98 Pac-Man Gifts for the Ultimate Pac-Man Fan

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Pac-Man is one of the most iconic video games of all time, and it just keeps coming back in different forms. Whether someone seeks out that high of playing in an arcade or they like to play one of the app versions, the love of Pac-Man is a love that is never going to fade.

So what do you get someone who loves Pac-Man?

If you know someone who loves Pac-Man and has a special occasion coming up, these gifts will really hit that sweet spot.

98 Best Gift Ideas for Pac-Man Lovers

For The Original Arcade Pac-Man Fan

Pac-Man Connect and Play

Pac Man Connect And Play

This attachment allows them to play Pac-Man right on their televisions without having to buy a new console. They can also play on tablets and even some mobile devices.

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Pac-Man Heated Mug

Pac Man Heated Mug

When this mug isn’t heated, it just looks like an empty Pac-Man map. When it is heated, the game starts to emerge.

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Non-Slip Pac-Man Area Rug

Non Slip Pac Man Area Rug

This area rug is luxurious and feels good under their feet while looking like that original arcade board. It will be great for kids because it is so dark!

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Bandai Namco Flashback Blast Console

Bandai Namco Flashback Blast Console

While getting your own arcade game might be a bit too expensive, this will bring all of that arcade fun to the forefront.

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Retro Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures

Retro Pac Man 2 The New Adventures

This is one of the hardest to get games for the NES. It is a game that many, many people loved.

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Pac-Man Socks

Pac Man Socks

These Pac-Man socks have all of the favorite ghosts from the game as well as Ms. Pac-Man. They are high enough that someone will see but still refined enough so that they aren’t too wild.

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Pac-Man Stool

Pac Man Stool

In the older days, there would be stools situated around arcades for people who could play for hours and hours. Often, they would have advertisements for games. This is a new version of that!

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Pac-Man Cocktail Table

Pac Man Cocktail Table

This cocktail table is quite the gift for a fan. It is outfitted with the original arcade stylings and will hold a lot of alcohol. The details on this are something else and they will spend hours just looking at it.

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Retro Pac-Man T-Shirt

Retro Pac Man T Shirt

This t-shirt uses the original artwork from the arcade games that used to be everywhere.

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Mini Arcade with Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man

Mini Arcade With Pac Man And Ms. Pac Man

This tabletop arcade game will help to bring the game that they played years and years ago back to life. And they don’t have to pick between versions!

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Pac-Man Retro Throw Pillow

Pac Man Retro Throw Pillow

This pillow features the well-known pattern of the Pac-Man map with all of the ghosts. It is a sturdy pillow that can go on their sofa or bed.

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Youth Boys Pac-Man Retro Graphic Tee

Youth Boys Pac Man Retro Graphic Tee

Even if they are too young to have played that original version, they still might love it. For a fan who is younger, this is a great get because it feels like a vintage t-shirt!

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For The Ms. Pac-Man Fan

Ms. Pac-Man was a sequel to the original game, but she’s really become a legend in her own right.

Ms. Pac-Man T-Shirt

Ms. Pac Man T Shirt

This t-shirt features Ms. Pac-Man in all her glory – and it comes in women’s sizes as well!

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Ms. Pac-Man Plush

Ms. Pac Man Plush

This Ms. Pac-Man plush isn’t really going to be something that you cuddle or play with, but instead is something to show off.

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Classic Ms. Pac-Man T-Shirt

Classic Ms. Pac Man T Shirt

This shirt features the original screen that so many people know so well. Ms. Pac-Man lounges on the top, looking as beautiful as ever.

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Funko POP Games: Ms. Pac-Man

Funko Pop Games Ms. Pac Man

This Ms. Pac-Man figurine has all of the charm and character of the original video game character, but she’s 3D!

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Fashion Gifts For The Pac-Man Fan

Know someone who wants to work Pac-Man into their daily lives? Here are some accessories that they can wear to show off their favorite game.

Pac-Man Key Fob

Pac Man Key Fob

We are all losing our keys these days, and this key fob will help the person you give this gift to keep hold of them.

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Coach Pac-Man Wallet

Coach Pac Man Wallet

This is a luxury item that doesn’t scream “Pac-Man” but it certainly is recognizable by most fans. This small wallet is high quality and there weren’t many made!

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Pac-Man Tumbler

Pac Man Tumbler

This tumbler captures the board from the original Pac-Man game, complete with all of their favorite ghosts. You can even get it personalized!

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Pac-Man Mask

Pac Man Mask

If we all still have to wear masks, why not show off our fandom? This mask is well constructed and machine washable.

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Pac-Man Ghost Hat

Pac Man Ghost Hat

The ghosts in Pac-Man are almost as iconic as the character himself. This hat is Blinky, the red (and probably the most popular) ghost that chases Pac-Man throughout the maze.

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Pac-Man Ugly Christmas Sweater

Pac Man Ugly Christmas Sweater

This is truly an ugly Christmas that features the cast of characters from Pac-Man. It also has the words “waka waka” on it, which people say represents the sound that the Pac-Man makes when it eats on screen.

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Individual Pac-Man Brooches

Individual Pac Man Brooches

These individual brooches can be positioned in different ways on denim jackets, backpacks, or even luggage. They are of Pac-Man himself and the ghosts that chase him.

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Circle and Stones Pac-Man Ring Set

Circle And Stones Pac Man Ring Set

This ring set is cheeky and fun for anyone who loves the video game. The dot rings can even be worn on their own!

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Wet n wild x Pac-Man Shine Kit for the Gamer Girl

Wet N Wild X Pac Man Shine Kit For The Gamer Girl

This wet n wild makeup collection was one of the most coveted collections of all time for the brand – and fans were largely unable to get it. Since restocking, it has been a bit easier to get but some people have forgotten about it.

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Cute Gold Gamer Pac-Man Stud Earrings

Cute Gold Gamer Pacman Stud Earrings

These cute cold earrings are subtle and make for a perfect touch of Pac-Man without being too bold.

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Pac-Man Belt Buckle for True Geeks

Pac Man Belt Buckle For True Geeks

This belt buckle is unique because it isn’t just a metal casting of the Pac-Man logo, but it has an entire screen on it!

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Pac-Man Hand Knitted Cap

Pacman Hand Knitted Cap

This hand-knitted cap has the feeling of being something you’ve spent hours making without actually taking you hours to make.

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Pac-Man Bracelet for Gamers

Pac Man Bracelet For Gamers

Another smaller touch of fashion for the Pac-Man fan, this bracelet is a great stacking option or perfect to wear alone.

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Pac-Man Necktie

Pac Man Necktie

Know someone getting married? Graduating? Starting a new job? This Pac-Man necktie is the perfect gift!

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Handmade Leather Pac-Man Wallet

Handmade Leather Pac Man Wallet

This leather wallet is a classy gift to give anyone. The leather has the pattern of the Pac-Man board on it.

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Pac-Man Ankle Socks

Pac Man Ankle Socks

These socks are the perfect gift for someone who loves Pac-Man. They feature the Pac-Man himself as well as some of his ghost foes. The toe matches the ghost, making them extra fun.

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Maze Arcade 2 Pack Crew Socks

Maze Arcade 2 Pack Crew Socks

The other sock option are these two that feature every ghost on one sock as well as a Pac-Man party!

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Women’s Spandex Pac-Man Themed Leggings

Women's Spandex Pac Man Themed Leggings

For the female Pac-Man fan, these leggings are an absolutely adorable gift for her to layer with her favorite dresses and skirts.

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TIMEX T80 X Pac-Man 34mm Digital Watch

Timex T80 X Pac Man 34mm Digital Watch

This excellent watch not only keeps time, but it has little Pac-Man details that will allow them to wear it around the office, the house, or out with friends without being too obvious.

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Pac-Man Official Video Game Shirt

Pac Man Official Pacman Video Game Shirt

This is a fun shirt that they will wear around their house, out and about, and everywhere they go. They will make friends with other fans!

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Pac-Man Wooden Watch

Pacman Wooden Watch

A watch is always a great gift, and this one is handcrafted and unique.

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COACH Pac-Man Reversible City Tote

Coach Pac Man Reversible City Tote

This is the ultimate luxury gift for a Pac-Man fan who wants something all their own.

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Games For Pac-Man Fans

Pac-Man is a game, first and foremost, and that is what attracts everyone to it. These games will help to extend that love into new ventures.

Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash Arcade Game

Pac Man's Pixel Bash Arcade Game

This is a working arcade game that combines with a refrigerator for all those energy drinks so that they can keep playing.

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Switch Split Pad Pro (Pac-Man Edition)

Switch Split Pad Pro (pac Man Edition)

If they play the Switch, these controllers are great additions to their handheld that extends their love of the game.

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My Arcade Pocket Player

My Arcade Pocket Player

This handheld version of the game will stay with them wherever they go. It is perfect for a child who wants to get the arcade feeling, even if the arcade is in their hands.

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Tamagotchi Yellow Maze Pac-Man Device

Tamagotchi Yellow Maze Pac Man Device

A true throwback. this Tamagotchi-style game is actually more challenging than the original!

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The Worlds Largest Pac-Man

The Worlds Largest Pac Man

This is an absolutely massive game and a HUGE gift. It allows them to play their favorite game in a way they never have before.

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RC Pac-Man and Ghost Racers

Rc Pac Man And Ghost Racers

This is a different type of game (perfect for kids!) that uses the same characters as Pac-Man.

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Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition

Nintendo Entertainment System Nes Classic Edition

This classic gaming system is the perfect gift for anyone who likes throwback style games. You can get many different cartridges to change up the game!

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412-in-1 Cocktail Table Arcade Machine

412 In 1 Cocktail Table Arcade Machine

One of the most unique gifts on the list, this allows two Pac-Man fans to go head to head on a table!

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World’s Smallest Pac-Man Video Arcade Game

World's Smallest Pac Man Video Arcade Game

This handheld game is fun to play and great to keep on a shelf as a collectible. It may be small, but all of the elements are there.

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Pac-Man Connect 4 Game

Pac Man Connect 4 Game

A completely different type of game, this uses those characters in another old favorite.

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Monopoly Pac-Man Arcade Version

Monopoly Pac Man Arcade Version

A game even more frustrating than Pac-Man? Monopoly! This is the old family favorite with a twist for Pac-Man fans.

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Tic Tac Pac-Man

Tic Tac Pac Man

This simple game is made perfect for the Pac-Man fan because it features the characters. It’s a great coffee table game!

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Small Gifts For A Pac-Man Fan

Looking for a smaller gift to help round out a bigger present? Or just want to give a friend a gift for fun? Try some of these ideas.

Pac-Man Playing Cards

Pac Man Playing Cards

Whether they want to play with these cards or they want to just display them, these are a great small gift idea.

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Pac-Man Salt and Pepper Shakers

Pac Man Salt And Pepper Shakers

These salt and pepper shakers look like two of the ghosts from the game when they are chasing after Pac-Man. These two are Pinky and Inky.

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Pac-Man Plush

Pac Man Plush

This small plush is the perfect little add-on gift that they can hang from their rearview window or just keep on a shelf.

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Pac-Man Ornament

Pac Man Ornament

This ornament is simple but it gets the point across – it shows Pac-Man chasing after some of the ghosts to get some extra points.

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Pac-Man Reusable Vinyl Decals

Pac Man Reusable Vinyl Decals

These decals will fit in with any fan – whether they use them on a car, water bottle, laptop, or even a wall. This is one of the most versatile gifts!

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Large Pac-Man Tin Tote

Large Pac Man Tin Tote

This tin lunchbox is a great collectible gift to give a fan or a functional one – it stores a lot of food!

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Pac-Man & Ghost Cookie Cutters

Pac Man & Ghost Cookie Cutters

These cookie cutters will be their favorites year after year, no matter what type of cookies they make!

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3D Ghost LED Night Light

3d Ghost Led Night Light

Everyone needs a nightlight somewhere in their home! This is a small gift, but one they will appreciate night after night.

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Stainless Steel Insulated Pac-Man Water Bottle

Stainless Steel Insulated Pac Man Water Bottle

For an on the go fan, this insulated water bottle is the perfect small gift they will use over and over again.

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16 oz. Sculpted Ceramic Pac-Man Mug

16 Oz. Sculpted Ceramic Pac Man Mug

This mug holds a TON of coffee for those nights they’ve spent up playing the game too much.

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Funko POP Games: Pac-Man – Inky

Funko Pop Games Pac Man Inky

Inky is one of the favorite ghosts from the game, and this figure captures his spunky spirit!

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Ceramic Pac-Man Christmas Ornament

Ceramic Pac Man Christmas Ornament

This ornament is a great gift for anyone who loves the game because they can put it on their Christmas tree, or put it up all year round.

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Ghost & Pac-Man Ornaments

Ghost & Pac Man Ornaments

These ornaments are perfect for those kitchen cabinets or for a game-themed Christmas tree.

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Pac-Man Pencil Toppers

Pac Man Pencil Toppers

This pencil topper collection is great for a group of fans or kids who want something fun on their school pencils.

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Pac-Man Succulent Planter Set

Pac Man Succulent Planter Set

This planter collection will look great lined up on a windowsill!

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Pac-Man Stapler

Pac Man Stapler

For someone starting a new job, this Pac-Man stapler is the type of gift that will make them friends in the office.

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Unique Collectibles For Pac-Man Fans

These unique gives can be used for practical purposes or they can be displayed around their home.

Pac-Man Board Game

Pac Man Board Game

Can Pac-Man be fun as a board game? Yes! This game isn’t quite like playing the original game, but it is a fun version of it.

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40th Anniversary Gift Set

40th Anniversary Gift Set

This is a gift set that celebrates the 40th anniversary of the game. There aren’t many of these out there, so it is a great collectible. It has a mug, socks, and a keychain.

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Pac-Man LED Ghost Light

Pac Man Led Ghost Light

This light is shaped like the Ghosts from Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man and they change colors to make for a cool night light for a kid’s room or as a background object for streamers.

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Pinky Funko Pop

Pinky Funko Pop

This Pinky Funko Pop is adorable and a perfect addition to any room where they want to show their fandom. Even better, it is easy to clean!

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Pac-Man Headphone Holder

Pac Man Headphone Holder

This headphone holder looks like one of the ghosts and protects headphones so that they don’t get misshapen. It is made out of wood and is adorable!

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Pac-Man Throw Blanket

Pac Man Throw Blanket

The mazes just keep getting bigger in newer versions of Pac-Man, and this blanket might be the biggest one yet.

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Pac-Man Doormat

Pac Man Doormat

There aren’t many of these out there either. They are easy to clean and will be sure to welcome anyone into their home with the warning that ghosts are around.

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Pac-Man Silhouette Light

Pac Man Silhouette Light

This light looks great during the day when it looks like a standard Pac-Man chasing the ghosts, but it really shines at night when it is backlit and looks like it is from the game.

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A Pac-Man Suit

A Pac Man Suit

If you are looking for a truly remarkable gift, this Pac-Man patterned suit may not be practical, but it is fun.

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Pac-Man amiibo (Super Smash Bros Series)

Pac Man Amiibo (super Smash Bros Series)

This is one of the most unique statuettes of Pac-Man that you can find – it captures all of the charms of the character.

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Pac-Man Wedding Topper

Pac Man Wedding Topper

Know someone who is getting married? This wedding topper is the best gift you can give them. It will certainly be a great choice for their cake.

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Pac-Man Bucket Seat Cover

Pac Man Bucket Seat Cover

For a car fan, this seat cover will make it even better. These are rather unique and not something that most fans will have.

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Home Goods For The Pac-Man Fan

Know a Pac-Man fan moving into a new home? These gifts are perfect!

Pac Man Twin Bells Alarm Clock


This alarm clock is perfect for actual use or just to display on their built-in shelves.

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The “Pac-Man” Chair

The Pac Man Chair

This unique chair will become the focal point of their home and is quite comfortable!

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40th Anniversary Special Edition Adjustable Pac-Man Stool

40th Anniversary Special Edition Adjustable Pac Man Stool

This stool is perfect for those smaller alcoves where they can’t fit a chair, but they need something. It also just looks pretty cool.

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Vintage Pac-Man Video Game Canvas Wall Art

Vintage Pacman Video Game Canvas Wall Art

This wall art is perfect for bigger spaces where they want to make their favorite game the focal point.

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Bright Yellow Pac-Man Lamp

Bright Yellow Pac Man Lamp

Lamps are one of the things that we all need, but we rarely buy. This is the perfect gift!

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Customizable Pac-Man LEGO Light

Customizable Pac Man Lego Light

For something that is just a bit nerdier and more fun, this LEGO light is the perfect gift.

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Pac-Man Video Game Coasters

Pac Man Video Game Coasters

These lightweight coasters are perfect for any fan of Pac-Man. It features Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and the ghosts.

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Pac-Man Switch/Outlet Cover

Pac Man Switch Outlet Cover

Outlet covers are standard and pretty boring – but these make them interesting. This is a thoughtful gift for that Pac-Man fan that has everything.

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Pac-Man – Hungry Man Mirror

Pac Man Hungry Man Mirror

Mirrors make smaller places seem bigger, and this one will make it feel bigger and more fun.

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Best Gifts For The Young Pac-Man Fan

Pac-Man fans don’t all have to be older and have played it when they were teenagers. Instead, they can be young kids who love the simplicity of the game. These are the perfect gifts for them.

Mastering Pac-Man Book

Mastering Pac Man Book

For a new player who wants to beat the game, this is the definitive guide.

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Pac-Man Baby Onesie

Pac Man Baby Onesie

For that youngest Pac-Man fan (who can’t really hold a controller yet), this onesie is a great gift.

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Funko POP Games: Pac-Man Action Figure

Funko Pop Games Pac Man Action Figure

This figurine is more modern so it won’t easily break and it will give them something to physically play with.

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Pac-Man Show The Complete 1st Season

Pac Man The Complete 1st Season

Did you know there was a Pac-Man show? Many don’t – it isn’t great, but this is a good gift for a fan.

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Pac-Man Ghost Piggy Bank

Pac Man Ghost Piggy Bank

This ghost piggy bank is the perfect gift for a kid who loves the game – or even for someone older who loves it.

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Pac-Man Glow-in-the-Dark Recycled Backpack

Pac Man Glow In The Dark Recycled Backpack

When you give them this gift, they will absolutely have the best backpack in class.

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Pac-Man Characters All-Over Scene Backpack

Pac Man Characters All Over Scene Backpack

Or, this one that is sturdy enough to carry many, many books.

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Pac-Man Backpack for School & Travel

Pac Man Student Backpack

How about a third option for backpacks? This one doubles as a great option for travel.

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The Flying Pac-Man

The Flying Pac Man

This is a fun hovering toy that kids will play with for hours – and get some physical exercise!

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Pac-Man Ghost Garland Birthday Decorations

Pacman Ghost Garland Birthday Decorations

These decorations are perfect for a kid’s birthday party.

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Removable Pac-Man Wall Décor

Removable Pac Man Wall Décor

This wall decor is a great gift for people who live in places where they can’t personalize the walls – like a dorm or an apartment.

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