46 Fallout Gifts to Survive the End of the World

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If you’re a fan of nightmarish, post-apocalyptic video games with a strange appreciation for 1950s sensibilities, then you’re probably quite familiar with Fallout.

Debuting in 1997, the Fallout game series challenges players to survive an eclectic nuclear wasteland filled with violent, tribal factions, and the remnants of ancient, corporate brands that outlived their target audience.

What do you get someone that’s a fan of Fallout?

Looking for the perfect Fallout gift? Have a friend who swears his basement is a premium Vault-Tec bomb shelter? Then I suggest taking a gander at our illustrious list of 46 Fallout gift ideas.

Fallout Clothing and Apparel

These Fallout fashions are perfect for scorching, irradiated days and less scorching (but still searing) nuclear nights.

Fallout Vault Boy Men’s Crew Socks

This pair of crew socks for men features Vault-Tec’s always positive mascot. Just focus on that beaming smile and never the smoldering skulls.

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Fallout 76 Logo Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

Featuring the game’s familiar logo, this Fallout 76 pullover hoodie boasts handy drawstring ties and a double-lined hood for extra…uh, protection. From extreme heat, maybe.

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Fallout Atom Cats Faction Men’s Heather T-Shirt

Inspired by “greasers” from the mid-1950s? Have yourself a powered armor with a hotrod’s painted flair? If you answered “yes” or “kind of,” you’re the perfect recipient for this Atom Cats t-shirt!

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Fallout Vault-Tec T-Shirt

The Great War is nearly upon us. Yes, you have a vault, but is it from Vault-Tec? No?? Well, then….you’re doomed. Get with the program — buy yourself a real vault, and then buy yourself a t-shirt promoting America’s renowned vault builders.

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Fallout Cosplay – T45d – Power Armor

No, we’re not kidding — it’s a perfectly recreated, slavishly handmade, completely wearable T45d armor. This work of faux-armor art is the ultimate, functional, catastrophe-born costume.

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Veteran Ranger NCR Helmet Fallout New Vegas

As a Veteran Ranger, you fought hard, valiantly, and intelligently against any and all foes of the New California Republic. And, you get to wear this super-cool (and toxin-filtering) helmet. This wearable recreation of the Veteran Ranger’s helmet is the final, infallible piece for your Fallout: New Vegas cosplay.

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Washable Brotherhood of Steel Neck Gaiter

Adorned with the intimidating Brotherhood of Steel symbol, this stylish gaiter protects one from heavy dust, certain pollutants, and just the slightest increase in still-not-harmful radiation.

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Fallout Home Décor and Household Accessories

Decorate the vault and retain your civility with these Fallout furnishings and household accessories.

Fallout Pip Boy Ceramic Mug – 48 Ounces

Based on the bulky-but-helpful wrist computer, it’s the Pip Boy Ceramic Mug! Holding 48oz of non-poisonous sludge, this Fallout coffee mug allows one to wake up properly before conquering the wasteland.

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Fallout Nuka Cola 2-Pack Pint Glass Set

See the future through the lens of the 1950s with this set of Nuka Cola pint glasses. These glasses are perfect for drinking certain colas that continue to thrive in a post-catastrophe world.

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Fallout Mini Nuke Salt and Pepper Shakers Set

Yes, it’s a set of salt and pepper shakers sporting a strong resemblance to diminutive warheads. Hopefully, one doesn’t annihilate 37 states by simply sprinkling the salt.

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Fallout Vault Boy Large Fleece Blanket

Made from 100% polyester, this extremely soft (and warm) blanket features the always affable Vault Boy. Sleep soundly in his blanket, and celebrate the security of his impregnable vaults.

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Fallout 4 Mr. Pebbles the Space Cat Poster

Based on the cutesy, space-ready character from Fallout 4, it’s Mr. Pebbles the Space Cat on a 16.5″ x 11″ poster. Sick of humanity’s consistent (and destructive) disappointments? Then look to Mr. Pebbles and reclaim the right to dream!

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Fallout 4-Nuka Cola Zap That Thirst Matte Poster

Who loves Nuka Cola? You do. Well, you like to think you do. Now, all that exists are the infinite, empty bottles and those coveted, spendable caps. Celebrate the history of future currency with this Nuka Cola print.

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Fallout Nuka Cola Thirst Zapper Wall Armory Accessory

From Fallout 4: Nuka World Expansion, it’s a mountable (and usable) Nuka Cola Thirst Zapper! Zap thirst the Nuka Cola way, or simply mount it and consider zapping thirst the Nuka Cola way.

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Vehicles of Fallout Poster

Yes, you’ve seen them gutted, rusted, and stacked in impossible piles, but you’ve never witnessed their pre-war perfection…until now! This Vehicles of Fallout poster features glorious vehicles from the pre-bomb past.

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Fallout Shelter Vintage Look Metal Tin Sign

This purposely weathered and slightly scorched sign sends a powerful message: Inside, it’s safe. Outside? Yeah, you’re probably glowing at night and losing teeth. Hang this metal sign upon the door of any resource-heavy haven.

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New California Republic Fallout Flag

Nearly died from protecting the New California Republic from Caesar’s Legion? Then raise this fade-resistant, weatherproof flag into the sky and salute the tenacious vanquishers of tyranny.

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Nuka Cola Quantum Bottle Lamp Light

With a soft, blue glow provided by an ultra-bright, low heat LED bulb, this luminescent bottle with rocket ship curves recreates the soft drink usurper to Coke Zero’s crown.

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Fallout Toys, Games, and Collectibles

Pass the time with Fallout-inspired toys, games, and collectibles plucked from the pre-war past.

Deathclaw Plush

This plush version of the genetically engineered monstrosity is certainly less lethal and infinitely more cuddly. Get your hugs in before it remembers how to hate.

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Jangles the Moon Monkey Plush

Pulled right from the hit TV show The Adventures of Captain Cosmos, this space-ready plush is the perfect piece of pre-war nostalgia.

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Fallout Playing Cards

It’s a deck of playing cards featuring that immediately recognizable Nuka Cola branding. Remember fondly the days before everything turned to ash with this nostalgic deck of Fallout playing cards.

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Fallout Funko Pop! T-51 Power Armor Figure

It’s a compact Funko “Pop” sporting a protective T-51 Power Armor. Annihilation’s hellish landscape is infinitely more livable with personal Power Armor.

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Fallout 4: Vault Boy 12″ Bobblehead

Standing over 12″ high, this Vault Boy Bobblehead is the perfect gift for giddy and grinning Vault-Tec personnel. It’s also quite useless when dealing with Deathclaws.

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Fallout T-45 NCR Salvaged Power Armor 1/6 Scale Figure

This T-45 NCR Salvaged Power Armor Action Figure is an exquisitely detailed recreation of the amazing in-game exoskeleton. If you’re impressed by superior armored infantry technology, this enhanced warrior wears it well.

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Fallout 76 Funko Pop! Vault Dweller

Vault 76? It’s open, finally, and the vault dwellers are free. Celebrate humanity’s misguided resurgence with this incredibly cute Vault Dweller collectible.

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Fallout Funko Pop! Vault Boy (Nerd Rage)

When you’re on the ropes and all hope is lost, this desperate, empowering perk shall imperil any virtually victorious predator! Measuring over 3″ high, this nerd-raging Funko figure reminds one of Fallout’s life-saving anger amplifier.

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Mr. Fuzzy Plush

Straight from Fallout 76, it’s an incredibly soft Mr. Fuzzy plush! Based on Camden Park’s eerie but loveable mascot, this collectible plush features poseable limbs and an overpowering grin.

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Fallout – Plasma Rifle 1:1 Prop Replica

Why is this Plasma Rifle prop replica so ridiculously realistic? Because the designers used 3D gaming assets courtesy of Bethesda. Display it. Carry it. Point it at something resembling a post-war, radioactive tragedy demanding a bite of your super-cookie.

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Fallout Cosplay – Gauss Rifle

100% handmade from ABS plastic (which might be from the future), this game-accurate death-cannon is the perfect prop for precise Fallout cosplay.

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Fallout Nuka Cola T51 Power Armor & Cradle 4 Port USB Hub

Yes, it’s a detailed diorama of a charging T51 Power Armor, but that’s not all — it also charges battery-powered gadgets and stores your nonsensical, transferable data. Measuring over 9″ high and sponsored by Nuka Cola, this harnessed armor receives enough power to pass it along.

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Fallout Nuka Cola Caps

Familiar with the Fallout Wasteland Warfare Miniatures Game? Good, then you know the importance of purchasing perfectly recreated Nuka Cola caps. Made from actual bottle caps in the pre-Fallout present, these authentic replicas contain the purposely distressed appearance of post-bomb relics.

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Fallout Pip-Boy 2000 Construction Kit

Straight from Fallout 76, it’s the Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI! Now YOU can construct this helpful post-war gadget courtesy of the Wand Company’s buildable, game-based replica. Want to experience the wonders of Vault-Tec tech? Then assemble this kit to survive what lurks outside.

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Fallout Gear and Accessories

They may help you survive the apocalypse, or improve your less apocalyptic lifestyle.

Fallout 4 Nuka Cola Keychain Bottle Opener

If you’re hunting for currency, you’ll need a way to remove it — this Nuka Cola Keychain Bottle Opener should do the trick. Based on Fallout 4, this branded bottle opener doubles as a handy-dandy keychain.

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Fallout Keychain

This metallic Fallout keychain features a friendly, colorful Vault Boy mascot. Never lose your keys to a mass-produced, publicly available bomb shelter with this smiling, key-keeping keychain.

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Fallout Keychain Lanyard

This Fallout keychain lanyard features a rubbery Vault Boy charm, a “Fallout”-slathered strap, and a handy ID pocket (with an affirming, collectible sticker). Don’t lose your only means of access to various life-saving vaults with this handy, branded lanyard.

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Fallout Flip Top Lighter In a Case With Nuka Cola Pin-up Girl

This metal, handmade lighter looks very much like a discarded relic. Featuring a purposely worn Nuka Cola illustration, this handy lighter probably lost its owner during a certain bomb drop.

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Fallout Nuka Cola Lanyard Keychain ID Holder

This Nuka Cola lanyard features a dangling ID slot and a rubbery bottlecap charm. This is especially handy for carrying easily lost credentials supplied by Vault-Tec.

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Fallout 4 Vault-Tec Weathered Tin Tote Replica

This Fallout tin tote is purposely manufactured to look like a ruined, radioactive, and quite abandoned artifact. Because branded totes aren’t built for the apocalypse.

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This sticker says it all without saying it all: Sure, you’re a Wastelander, but you’re also a survivor.

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Fallout 4 Game Stickers

This massive pile of 29 peelable stickers features every conceivable version of Vault Boy. Stick them on your computer, laundry basket, feedbag, or T-51 Power Armor (unless the power is “on”).

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Brotherhood of Steel Paladin Pack

With the official BoS symbol and several snapping/clipping pockets to hold foraged technologies (including a laptop), this BoS backpack is a must for those dedicated to technology regulation.

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You Have to Play to Survive

A collection of various video games sharing every chapter of the fan-beloved Fallout saga.

Fallout 4 Video Game

From the award-winning team at Bethesda Studios, it’s Fallout 4 for PlayStation 4! This award-winning, open-world game focuses on you, the sole survivor of Vault 111, and your struggle to survive in a harsh, post-annihilation anti-paradise.

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Fallout 76: Wastelanders

Survive the perils of an embattled West Virginia in this popular chapter of the Fallout game series. Get ready to take on more irradiated terrors with greatly improved weapons and power-enhancing armor.

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Fallout 76 – Xbox One

Welcome to the new world, vault dwellers! It’s been 25 years since the bombs destroyed everything. Well, mostly everything — you and a silver of humanity survived a nuclear pummeling with the help of Vault-Tec’s dubious but effective vaults. Now it’s up to you and the friends you make to retake the wasteland and reintroduce civilization.

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Homes to Preserve Humanity

Live the dream while outliving the nightmare.

Cyberhouse Designed to Withstand a Nuclear Fallout and Zombie Apocalypse

Based on the silvery, apocalyptic aesthetic of Elon Musk’s Cybertruck, it’s the annihilation-proof Cyberhouse! Made of “monolithic reinforced concrete and heavy-duty steel,” this devastation-deflecting home is ideal for 6-7 people, and one aesthetically similar Cybertruck.

Build Your Ownfrom a russian architectural firm who’s very concerned with our promised apocalypse

Read to Live

Fallout books and survival guides to pass the time and buy some more.

Fallout: The Vault Dweller’s Official Cookbook

Surviving a nuclear holocaust makes one exceptionally peckish. Want to satisfy that mutated hunger born of an irradiated atmosphere? Then grab The Vault Dweller’s Official Cookbook (courtesy of Vault-Tec) and whip up some BlamCo Mac & Cheese, a Mirelurk egg omelet, and any number of game-based treats with real-life ingredients.

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The End Times Aren’t Truly the End

Yes, the world is different, and if we’re being honest, quite horrific. However, you managed to avoid mutants and militaristic techno-cults in order to procure the perfect present. Just make sure the gift recipient realizes the rigors of your perilous gift procurement.

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