41 Gifts for Math Geeks You Can Count On

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Math is one of those subjects that people either love or hate – so if you have a math lover in your life it can be difficult to know what to buy them. Lucky for you we’ve complied a list of some of the best gifts for math nerds!

So What Do You Buy Fans of Math?

Whether they’re busy studying complex equations, teaching kids basic arithmetic, or just enough a bit of problem-solving, these gifts are sure to impress even the most serious math lover in your life.

The 41 Best Gift for Fans of Mathematics!

Decodyne Math Mug

For their long nights solving complex equations or studying for finals they’ll need lots and lots of coffee. What better way to enjoy a mug of coffee than with this Math Mug featuring some of the most famous and important math equations of all time? This will be the go to caffeine vessel for the math fan in your life.

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Magnetic Poetry – Math Words for Refrigerator

Who says being a numbers person has to mean you can’t be a wordsmith too? This Magnetic Poetry set will let them create math-related poetry masterpieces whenever they please.

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Struggle with Math Socks

The perfect socks for for the math teacher or student in your life. These whimsical socks will add a bit of personality and humor to their outfit.

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“Symbols of Mathematics” Engraved Pen w/ LED Light and Stylus

For all their studying and showing their work they need a good writing instrument. This “Symbols of Mathematics” Engraved Pen is a special gift for the Math fan in your life.

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Mathematical Equations Wall Clock

A math nerd can’t have just a normal clock, can they? The perfect gift for the math teacher in your life this Mathematical Equations Wall Clock is great for any classroom or office.

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Proof! Math Game – The Fast Paced Game of Mental Math Magic!

Learn or brush up on your mental math skills with the Proof! Math Game. Great for use in classrooms or playing at home with family and friends this fast-paced game has you trying to be the first to create an equation out of the cards on the table, shouting it out before any one else and showing your work. Fun for math fans of all ages.

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Pi Socks

Add some fun to their work outfits or just add to their funky sock collection – these Pi Socks are sure to be a hit with every math lover.

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Reading Book Math Socks

You can’t go wrong with socks, the perfect stocking stuffer or small gift that’s great for any occasion. Why should socks be boring? These Reading Book Math Socks will add a bit of fun to any outfit.

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I Teach Math What’s Your Superpower Mug

If the math fan in your life is a teacher, this is the perfect mug for them! The I Teach Math, What’s Your Superpower? Mug says exactly what every parent is thinking when they try to get their kids to do their math homework. Show your appreciation for math teachers by gifting them this mug.

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Math Infinity Scarf

This beautiful scarf lets the math lover in your life show off their special interest with an easy-to-wear, stylish accessory. The perfect finishing touch to any outfit whether they’re heading to work teaching math, school, or just running errands.

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Math ID Lanyard

A great way for the math lover in your life to keep track of their work or student ID this Math ID Lanyard shows off the subject you love while keeping your important ID, cards or keys close by.

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Kitki Three Sticks Creative Fun Math Board Game

This fun geometry game combines math and creativity, perfect for your next game night. Create shapes and designs using your limited number of sticks and the sticks placed on the board by other players, math nerds of all ages will love going up against their family and friends in this math board game.

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Microfiber Math Equations Necktie

Whether they need to dress up to go to work, a conference or just a nice dinner or event, they’ll love being able to add a touch of their personality to their formal wear with this Microfiber Math Equations Necktie.

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The Number Pi Math Inspirational Pencils

If there’s one thing fans of math go through a lot of, it’s pencils. Why not gift them some dedicated to solving equations with these The Number Pi Math Pencils?

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Pi Cookie Cutters

Perfect for celebrating Pi day, or rewarding yourself with a treat after solving a difficult math problem use these Pi Cookie Cutters and the perfect ratio of ingredients to create something delicious.

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I Got 99 Problems & You’re Going to Show Your Work on All of Them Mug

This mug was made for the math teachers, and parents. Remind your students and kids that you’ve got a lot of math problems for them and they’re going to have to show their work (no matter how much they sigh and roll their eyes).

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A statistics professor and a math professor worked together on a cookbook. They called it “Pi A La Mode”.

Ryan Juraschka at Prodigy

Pi People Pie Pan

Celebrate Pi Day and Pie Day with this Pi People Pie Pan (say that 10 times fast). Make a yummy pie, cake or brownies all in the shape of that perfect ratio. Math fans will love being able to make all kinds of math-themed treats.

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Little Genius Early Math Adventure

Any math fan – whether they’re a teacher or parent will want to start their kids off on the right foot and start teaching them math early on. There’s no better way to teach kids math than with hands on learning like the tools in the Little Genius Early Math Adventure. Cultivate a new generation of math geniuses with this educational set.

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Kitki Mind Your Numbers Math Game

Use a combination of numbers and symbols to make the highest result while trying to predict the other player’s next move. A fast-paced math game for all ages of math fans!

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Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop

Perfect for teaching your elementary-aged kids the wonders of math. Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop combines digital and active gameplay to entice young math lovers and have them brew potions and explore the magical village of Wyverndell.

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Prime Climb The Beautiful, Colorful, Mathematical Game

Family game night gets a dose of math with Prime Climb. Multiply, Add, Divide and Subtract all to beat your opponents to the center of “the climb.” Add some healthy competition to learning math and watch as your family starts to see the fun in math!

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Mathematical Glasses

Mix up the perfect drink with these Mathematical Glasses. Whether you’re celebrating the end of finals or solving a complicated problem, these glasses will let you drink with precision.

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Mobi Math Game

A mathematical twist on scrabble and bananagrams, Mobi has you coming up with equations using only the tiles you’ve drawn and those on the board. Endless mathematical fun for individuals, families and groups!

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Pride & Prejudice & Math

Teach them math AND introduce them to the literary classics with Pride & Prejudice & Math. A fun way to teach kids how to read and do basic math!

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Aristotle’s Number Puzzle

Keep your mind and your math skills sharp with this wooden Aristotle’s Number Puzzle. Re-arrange the number tiles to add up to the same total in each row – like a tactile sudoku – perfect for passing the time.

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Come to the Nerd Side We Have Pi Tumbler

It’s easy to get caught up in a complicated math problem or working on math homework. Make sure their coffee is always hot when they need it with this Come to the Nerd Side We Have Pi Tumbler.

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Come to the Math Side we Have Pi Tee

Show your math nerd pride with this Come to the Math Side we Have Pi Tee.

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Math Doodle Sweatshirt

A welcome addition to any math fan’s wardrobe this Math Doodle Sweatshirt features a cute math doodle design that makes it perfect for teachers or any fan.

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Social Distance Formula Shirt

While we’re stuck in this “new normal” there’s no better time for some math humor. This Social Distance Formula shirt is a fun way to remind everyone to keep their distance.

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Gold Pi Lapel Pin

Add some of your math nerd personality to your bags or jackets with this Gold Pi Lapel Pin. There will be no denying your special interests when you dress up your wardrobe with this pin.

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1980s Sunny Calculator Pencil Case

Keep your pencils, calculator and other tools necessary for working through all your math problems in this 1980s Sunny Calculator Pencil Case. This unique retro-inspired calculator design is perfect for the math lover in your life.

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Reversible Math Equation Face Mask

Add to the social distance equation with this Reversible Math Equation Face Mask. Stay safe whether you’re heading to school or just running errands while still showing your nerdy side with this face mask.

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Pi Necklace

A special gift for the math fan in your life. This Pi Necklace would make a beautiful graduation, anniversary or holiday gift for any fan of the perfect ratio.

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Math Watch

Why tell time the normal way when you can bring your love of math to your time-telling accessories too? The Math Watch makes the ideal gift for the watch loving mathematician in your life.

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Graphing Enamel Pin

This Graphing Enamel Pin is a fun and subtle way to show off your nerdy side. A bit of math love for your backpack, jacket, pencil case and more.

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1090 Decimal Places of Pi Art Print

Beautiful mathematical art by a math nerd for math nerds. This 1090 Decimal Places of Pi Art Print rounds pi to the first 1090 decimal places and creates a math-driven spiral design that any math fanatic will love to display in their home, office or classroom.

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Math Coasters

Protect your surfaces from all those cups of coffee that fuel your late night problem solving and studying with these Math Coasters.

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Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator

Every math fan needs the best of the best when it comes to calculators. Gift them the gold standard of scientific calculators the Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro and help them quickly solve their complex math equations.

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Colored Geometry Set

A staple in every math nerd’s math kit – why have a boring old geometry set when you can have one that reflects your personality? This Colored Geometry Set features colored instruments in an adorably designed case. Stand out from the norm with this geometry set.

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Math Heart Backpack

Is your love of math a part of your personality? Make sure everyone knows how much you love math with this Math Heart Backpack. The perfect way for every math nerd to carry all their textbooks, notebooks and math tools!

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Vintage Abacus

Any math nerd will appreciate a throw back to one of the first calculating tools – the abacus. A Vintage Abacus would make a beautiful decoration for their home or office and may come in handy when doing basic calculations too! This is a gift that’s sure to be loved by any math fan.

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Parallel lines have so much in common … It’s a shame they’ll never meet.

I’ll try to avoid going on a tangent here (get it? math joke for you). If you’re looking to impress the Math fan in your life with a truly special gift they’re bound to love, there’s something perfect for every shape of math nerd on this list.

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