42 Final Fantasy Gifts for Aspiring Guardians of Gaia

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If your friend relishes long-form fantasy/science fiction games that include a fair amount of memorable music and world-saving crystals, then I’m quite sure they’re familiar with — and probably a little obsessed with — the epic Final Fantasy videogames.

Since 1987, Square Enix has pleasantly pumped out 17 games (and counting) in the Final Fantasy series, and each iteration boasts more impressive characters, stories, and graphics than its still-perfect predecessor.

What gift can you get for a Final Fantasy fanatic?

Does the aforementioned friend sing every in-game theme song and swear by the stunning, otherworldly art of Yoshitaka Amano?

Then we strongly suggest browsing this carefully curated list of Final Fantasy gifts — because the wondrous worlds of Final Fantasy live beyond the final boss.

Final Fantasy Clothing and Apparel

More comfortable and trendy than Maximillian armor, but certainly not as protective.

Final Fantasy VII 3D Printed Graphic Short Sleeve T-Shirt

This full-color, sublimated t-shirt features an all-over print of palpable, playable characters from Final Fantasy VII. If you can’t join them, you can at least wear them on a t-shirt.

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Cactuar Desert Final Fantasy Socks

It’s several fleeing Cactuars on a pair of desert-themed, over-the-ankle socks! If your feet crave warmth, the realm of Cactuars should provide ample dry heat.

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Cosmo Canyon Red XIII Final Fantasy VII Men’s T-Shirt

The home of Red XIII’s tribe, you visited Cosmo Canyon to witness surrounding stars and admire the Cosmo Candle. It was a memorable experience, so you remember it with this memorable t-shirt.

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Final Pop T-Shirt

It’s all your favorite Final Fantasy VII characters rendered in a minimalist, pop-art style. This t-shirt celebrates your FFVII obsession and popular art appreciation.

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Starry Remake T-Shirt

Based on Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” it’s an image of Cloud Strife standing amidst a “Van Gogh-ified” game setting. With his mighty Buster Sword, Strife prepares to enter the swirling realm of high tech and high art.

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Chocobo Final Fantasy Platinum Style Baseball Snapback Cap

With adjustable, snapback closure, this stylish baseball cap features a silvery Chocobo silhouette. It’s perfectly subtle headwear celebrating your loyal, feathery friend.

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Final Fantasy Nanaki Red Fox XIII Ale Face Mask

What protects against (and/or incinerates) dust and infection? That’s right — the fiery aura of Red XIII! Featuring striking art based on Final Fantasy VII’s playable character, this Red XIII face mask devastates germs with the Limited Moon.

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Chocobo T-Shirt

This bright yellow t-shirt features the always sunny (in disposition) Chocobo under stylized kanji. Celebrate Final Fantasy’s forever helpful bird-thing with his Chocobo t-shirt.

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Final Fantasy Home Décor and Household Items

Home furnishings, accents, and household accessories that celebrate Square Enix’s epic saga.

Final Fantasy Cloud Vs Sephiroth Canvas Art

This five-piece, modular art set features a glorious scene on long-lasting canvas. Celebrate this frozen, captured-on-canvas moment before the final, epic brawl with this hangable, eternal wall art.

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Final Fantasy Moogle Room Lamp

Measuring over 7″ high, this Moogle room lamp features Final Fantasy XIV’s cute mole/bat hybrid perched below a light-up ball. It’s the perfect room accent, or ridiculously cute reading light.

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Tonberry Figure Room Lamp

Looking harmless but quite malicious, this dependable enemy in the Final Fantasy saga features light-up eyes and a glowing lamp. Measuring over 5″ high, this collectible light piece is perfect for display and subtle illumination.

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Final Fantasy Keyring and Wall Mount

This wooden keychain mount features three equally wooden and detachable keyring charms. And each charm is an engraved, laser-cut creature pulled from various Final Fantasy realms.

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Cactuar Final Fantasy Trophy Planter Flower Pot

Nothing usually grows from a Cactuar — until now! Standing over 6″ high, this perfectly captured Cactuar is a non-prickly planting pot!

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Final Fantasy VII World Map

Hand-drawn and digitally painted, this glorious map presents legendary land masses from Final Fantasy VII. If you’re choosing your next vacation spot, we recommend this much flatter, much smaller version of Gaia.

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Final Fantasy Logo Pattern Wall Clock by Neokawaii

Featuring the colorful, wispy silhouettes accompanying Final Fantasy logos, this sturdy wall clock will have you saying things like, “I usually break for lunch at Final Fantasy XII.”

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Zack Fair Final Fantasy Poster

It’s a stunning image of the Buster Sword’s previous owner, Zack Fair! Celebrate Zack’s sizable sword wielding with this full-color poster.

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Final Fantasy IX Vivi Ornitier Black Mage Watercolor Print

This watercolor print of the affable Vivi Ornitier is the perfect gift for those who hold great power underneath adorable awkwardness.

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Final Fantasy Chocobo Beer Mug

Made from oak tree wood, this gorgeous beer mug features a stainless-steel liner, and a copper label adorned with the flightless Chocobo. Drink to your loyal, feathered mount with this awesome, custom beer mug.

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Final Fantasy Clock With LED Lights

No, it’s not rendered from a vinyl record — this record-looking clock is actually made from high-quality acrylic. And carved from this not-a-record material? The likenesses of Tifa Lockhart and Cloud Strife! Flashing several colors thanks to included LED lights, this Final Fantasy VII clock is the perfect time-keeping keepsake (that is absolutely NOT a record).

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Final Fantasy VII Fleece Blanket

Made from super-soft microfiber material, this gray blanket features the striking Final Fantasy VII logo. Does it keep you warm? Well, does Cloud Strife carry a sword that doubles as a very flat canoe? Yes, it does, and yes, he does.

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Fleece Blanket Final Fantasy IX Vivi Ornitier

This warm fleece blanket features a gorgeous illustration of the shy, shadowy spellcaster, Vivi Ornitier. If his blanket won’t warm you, his fire-spewing fingers certainly will.

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Final Fantasy – Moogle 15oz Ceramic Mug

This glossy ceramic mug features a minimal (but adorable) Moogle expression. If your coffee lacks kick, this cute, minimal Moogle will inspire with its expressive face.

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Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV Large Fat Chocobo Stuffed Plush Cushion

Your character nestled against it for in-game naps, and now you can experience your character’s comfortable creature with this sizable, squishy, monstrous-but-harmless Chocobo plush cushion.

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Yoshitaka Amano-Final Fantasy VI Artwork

This cotton canvas print features the amazing art of Yoshitaka Amano — the legendary artist whose elegant designs are the world-building backbone of Final Fantasy.

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Final Fantasy Toys, Games, and Collectibles

A selection of collectible, playable keepsakes conjuring the spirit of Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy Soundtrack Eyes on Me 18-Note Music Box

Playing the epic theme song from Final Fantasy VIII, “Eyes on Me,” this gorgeous music box brings tears to the eyes of any and all emotionally attached gamers.

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Chocobo’s Crystal Hunt the Card Game

Your mission? Send loyal Chocobos to steal your opponent’s crystals. And it’s a good idea to do so before they steal yours! Perfect for all ages, this beautifully illustrated card game is a complete, self-contained adventure right out of the box (i.e., no trading necessary).

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

Based on Final Fantasy X, this Final Fantasy trading card starter set lays the foundation for an expansive two-player card game. Reengage the in-game adventures with this exquisite card-based game.

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Final Fantasy Diecast Key Blade Collectors Set of 8

Featuring immaculately reproduced and significantly reduced swords from various Final Fantasy videogames, this metallic set is the perfect gift for those who appreciate fictitious blades.

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Taito Final Fantasy XIV Tataru Taru Figure

Based on the popular character from Final Fantasy XIV, it’s an extremely adorable Tataru Taru figure! Made by Taito’s renowned toy makers, this 6″ figure is the perfect petite collectible.

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Taito Final Fantasy XIV Alphinaud Leveilleur Figure (Minion Version)

Another cutesy character pulled from Final Fantasy XIV, it’s the compact and assertive Alphinaud Leveilleur figure! Measuring over 5″ high, this Scion of the Seventh Dawn comes with his handy (and a little scary) grimoire.

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Final Fantasy Cloud Strife Action Figure

Featuring spectacular articulation and an obvious commitment to in-game aesthetics, this Cloud Strife action figure features the intimidating Buster Sword, a display stand, and a selection of interchangeable hands.

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Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy

Now available on vinyl, It’s a collection of beloved Final Fantasy music performed by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. Drop the needle and return to the world of Final Fantasy with this fantastic orchestral homage.

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Final Fantasy Gear and Accessories

Final Fantasy relics posing as everyday implements.

4-Inch Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Metal Keychain

Definitely the longest sword on your keychain, this 4-inch Buster Sword key-thing is based on the prequel to Final Fantasy VII — the aptly titled Crisis Core- Final Fantasy VII. So, if you’re going to accent your cosplay, make sure to dress as Zack Fair, the Buster Sword’s previous owner.

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Final Fantasy Wallet

There’s a wallet you buy at the mall, and then there’s this high-end, handmade, and 100% leather work of cash-carrying art. Featuring fluffier Final Fantasy creatures, this wallet features copious card slots and a clear ID slot.

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Final Fantasy 7 Cloud Strife Sword Enamel Pin

Celebrating Cloud Strife’s devastating (and sizable) sword, this intricately crafted pin is the final touch for an effective Cloud Strife cosplay.

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Final Fantasy FF10 Tidus Pendant on 20 Inch Chain

This gorgeous pendant — perhaps worn by Tidus — features his signature charm dangling from a sparkling chain. If you play a solid bliztball, you might deserve this very pendant.

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Final Fantasy XIV Monk Job Brass Pendant

Modeled from wax and cast in bronze, this exquisite pendant features the Monk job symbol. Because you’re quite adept at barehanded battle.

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925 Sterling Silver Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Buster Sword Pendant Necklace

This gorgeous necklace features a perfect reproduction of the mighty Buster Sword. Measuring 2.25″ long, this game-accurate pendant is pulled from the upgraded version of Final Fantasy VII.

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Final Fantasy XIV Black Mage Job Brass Pendant & Keychain

The Black Mage symbol features on a gorgeous, brass-cast pendant, and an equally gorgeous (and extremely useful) keychain. If your magic leans towards darkness, this is probably a preferred profession.

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Final Fantasy Phoenix Down Pendant Necklace

Revive incapacitated players or simply revel in a dangling charm featuring the heavenly creature’s healing feathers. This Phoenix Down Pendant Necklace is a handmade homage to the game’s health-giving firebird.

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Learn the History Behind the Fantasy

Final Fantasy books that tell the story behind the story.

Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive Volume 1

This deluxe hardcover book contains over 300 pages of Final Fantasy history, art, and insights shared by the original artists and designers. Focusing on Final Fantasy volumes 1-6, this hardcover is a must for those who wish to plunge deeper into Square Enix’s unending epic.

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Final Fantasy Bookmark

Featuring the familiar “would you like to save your progress (yes/no)” pop-up box found in elementary iterations of Final Fantasy, this clever bookmark saves pages instead of in-game adventures.

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Fantasy That’s Never Truly Final

With over thirty years of various realms, creatures, characters, and quests, the darling series from Square Enix shows no signs of slowing down.

So, to celebrate the next adventure before the next adventure, or to celebrate the previous adventures because they’re absolutely brilliant and worth re-celebrating, we recommend pulling out your phone, and pulling up our comprehensive Final Fantasy gift list.

Why? Because our Final Fantasy items are impossibly unique, and positively brimming with Materia. And no, we never exaggerate.

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