30 of the Best Hey Arnold Gift Ideas

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Hey Arnold! is a show that ran for a long time and many people believe it to be one of the best cartoons of all time. It taught many of us lessons that lasted a lifetime, and whether we are watching it on late-night TV or we have the complete collection, it has changed us all.

But with a show that has been around for so long, that maybe isn’t quite as popular as some other cartoons of its time, what can we get when we are looking for gifts for Hey Arnold! fans? Here are some of our top suggestions:

Hey Arnold! Gifts That Feature Individual Characters

Hey Arnold! is a show that takes place in a city (many believe it to be New York City, though there is some debate), and with that city comes a ton of memorable characters. Here are some great gifts for some of these different characters.

Gerald Pillow

This pillow is a great statement piece that features Gerald and his iconic hairstyle. It is perfect for a chair or a bed!

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Helga Phone Case

Helga is in love with Arnold, but she is a bully to him. Even so, she has a shrine dedicated to football head. She’s a girl many of us looked up to – so why not have her as a phone case?

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Hey Arnold Clock

This clock features three pixelated character outlines from the show: Arnold, Gerald, and Helga. It’s an understated tribute to the show.

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Harold Enamel Pin

Harold is another beloved character. He’s big, bold, and has a ton of emotions that he needs to sort through. Secretly, he has a heart of gold.

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Helga Pataki Thin Tumbler

One of the themes that the show always carried was taking care of our planet, and this thin tumbler is a great way to carry around water instead of using water bottles. It’ll make your Hey Arnold! fan think of the episode with the sea turtle.

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Hey Arnold Snow Globe

For a fan of Arnold himself, this snow globe is a neat little decoration that he can put anywhere: his house, office, or even attach to his car!

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Hey Arnold Oskar Sticker

When you ask a Hey Arnold! fan about one of the most touching episodes, they’ll no doubt mention one that includes Oskar. He’s a funny character, but there is some hidden depth there.

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Clothing Gifts For A Hey Arnold Fan

If you know a fan who wants to share their love for Hey Arnold on their clothing, here are some of the absolute best options. Whether they want to scream it or hide it away, these are perfect.

Best Friends Costumes Hoodie

This hoodie features Gerald and Arnold wearing their best friend costumes from one of the most iconic scenes on the show.

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Hey Football Head Shirt

Helga, along with some other characters, affectionately call Arnold football head. Any fan would feel proud to wear this. Plus it showcases his actual football-shaped head.

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Eugene T-shirt

Eugene is a sensitive kid that was picked on a lot – which is something many Hey Arnold fans may have connected with. This is a more niche character, so this is for true fans only.

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Helga Sweatshirt

If their favorite character is Helga, then they are going to love this sweatshirt!

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Custom Designed Hey Arnold Hat

This cool hat is hand painted with some of the best characters from the show. This is a one of a kind gift for only the truest fans.

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Helga Feminist Icon T-Shirt

Hegla was a girl who knew what she wanted and she took absolutely no prisoners in her quest for it – even if she had some relatable problems like living in her sister’s shadow. This feminist icon shirt shows off her iconic status.

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Hey Arnold Fist Bump Tee

Arnold and Gerald did the fist bump before it was cool – and this shirt memorializes this. Get one for your best friend who is also a Hey Arnold fan!

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Nickelodeon Classics Fanny Pack

If you have a friend who is a Hey Arnold fan, there is a chance they like other Nick classics as well. This fanny pack features Hey Arnold characters as well as some other favorites.

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Helga & Arnold Earrings

Is there a great OTP than Helga and Arnold? These earrings are the perfect pairing for someone who has unique style and also happens to be a Hey Arnold fan.

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Smaller Gifts For A Hey Arnold Fan

If you are looking for some smaller gifts for your favorite Hey Arnold fan, there are plenty of great options out there. Here are some of our favorites:

Helga’s Locket Sticker

Helga’s locket is a heart shaped half-locket that features a picture of her beloved football head. If you need a small gift, this is perfect.

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Stoop Kid Sticker

You’ve likely heard the phrase, “Stoop Kid is afraid to leave his stoop!” before and didn’t know where it came from. It is actually a really touching episode that talks about fears and how to overcome them.

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Hey Arnold Face Mask

We all still need to wear facemasks, and this one is a great tribute to their favorite show.

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Gerald & Phoebe Art Piece

While the coupling of Gerald and Phoebe isn’t talked about quite as much as Helga and Arnold, it was still a groundbreaking romance by itself. For a true fan, there is no better way to pay tribute.

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Matching Hey Arnold Best Friends Keychains

This is a beautiful set of keychains for two best friends who are as inseparable as Arnold and Gerald.

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Hey Arnold Makeup Bag

This makeup bag is a small way to keep your favorite Hey Arnold fan organized and ready for anything. It is also unique enough that she will love it.

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Hey Arnold Enamel Pin

Know someone who wears enamel pins on her jean jacket? Add this to her collection. It would also be great on a cork board or a backpack.

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Hey Arnold Christmas Socks

This pair of Christmas socks features a group photo of all of the favorite characters from Hey Arnold – including some that usually aren’t included on merch!

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Hey Arnold Dog Toys

These dog toys will be a favorite for any Hey Arnold fan who has a new pup in their lives. Or, they could just put them on a shelf.

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Hey Arnold Pop Socket

Hey Arnold is a show from before cell phones, but this pop socket is a great way to pay tribute to the show in a quiet way. Plus, it keeps their phone safe!

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Hey Arnold 500 Piece Puzzle

Give your favorite Hey Arnold fan this gift of a puzzle. They can put it together on a lazy afternoon and even glue it to keep it together to hang up.

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Hey Arnold Playing Cards

This smaller gift is perfect for a fan who may not want to wear merch or use it, but absolutely loves a good game or poker or 500 Rummy.

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Essential Gifts For Hey Arnold Fans

If you know someone who is a new Hey Arnold fan, or someone who just rekindled their love for the show, here are some essential gifts you should consider.

Hey Arnold The Movie

This is the movie version of the half hour show. It has some negative publicity, but it actually tells a really great story and true fans love it.

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Hey Arnold Ultimate Collection

This ultimate collection is everything that a Hey Arnold fan needs when they can no longer stay up late at night to watch the show when it airs.

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Conclusion: Gifts For Hey Arnold Fans

It isn’t always easy to come across Hey Arnold gifts, but there are some really cool ones out there. These are just a few of the potential options out there.

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