26 Gifts For Powerpuff Girl Fans – Sugar, Spice, & Everything Nice!

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The Powerpuff Girls cartoon was one of the only ones that featured little girls in superhero positions, which made it instantly popular with girls of all ages – and boys too! The storylines of family, friendship, and girl power helped to create a generation of bolder, braver women.

If you want to give a Powerpuff Girl fan the best gift to celebrate a milestone in her life, consider some of these:

Trio Gifts For Powerpuff Girls

Always better together, these gifts highlight the teamwork and brilliance of these little girls when they get together – forming sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Powerpuff Girls Poster

This poster shows a remix on our favorite girls. Instead of the Powerpuff Girls we are used to, they are drawn as little black girls, with all of the spunk fans are used to.

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Powerpuff Girls Mug

This mug shows off the action of the series, with the girls flying across a pastel background. It’s a great fun, simple, and inexpensive gift for a Powerpuff Girl.

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Powerpuff Girls x Among Us Stickers

This cute sticker collaboration is a great gift for younger Powerpuff Girl fans. It takes the iconic colors and hairstyles of the Powerpuff Girls and puts them in the Among Us outfits.

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Powerpuff Girls Keychain

This keychain is a great small gift, showing that amazing things are possible when we band together.

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Powerpuff Girls Friendship Bracelets

These personalized bracelets are a great gift for anyone who has two best friends that they want to be connected to, just like these little girls.

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Powerpuff Girls T-Shirt

This t-shirt shows off what makes up the Powerpuff Girls – sugar, spice, and everything nice. It’s a dolman sleeve, which gives a flattering fit.

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Chemical X Powerpuff Girl Backpack

Chemical X is what made the Powerpuff Girls so special, and this backpack is a great way to show off fandom without yelling it. It’s the perfect gift for an athlete!

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Powerpuff Girls Mask

Taking care of your own health and everyone else’s is something the Powerpuff Girls would definitely do, so this mask is a good way to show them off.

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Gifts For Blossom Lovers

Blossom is the leader of the group, with her long red hair and pink clothing. She is the most determined of the group, often leading them into danger and back into safety. She’s the “everything nice” of the group.

Blossom Plush Gift

This super soft plush captures all of the charm of Blossom, including her beautiful long hair. It’s a great gift for a younger fan or an older one who has a display.

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Blossom Earrings

These acrylic earrings are so adorable and will make for a great fun touch to any wardrobe. Even better, they are acrylic so she can wear them all the time without having to worry about them breaking or tarnishing.

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Blossom Bucket Hat Sticker

This sticker is a subtle tribute to Blossom, harkening back to a very specific episode that only true fans will appreciate.

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Teenage Blossom Stickers

These stickers show off what Blossom would have looked like as a teenager. We get glimpses of it now and again, but to have it forever makes this a great gift.

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Blossom Powerpuff Girls Funko POP!

Of course, collectible Funko Pops always make for great gifts, and this one is the perfect representation of the fearless leader.

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Blossom Wax Melts

These blossom wax melts smell just like you’d imagine she would – like oranges! It’s a great fun gift for adult fans who don’t really show off their fandom too much.

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Gifts For Buttercup Lovers

The “spice” of the group, Buttercup is the tomboy, with blunt black hair and neon green clothing. She’s tough and always ready for a fight, but she sometimes gets into trouble because of her temper.

Buttercup Scarf

Known as “the toughest fighter,” this green sheer scarf is a subtle nod to her favorite cartoon character.

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Buttercup “Don’t Call Me Princess” Hoodie

This hoodie captures all of the attitude that Buttercup has, with a mid-fight animation and the phrase “Don’t call me princess.” It’s the perfect gift for your tough girl.

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Buttercup Neon Light

This cute little neon light has all of the personality and sass of Buttercup – and it will shine brightly no matter what. It has some great reviews and should last a long time!

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Buttercup Coffee Notebook

This notebook is a cute little tribute to Buttercup and Starbucks, perfect for the Powerpuff Girls fan who is also a coffee addict.

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Buttercup Funko POP!

This Funko Pop is a great gift for any Powerpuff Girls fan because they are newer to the market and it is likely that they haven’t seen them before, as they aren’t in many retail locations.

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Sleepy Buttercup Sticker

Buttercup is notoriously hard to rouse, even if she does love a fight. This sticker is a cute small gift for your favorite sleepyhead who also loves these girls.

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Gifts For Bubbles Lovers

Characterized in baby blue with blonder hair in pigtails, Bubbles is the most lovable of the girls. She’s the “sugar” of the trio, but when she needs to, she is fierce and ready to fight.

Bubbles & Cat T-Shirt

This t-shirt shows the love between Bubbles and her beautiful little cat. It’s a must have for any Bubbles fan.

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Bubbles Plush Toy

This adorable plush is sure to be an attention stealer, namely because of those big, blue eyes. This is a great gift for a younger fan, older fan, or even a fan with a dog!

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Older Bubbles Tote Bag

This artist representation of older bubbles is amazing and makes for a great unique gift. The tote bag is strong enough for college books or daily needs.

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Teen Bubbles Stickers

These stickers are another artist’s representation of teen bubbles. It shows off her personality while staying true to the original character.

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Bubbles Funko POP!

Of course the last Funko Pop in the collection is the softest and sweetest, with a perfect color match to her iconic dress.

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Bubbles Socks

Utonium is what gives the Powerpuff Girls their powers, and these socks pay a fun little tribute to that while still becoming completely wearable.

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