46 Gifts for the LOST Fan – We Have to Gift Back!

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While it’s been over 10 years since the finale of LOST, fans are just as passionate as ever about the show (and more specifically their opinions on how it ended).

If you have a LOST fan in your life, chances are you’ve been dragged into a re-watch or two as they try to relive their favorite sci-fi/romance. Give them a periodic resupply drop (P.R.D) with these gifts for the Lost fan.

So what do you buy a fan of LOST?

There’s plenty of ways to feed the LOST fan’s desires to jump back into the mystery of the island, so you can’t go wrong with any of these gift ideas!

46 Best Gifts for Fans of the TV Show LOST

The Hatch – LOST Merchandise

Stock up on supplies, savor a shower, whatever you do, don’t forget to enter the numbers! These Dharma Initiative gifts will be the perfect lifeline for your LOST fan.

LOST Dharma Initiative Pin Set

Lost Dharma Initiative Pin Set

As a surviving Dharma Initiative Crew Member, you have a lot to brag about. Make sure everyone knows you’re a Dharma Survivor by showing off these enamel pins!

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Dharma Initiative Christmas Hat

Dharma Initiative Christmas Hat

????Laaaaast Christmas, I gave you my…???? Dharma Initiative Christmas Hat? Whether you celebrate it in December or July (who knows what month it really is, on that island anyway), this Christmas Hat is the cherry on top of your Dharma Initiative Christmas Festivities.

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Dharma Initiative AirPods Case Cover

Dharma Initiative Airpods Case Cover

Take a piece of Dharma Initiative approved tech with you wherever you go with this Airpods Case Cover.

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LOST Dharma Initiative Snowflake Sweatshirt

Lost Dharma Initiative Snowflake Sweatshirt

Who says you can’t have a little bit of holiday spirit while stuck in the Hatch? This LOST Dharma Initiative Snowflake Sweatshirt is the perfect way to bring a little holiday cheer to the monotonous task of entering numbers day after day.

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LOST Dharma Initiative Mug

Lost Dharma Initiative Personalized Mug

Enjoy some delicious Dharma Initiative Coffee in your designated Dharma Initiative Coffee Mug. The perfect way to get your caffeine for those long hours keeping the Island from imploding! Just what every Crew member wants!

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LOST Dharma Initiative Shirt

Lost Dharma Logo T Shirt

Let everyone know you’re a Dharma Initiative Crewmember and fellow Lostaway with this Dharma Initiative T-Shirt.

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LOST Numbers T-Shirt

Lost Numbers T Shirt

Lucky Numbers or the chain that ties you to the Hatch, whichever way you look at it this LOST Numbers T-Shirt is a great way to show off your love of the show. This T-shirt isn’t too obvious, making it a great “if you know, you know” shirt that may start a conversation with a fellow Lostaway.

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LOST Dharma Initiative Phone Case

Lost Dharma Initiative Phone Case

So you survived the experiment? This Dharma Initiative Phone Case is the perfect reminder of your time at your station.

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LOST Fact: Dharma Initiative was originally called Medusa Corp.

LOST Dharma Initiative Sherpa Blanket

Lost Dharma Initiative Sherpa Blanket

Keep warm whether you’re in the Hatch, on the beach, or in the caves. Every Lostaway needs a comfy blanket to curl up with while they dive back into life on the Island with their next binge re-watch!

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LOST Quarantine T-Shirt

Lost Quarantine T Shirt

A shirt that holds so much more meaning in the present day. This LOST Quarantine T-Shirt will be a reminder of their favorite show and an appropriate nod to our current “new normal.” A gift that will mean so much more to the LOST fan in 2020 and beyond.

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LOST Dharma Initiative Coasters

Lost Dharma Initiative Coasters

Just because you’re holed up in one of the Dharma Initiative Bunkers doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect the things you have. These coasters are the perfect way to protect your tables, which drinking an ice-cold (wishful thinking, it’s probably warm) Dharma Initiative Beer.

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LOST Dharma Initiative Die-Cut Stickers

Lost Dharma Initiative Die Cut Stickers

Make everything Dharma Initiative Certified with these Die-Cut Stickers. Laptop?

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LOST Dharma Initiative Backpack

Lost Dharma Initiative Backpack

When you’re exploring the Island, you always need a good backpack! Just ask John Locke. This Dharma Initiative Backpack is the perfect way to carry your supplies whether you’re looking for more stations, food, or trying to ambush the Others.

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LOST Fact: The Dharma Initiative logo wasn’t created until Season 2.

LOST Dharma Initiative Stocking

Lost Dharma Initiative Stocking

A little something to make the Hatch more festive. This Dharma Initiative Stocking is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays while still keeping it Dharma Approved. Fill it with Dharma Initiative Chocolate Bars, even Beer perhaps? And you’re on your way to something resembling a Merry Christmas (even if you’re stuck on an Island).

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Dharma Initiative Fish Biscuit Cookie Cutter

Dharma Initiative Fish Biscuit Cookie Cutter

Feeling a little nostalgic for those delicious Dharma Initiative Fish Biscuits? You’re in luck, you can make your very own Fish Biscuits at home with this Cookie Cutter! Unless you consider baking a hassle, you won’t have to work as hard to eat one of these!

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LOST Dharma Initiative Costume

Lost Dharma Initiative Costume

Show off your Dharma Initiative Jumpsuit at your next Halloween party or Convention. The perfect costume for every Lostaway!

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LOST Dharma Pendant Necklace

Lost Dharma Pendant Necklace

Keep a reminder of the Island close to you at all times with this Pendant Necklace. A small token to remind you of your favorite show, long after it’s ended.

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LOST Dharma Initiative Poster

Lost Dharma Initiative Poster

There’s nothing like a beautiful piece of art to remind you to Namast-ay away from that Island. this Dharma Initiative Namaste poster would be the perfect addition to every LOST fan’s home.

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LOST Dharma Initiative Face Mask

Lost Dharma Initiative Face Mask

If anyone knows anything about Quarantine, it’s Dharma Initiative, so who better to trust with your Face Mask needs? This Dharma Initiative Face Mask is the perfect way to stay safe when out shopping for essentials during our “new normal.”

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Dharma Institute “The Swan” Cap

Dharma Institute The Swan Cap

Represent The Swan Insititute with this Hat featuring The Swan Institute Dharma Initiative Logo and those special numbers. A perfect reminder for every LOST fan that spent seasons in The Hatch.

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LOST Dharma Initiative Engraved Bracelet

Lost Dharma Initiative Engraved Bracelet

A great, subtle way to take a bit of your fandom with you every day. This Dharma Initiative Engraved Bracelet is a beautiful, dainty piece of everyday jewelry – just with a hidden nod to your favorite show!

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The Survivors – LOST Memorabilia

Re-live the crazy times on the Island with these Survivor gifts! Whether they’re a Sayid, Sawyer, Jack, or Kate fan, there’s something for every Lostaway.

LOST Oceanic Airlines T-Shirt

Lost Oceanic Airlines T Shirt

While you may not want to be on board. Never forget that fateful flight, with this Oceanic Airlines T-Shirt.

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LOST Cast Logo T-Shirt

Lost Cast Logo T Shirt

A classic tee for a cult classic show. This LOST Cast Logo T-Shirt is a necessary addition to every Lostaway’s wardrobe.

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LOST Not Penny’s Boat T-Shirt

Lost Not Pennys Boat T Shirt

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a LOST fan that doesn’t think this moment in the show was a pivotal turning point. Take Charlie’s message with you wherever you go with this Not Penny’s Boat Tee!

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LOST Drive Shaft T-Shirt

Lost Drive Shaft T Shirt

How could you not be a fan of Charlie and Drive Shaft? Support your favorite band of brothers with this Tee.

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LOST Fact: Drive Shaft’s “You All Everybody” plays in the background of an episode of Alias.

LOST Mr. Cluck’s Personalized Uniform T-Shirt

Lost Mr Clucks Personalized Uniform T Shirt

While you may not want to have been an employee at Mr. Cluck’s during that particular astronomical event, there’s no reason you can’t pretend you were! This Personalized Uniform T-Shirt is perfect for every Hurley fan.

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LOST Blackrock Portsmouth T-Shirt

Lost Blackrock Portsmouth T Shirt

Ignoring a particular scene, the Blackrock Portsmouth was a sight to be seen. Commemorate that LOST ship with this T-shirt and wait for the comments from all your fellow Lostaway’s to roll in when they realize exactly what you’re wearing!

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LOST Lottery Ticket Numbers T-shirt

Lost Lottery Ticket Numbers T Shirt

There’s nothing more important to LOST than those cursed/blessed/special numbers. This Lottery Ticket Numbers T-shirt is a nod to one of the first ways we get introduced to the numbers that became an iconic part of TV.

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LOST Fact: 42 in the numbers is a nod to Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy where it’s the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything” and of the numbers 23 gets used the most.

LOST Funko POP! Figures

Lost Funko Pop Figures

Whether you’re a fan of a specific character, or you love them all – there’s LOST Funko POP! Figure for everyone. Whether you want your favorite character to adorn your shelf, or the whole collection these POP! figures are a must-have for every fan.

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LOST the Complete Series Blu-Ray

Lost The Complete Series Blu Ray

Re-live your favorite show over and over again with the Complete Series on Blu-Ray. No need to rely on streaming services, you’ll always be moments away from an impromptu LOST binge-fest.

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LOST – The Game

Lost The Game

Continue your adventures on the Island with this LOST Board Game! Assume the role of your favorite character and try to survive your time on the Island, including forming alliances and the Monster! The perfect way to make sure the mystery and adventure of the show never end.

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1971 Volkswagen Type 2 Dharma Van Blue with White Top

1971 Volkswagen Type 2 Dharma Van Blue With White Top

Arguably one of the best, and funniest scenes in the show – Charlie and Hurley barreling down the hill in the beat-up old Volkswagen. Re-live that joyous moment from the show over and over when you display this 1971 Volkswagen Van figure on your shelf!

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Ultimate LOST and Philosophy: Think Together, Die Alone Book

Ultimate Lost And Philosophy Think Together Die Alone Book

Any true fan has realized that there’s more to LOST than the action/adventure/romance of a prime-time Sci-fi TV show. LOST has a lot of philosophical questions that it explores, suggests, and encourages you to think about. The Ultimate LOST and Philosophy: Think Together, Die Alone book is perfect for any fan that wants to dive deep into the questions we need to ask ourselves as we take in the world of LOST.

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The LOST Chronicles: Official Companion Book

The Lost Chronicles Official Companion Book

Uncover the mysteries of LOST with this Official Companion Book. Complete with backstories, cast reflections, and behind-the-scenes content this book helps shed light on some of the Island’s mysteries and hidden secrets!

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LOST Encyclopedia

Lost Encyclopedia

The must-have book for every fan – this LOST Encyclopedia contains everything you need to know about characters, locations, plotlines, items, and more! Take a deep dive into everything that goes into making LOST the cult classic that it is with this book.

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LOST: The Island Poster

Lost The Island Poster

Whether you’re a LOST fan that just wants a great piece of LOST-related art to adorn your walls, or you want a visual representation of the Island to help you visualize timelines and places during your next re-watch, this The Island Poster is for you!

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LOST Signed Pilot Script Reprint

Lost Signed Pilot Script Reprint

Every fan needs a signed script (reprint or otherwise) in their collection, and Lostaways are no exception. This piece of memorabilia is the finishing touch to every LOST fan’s shelf.

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LOST Numbers Hoodie

Lost Numbers Hoodie

Those numbers are lucky? Take them with you wherever you go with this LOST Numbers Hoodie. Whether it’s out of superstition, or they truly bring you good luck, maybe it’s a good idea to keep these numbers close.

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LOST TV Show Canvas Print

Lost Tv Show Canvas Print

Memorialize that pivotal scene in the show with this stunning LOST TV Show Canvas Print. The moment that Charlie changed everything, is a moment no LOST fan can forget, and now you can share that moment by adding this gorgeous print to your office or home.

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LOST #108DaysofLost Illustrations Print

Lost 108daysoflost Illustrations Print

A collection of mini-prints created over the course of 108 days, all representing items, characters, and important moments in LOST. This LOST #108DaysofLost Illustrations Print is the perfect art piece for every LOST fan, they’ll be discovering new things every day!

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LOST Sticker Pack

Lost Sticker Pack

Whether you need a reminder to push the button, or you want an iconic LOST quote to add some of your personality to your notebooks, computer, or water bottle. This LOST sticker pack is the perfect collection of stickers, with something for every fan!

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LOST Lottery Ticket Sticker

Lost Lottery Ticket Sticker

Keep those “lucky” Lottery Numbers close with this Lottery Number Sticker – just maybe don’t buy the Fast Food Restaurant you worked at, that may not end well.

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LOST Everything Happens for a Reason Poster

Lost Everything Happens For A Reason Poster

Everyone needs a motivational quote every now and then, and if you’re a LOST fan this is the perfect unconventional way to add a little motivation to your home or office space!

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LOST Guess Who Game

Lost Guess Who Game

Your favorite childhood game gets a Lost-twist. Try and figure out which LOST character your opponent is thinking of with this fun Lostaway take on a classic game.

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LOST Fact: No cast member appears in every episode of the show.

LOST TV Show Sign

Lost Tv Show Sign

The perfect way to add a bit of your fandom to your shelf or desk. There’ll be no denying your favorite show with this LOST TV Show Sign. This is one of the coolest LOST Tv show props to buy someone.

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LOST Characters Cross Stitch Pattern

Lost Characters Cross Stitch Pattern

The ideal gift for the crafty LOST fan, or a beautiful hand-made gift for the LOST fan in your life. This LOST Characters Cross Stitch Pattern is a thoughtful gift whether you’re giving the pattern or the completed project! Besides, everyone needs something to do when they’re stuck on an Island.

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We Have To Go Back!

Whether they’re a true Dharma Initiative Crew Member or a fan that never wants it to end there’s truly a gift for everyone. So next time you’re shopping for the LOST fan in your life, no need to resort to a last-minute lottery ticket, any of these gifts will impress the dedicated Lostaway in your life.

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