39 Gift Ideas For Roaring Lion King Fans

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Do you have a fan that absolutely loves The Lion King? It is one of those classic movies that never really goes out of style – so much so that there has been a remake and an absolutely stunning Broadway musical made from this touching story of destiny, familial love, friendship, and courage.

Do you have a friend that absolutely loves The Lion King? Here are some great gifts for them!

For The Lion King Music Lovers Out There

The soundtrack for The Lion King is absolutely iconic, mostly because of the gorgeous music by Elton John. We all know The Circle of Life, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, and of course, Hakuna Matata.

The Lion King Soundtrack on Vinyl

Absolutely nothing sounds better than vinyl, and this is a gorgeous new way to hear this soundtrack.

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Lion King Opening Song Shirt

There may be no other song that is as iconic as the opening Circle of Life lyrics. This shirt highlights them (correctly!)

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Lion King Musical Logo Tank

The Lion King musical is one of the most successful shoews on Broadway, and the iconic imagery used to market the show is among the most beautiful.

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Circle Of Life Spotify Sticker

One of the most unique gifts you can get a fan, this sticker, when scanned, will take them directly to The Circle of Life from the original movie.

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Feel The Love T-Shirt

There is no song from a Disney movie that is more romantic than “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” This is a beautiful gift for someone who loves the movie.

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Essential Gifts For The Lion King Fans

It has been a long time since The Lion King was released, so some people may need to be gifted the basics.

The Lion King on Blu-Ray

Nothing is going to beat the original motion picture, and it is beautifully captured here. That opening scene is always going to be iconic.

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The Lion King (Little Golden Book)

This classic book features all of the gorgeous animation from the movie in cartoon format. it is a perfect baby shower gift.

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Lion King Monopoly

Who doesn’t love Monopoly? This edition is gorgeous and will make a perfect collectible.

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Simba Plush

Every fan needs their own Simba by their side.

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The Lion King Fashion Gifts

This is one of the most popular Disney movies of all time, so it also gets some of the best fashion items.

Lion King Backpack

This backpack features absolutely adorable cartoons renderings of all of their favorite characters from the movie. It is a good backpack too, one they will be able to use for years.

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Lion King Sweater

This gorgeous sweater show the silhouette of the savanna, where the tribe owns everything the light touches.

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Lion King Dress

This beautiful dress has a pattern that doesn’t scream “I’m a Lion King fan!” but does look absolutely fashionable and stunning.

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Lion King Casual Sweater

This sweater is a bit more understated, but it has the original drawing of Simba that Rafiki does at the start of the movie – foreshadowing everything.

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Lion King Canvas Shoes

These shoes feature an outline of the iconic “growth” scene which shows Simba going from a young cub to a powerful ruler.

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Best Friends Shoes From The Lion King

These shoes show off some of the best best friends in Disney history – Timon and Pumba on one shoe, with Simba on the other.

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The Lion King Scar Shirt

Scar is the “villain” of the movie, but there’s no denying that he has some pretty good style. This shirt reflects their love of the Uncle who did everything he could to get power.

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The Lion King Tie Dye Shirt

One of the trends from the 90s that your friend may have worn when they saw this movie in theaters is tie dye…and that is back and better than ever in this shirt.

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Simba Necklace

Perfect for a younger fan of The Lion King, this necklace is understated but still adorable.

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Simba Hoodie with Ears

This Simba hoodie is absolutely adorable and will make for a great gift.

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Lion King Simba Onesie

This is a great baby shower gift for a Lion King fan! It’s good quality and really easy to wash!

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Hakuna Matata Shirt

For someone who needs to be reminded about not having any worries!

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Small Gifts For Lion King Fans

Don’t want to give a big gift that is centered around The Lion King, but want to add something you know they’ll really love? Try some of these:

Lion King Scrunchie

This scrunchie is a great small gift that has a throwback feel – so they will remember what it was like when they first saw this movie.

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Simba Face Mask

Whether they are going to their local mall or to Disney Wrold, this mask will help to keep them safe.

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The Lion King Cookie Cutter

This cookie cutter looks like the somewhat crude drawing of Simba that fortells the entire story.

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The Lion King Minnie Mouse Ears

Know a Lion King fan who also loves Minnie Mouse Ears? This is the perfect gift for them!

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Lion King Vinyl Stickers

Stickers are a great gift for anyone because there is so much they can do with them. They are inexpensive and waterproof, so they can even go on a car or water bottle!

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The Lion King Keychain

When Simba doesn’t have the strength to go on, he remember what is father, Mufasa told him: Remember who you are. Give this to a friend who needs to be reminded of that as well.

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Lion King Cosmetics Bag

This small gift relays the message of Hakuna Matata while being big enough for all of her make-up needs.

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Lion King Uno

This Uno game features all of your favorite characters from The Lion King, as well as some ones that may have been forgotten.

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Lion King Funko POP! Zazu

This is a great Funko for someone you need to keep an eye on…

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Timon Funko POP!

Timon is one of the most well known character across the Disney canon. He’s a little smart mouthy, but he’s got a good heart.

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Pumbaa Funko POP!

Just looking at this Funko makes us want to smile. He’s so charming!

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Simba Funko POP!

And of course, no fan should go without this one!

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The Lion King Homegoods Gifts

The Lion King is the type of movie that inspires many pieces of home decor, because the message of family, friendship, and legacy will always be relevant.

The Lion King Clock

This clock looks like it is homemade, but it is relatively inexpensive and absolutely gorgeous. It is perfect for a nursery!

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Simba and Nala Love Poster

If your friend is moving into a new home with someone they love, this is a great way to reflect their love with one of the most iconic pairings.

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Hakuna Matata Door Mat

Hakuna Matata means no worries for the rest of your days – and that’s a great sentiment for entering a home.

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The Lion King Wine Glasses

These wine glasses are cute and the perfect shape to enjoy an adult beverage with their favorite kid’s movie.

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Jim Shore Lion King Figurine

This is an absolutely gorgeous figurine from Jim Shore that features one of the most touching scenes from the entire movie – when Simba sees his dad in the sky.

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Simba Coffee Mug

You can never have enough coffee mugs and this is one of the best Lion King mugs we’ve found.

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Lion King Tumbler

Or maybe a tumbler for someone who is on the go!

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Lion King Throw Blanket

This blanket is soft, warm, and gorgeous. The art is really unique!

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