithful companions and thank them for their unwavering support during grueling (and utterly goofy) campaigns. I’m sure they’ll thank you, or maybe share their lucky dice.

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