30 Overwatch Gifts to Prevent the Omnic Uprising

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Your mission? To protect the world from super-terrorists, morally defunct mega-corporations, and a resurgence of self-aware killer robots. Of course, it would be much easier to preform these tasks if your newly-formed Overwatch squad wasn’t considered illegal thanks to the hastily pronounced Petras Act. Thankfully, a certain intelligent simian has no compunctions about ignoring shortsighted international mandates.

Overwatch is the world-renown, multiplayer first-person shooter game from the fine folks at Blizzard. Yes, the very game you spent 72 hours playing after it graced the shelves at your local GameStop. And you loved it — the characters, the skills, the weapons, and the team-based gameplay. And your fiends? The ones you still hang out with — and play with — today? They loved it, too.

Being equal in your adoration of all things Overwatch, I’m sure your fellow fans expect unparalleled Overwatch awesomeness when they end up on your list. So, when it’s time to bequeath envy-inducing Overwatch swag to the lucky gift recipient, we recommend perusing this list of 30 Overwatch Gifts.

Overwatch Clothing and Apparel

A selection of Overwatch clothing and apparel for the dedicated enemies of aggressive omnics.

Overwatch Sonic Snapback Baseball Hat

This black, flat-billed baseball hat features a raised Overwatch symbol and adjustable closure for a comfortable fit. We recommend hiding this hat from certain enhanced soldiers who pledge to recreate the omnic revolt.

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Overwatch Game Youth Jogger Sweatpants

Perfect for younger players, these Overwatch joggers feature the official Overwatch logo and symbol. They’re the perfect pants for inactive periods between omnic assaults.

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Overwatch D.Va Unisex Pullover Hoodie

This colorful all-over print features the popular Overwatch character, D.Va. There’s nary a square inch of wasted space with this repeating, back and front print.

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Overwatch Men’s Reaper Embroidered Crew Socks

Featuring subtle but spooky Reaper symbols, these Overwatch crew socks sport the ominous skulls of an enhanced, intangible soldier.

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Overwatch Men’s Performance Esports Player Shorts

These roomy, action-ready performance shorts feature the Overwatch logo, sporty yellow accents, and a subtle, embroidered Overwatch symbol. If you’re mostly inactive while actively playing Overwatch, we recommend these Overwatch performance shorts.

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Overwatch Roadhog Snapback Baseball Hat

If you’re a fan of the oversized Australian with a covered, uncomely face, we recommend this Roadhog Snapback Baseball Hat. Sporting an embroidered “Hog Power” patch, this adjustable baseball hat features a flat red bill and subtle Overwatch symbol.

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Overwatch Elite Pom Knit Beanie

This one-size-fits-all beanie features a carefully embordered Overwatch symbol, a sizable Overwatch logo, and a very soft and fluffy pom-pom. And rubbing the pom-pom while whispering, “Winston, I’m ready” will alert the intelligent ape to your immediate location, and therefore, result in your timely teleportation to the closest Overwatch outpost. Yep.

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Overwatch to Guard & Protect (Orisa) Women’s Gamer Graphic T-Shirt

Celebrate Orisa, the protective omnic, with this women’s Overwatch t-shirt. Yes, some omnics are bad — very, very bad. But Orisa is good — very, very good. Just ask the rest of her group currently reveling in the “Supercharger” effect.

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Overwatch Junkrat Snapback Baseball Hat

Celebrate the outback’s explosion-happy scavenger with this Junkrat Snapback Baseball Hat! Featuring an embroidered representation of the “total mayhem” attack, this flat-billed hat features adjustable snapback closure.

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Overwatch Gear and Accessories

Celebrate the Overwatch Generation with Overwatch gear and accessories.

Overwatch Character Collage Allover-Print Backpack

Sporting a crowded collage of legendary Overwatch characters, this Overwatch backpack features zip-up pockets, adjustable straps, and a protective, fully-lined interior.

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Overwatch Leather Bracelet Ring Jewelry COS Prop Accessories

Featuring a leather wristband adorned with metallic Overwatch logo, this wrist-focused accessory also features a chain-bound, logo-sporting ring.

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Overwatch Heavy-Duty Backpack

As a member of Overwatch, it’s essential to pack your various equipment and health-maintaining snacks in a sturdy, damage-resistant backpack. Thankfully, the Overwatch Heavy-Duty Backpack delivers with durable construction, secure clipping closure, several spacious pockets, and padded, adjustable straps.

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Overwatch Home Décor and Household Items

Decorate your Overwatch outpost with Overwatch indoor accents, furnishings, and household accessories.

Overwatch Extra Large Wall Art

This modular wall art features a very young Winston admiring Earth from the Horizon Lunar Colony. If he only knew the chaos contained in that sizable sea-blue ball.

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Overwatch – Health Pack Bottle With 3D-Printed Caps

A usable replication of the life-sustaining Health Pack found during especially tumultuous Overwatch sessions, this glass, game-accurate bottle features 3D-printed caps and a touch-sensitive LED light.

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Overwatch-Inspired Color-Changing Lantern

This wooden, handmade lantern features carved character symbols including D.Va, Lucio, Genji and Reaper. Topped with the Overwatch symbol, this color-changing cube comes with a battery-powered, color-flashing LED light.

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Overwatch 3D Light

Because your room isn’t bright enough — or hypnotic enough — this Overwatch 3D Light cycles through seven blazing colors to elicit several simultaneous emotions. It also sets the mood for extended Overwatch gameplay.

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Overwatch D.Va Poster Print

Available in multiple sizes, this D.Va print features an almost conceptual image of the mecha-handling heroine. Printed on high-quality luster paper, this D.Va print appears fresh from a character designer’s drafting table.

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Color-Changing Sombra-Inspired Overwatch Mug

Sporting Sombra’s frenetically hacking symbol and subtle, pervading circuity, this ceramic mug changes color after prolonged exposure to warm liquid. It may also hack your phone or deliver malware to your toaster oven.

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Overwatch All Heroes Shot Glasses

Purchased singularly or by the set, these Overwatch shot glasses feature the minimalist facial features of your favorite Overwatch heroes.

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Overwatch Toys, Games, and Collectibles

Play with and/or collect your favorite Overwatch heroes with these Overwatch games, toys, and collectibles.

Pachimari Overwatch Snorkelmari Mini Plush Hanger

This incredibly cute (and hangable) Pachimari is ready for serious snorkeling. With carefully stitched snorkeling gear, this Snorkelmari is ready for adorable undersea adventures!

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Figma Reaper Figure

This ridiculously posable figma Reaper features perfectly sculpted character features, game-accurate armor accents, and his trusty twin Hellfire Shotguns. He’s well armed, sufficiently armored, and furiously flexible.

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Overwatch Minis Charms

Made from clear acrylic, these miniature Overwatch charms channel an adorable likeness of your favorite Overwatch characters.

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Blizzard Overwatch CultureFly Collectors Gift Box

Not sure what gift to get for that especially obsessed Overwatch player? Then we recommend the gift of multiple gifts with this Overwatch Collectors Gift Box. What’s inside? A selection of mystery items that will probably include a Snapback Hat, vinyl decals, a pint glass, and more secret Overwatch treasures.

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Tracer Overwatch 10.5″ Premium Statue

It’s the exceptionally swift Tracer rendered as a gorgeous premium statue. Measuring nearly 11″ high, this Tracer statue is a painstaking, three-dimensional recreation of the popular Overwatch character.

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Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates Series Reinhardt 6″ Collectible Action Figure

This heavily armored Reinhardt action figure features premium articulation, his trusty Rocket Hammer, his equally trusty Barrier Field, and a ridiculous amount of impervious might.

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Wrecking Ball Overwatch Standard Plush Toy

Celebrate the unusually brainy hamster mechanic with this soft and mildly squishy Wrecking Ball plush. And there’s certainly nothing “standard” about Wrecking Ball, considering he built himself a spherical, death-dealing hamster wheel armed with mounted Quad Cannons.

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Overwatch Cosplay and Costume Accessories

Become the characters you play with this selection of Overwatch cosplay and costume accessories.

Overwatch D.Va Meka Cosplay Headset

Adorn the headset of famous mecha pilot D.Va Meka with this game-accurate cosplay headset. Complete with character-defining face tattoos, this cosplay headset will NOT improve one’s ability to pilot sizable fighting robots.

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Overwatch D.Va Bunny Ear Hoodie

Sporting familiar costume accents from D.Va’s tech-enhanced battle suit, this soft and slightly silly costume hoodie features floppy bunny ears and a printed, perhaps perturbed, bunny expression.

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Cosplay Overwatch Game Props D.Va Cosplay Prop Pistol

Based on D.Va’s in-game weapon, this plastic prop pistol is the perfect recreation of D.Va’s dependable handgun. If you’re looking to complete your D.Va cosplay, this is the play pistol to procure.

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Overwatch Reaper Cartridge Belt Costume Prop

Prefer dressing like a death-dealing super-terrorist? Then complete your Reaper cosplay with this Overwatch Reaper Cartridge Belt Costume Prop. Made from durable PU leather, this cartridge belt includes metallic accents, links, and very believable bullets.

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The Overwatch Never Sleeps

While the world doesn’t want you, it absolutely needs you. So, heed Winston’s call to take back the world from those who wish it unfathomable harm. And when the war is won — or at least takes a break — make sure to gift your brothers-and-sisters-in-arms an amazing Overwatch gift. It’s an exceptional gesture commemorating the constant struggle against tyranny both robotic and despotic.

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