42 Seinfeld Gifts About Nothing

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Seinfeld is just one of those shows that, if you are a fan of it, you are a huge fan of it. It becomes a way of life and something that you absolutely need to have in your life. That is why many Seinfeld fans love to receive gifts that relate back to the show.

But what happens if you don’t know about Seinfeld? What gifts should you give? Luckily for you, we are huge Seinfeld fans and we have found some gifts that we’d love to receive. Take a look:

Fun Seinfeld Gift Ideas For Those Who Have It All

If you have a friend who has everything Seinfeld you can imagine, they may not have it all just yet. There is a lot of great stuff out there. Start by considering some of these gifts:

Seinfeld and Philosophy Book

This book is newer and a great way to “think” about their favorite show in a new light. It’s a little lofty, but it is pretty great.

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Seinfeld Collector’s Box

This collector’s box wasn’t as popular as you may think, so most fans don’t have it. You can get it and split it up into multiple gifts or give it as one big one.

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Frank Constanza Poster

Seinfeld was a show for adults, so there weren’t many posters or fun things like that made for it at the time. Now, you can order custom ones like this one that other fans made.

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Seinfeld Theme Song QR Pin

This QR pin is a gift that you can reveal right away or wait for them to scan it. Either way, it’s the perfect gift for someone who is a bit of a social butterfly and won’t mind people scanning their pin.

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Seinfeld Quotes Poster

Another poster gift, this one features all of the most famous Seinfeld quotes. It’s a cool bit of topographical art and many people won’t even realize what it is – but real fans will.

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Jerry Seinfeld Framed Apartment Blueprint

This looks like a really mature gift that maybe blocks out someone’s first apartment or office – but it is actually Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment. A bit of a tricky gift!

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‘Seinfeldia: How a Show About Nothing Changed Everything’

Another academic gift, this one takes a lighter-hearted approach to the series. This book does have some criticism, but it all level-headed.

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Seinfeld Character Shot Glasses

These Seinfeld shot glasses feature the main characters of the show on 90’s style, nostalgia inducing glasses. They can use these or display them!

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Seinfeld Quotes Quilt

This is one of the coolest pieces of merch we’ve seen for Seinfeld and it is something that they definitely don’t have. Whether they need to outfit their living or a guest room, this is a perfect gift.

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Seinfeld Reference: The Complete Encyclopedia

This encyclopedia makes for a great coffee table gift and it will teach them some things they didn’t know about their favorite show.

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Seinfeld Apartment Set Replica

This set replica is absolutely one of the best gifts for anyone who has everything from the show. It is unique and new, plus it makes for a perfect display piece.

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Small Gifts For Seinfeld Fans

Seinfeld Sticker Pack

Stickers always make a great small gift or stocking stuffer because they can go anywhere from a car window to a water bottle with ease.

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George Constanza Seinfeld Quote Bag

Ask anyone, and they will probably agree that George has some of the most memorable, funniest quotes in all of television history. This bag reinforces that.

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Seinfeld Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs always make for great gifts, and this one has some funny quotes, memorable scenes, and just great design. She’s hefty!

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Seinfeld Socks

Need we say more? This is a great warning to the other people in the house and a perfect gift.

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Seinfeld Notebook

Elaine is a character that many people love, and this quote is one of her best. The notebook itself is really sturdy, so it is a good choice for someone who needs to take notes or is trying to write their own script.

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Elaine Benes ‘Little Kicks’ Mug

This mug will remind them of one of the best scenes from the show. It’s another reason why we think Elaine is by far the best character – and why she’s so beloved.

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Seinfeld Quotes Glass

This quotes glass is the perfect gift for someone who likes to display Seinfeld merch. It is one of the best!

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Funny Gifts For Seinfeld Fans

Seinfeld is a really funny show, so it makes sense that fans of the show would be into gifts that are maybe just a little bit on the funny side. These are things that harken back to the funniest moments of the show.

George Constanza Coasters

These are coasters that are sure to leave an impression on someone – and prevent them from happening on a table!

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Seinfeld Prayer Candles

These are a great funny gift for a collector who likes to display Seinfeld memorabilia. They are perfectly designed and really funny.

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No Soup For You Seinfeld Spoon

Seinfeld isn’t like a lot of other shows in that the funny moments can’t easily be explained. No soup for you is one of those moments – you just had to be there.

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No Soup For You Mug

If the spoon didn’t fit your needs, this mug is a little more practical.

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“I Hate Men But I’m Not A Lesbian” Seinfeld Sticker

This is a sentiment that we think most people will understand.

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Seinfeld Assman License Plate

Have a friend who is an assman? This is the perfect gift.

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Seinfeld Serenity Now Button

If you know someone who has a very stressful job and needs serenity NOW, this is a good and funny gift.

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Seinfeld Little Jerry Action Figure

Little Jerry is a rooster that has some pretty similar characteristics to the man.

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Funko Vinyl Idolz: Seinfeld Newman Action Figure

This Newman action figure is filled with some really great personality – he will be their favorite one.

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George Costanza (The Timeless Art of Seduction) Wall Art

What a beautiful art piece for someone to display in a place of honor. This is a classic and will always be hilarious.

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SERENITY NOW Vinyl Car Decal Sticker

We all need this reminder when we are in the car.

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Funko Vinyl Idolz: Seinfeld Soup Nazi Action Figure

More of a niche gift, this is a fun Funko that isn’t all that common, so be sure to pounce on it for your favorite Seinfeld fan.

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Seinfeld Pretzels Pint Glass

These pretzels are making me thirsty…does it sound familiar? This is another great niche gift that almost makes sense on its own.

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Seinfeld Kramer Lobster Shirt

All of these 90s/2000s shows seem to have lobster references. Why is that?

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Seinfeld Soup Nazi Wall Art

This is the perfect gift for someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. It looks like a normal drawing, but true Seinfeld fans will know.

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Del Boca Vista Retirement Community Shirt

This is a very, very subtle tribute to the show. It will make for a great gift for someone who is retiring themselves.

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Seinfeld George Costanza Card

This card will be a great small gift for a Seinfeld fan or something great to hold a gift certificate. The art of seduction will always be funny.

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A Chart About Nothing

This is a great gift for someone who has a ton of room and loves charts and to have things organized.

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Essential Seinfeld Collectibles & Merchandise

If you know someone who is just starting a Seinfeld collection, these are some great ideas for gifts:

Complete Seinfeld Series on DVD

This complete collection makes for a great gift for anyone who loves the show. It has some amazing behind-the-scenes content.

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Seinfeld Scripts Collection

This collection is really cool because it features some insights into the stage directions the actors were given. Plus, it’s a really cool coffee table read.

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The ABCs of Seinfeld Shirt

This shirt is unique and fun, plus it is sold at a place most people who like Seinfeld probably wouldn’t be caught dead.

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Happy Fesitvus Seinfeld Board Game

This is a really rare game and, unlike a lot of other branded content, it is a lot of fun to play.

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Is This Anything Jerry Seinfeld Book

This book features the material written by Jerry Seinfeld, including his stuff before, during, and after Seinfeld.

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Seinfeld Logo Tie-Dye Tee

This classic t-shirt used to be easy to find, but now it’s considered vintage. Thankfully, there is one place you can still get it.

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