49 Skyrim Gifts for the Greybeards’ Only Hope

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If you’ve logged over 360 hours on Skyrim, one would consider your commitment negligible. Skyrim isn’t simply played — it’s lived.

The fifth game in the wildly popular Elder Scroll series, Skyrim — known in its entirety as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — continues the tradition of open-world gameplay in an expansive fantasy realm.

As one of the Dragonborn, your ultimate goal is to destroy Alduin, the dreaded dragon prophesied to consume (i.e., destroy) the world.

Of course, you can forget all that nonsense and do what you want, which is one of the benefits of an open-world game.

Are you a fan of Skyrim and the entire Elder Scrolls saga? Have a friend who’s equally obsessed and in need of some authentic Skyrim swag?

Then check out our Skyrim Gift List and enjoy wondrous artifacts based on Bethesda Games’ top-selling, never-ending adventure.

Skyrim Clothing and Apparel

Less cumbersome than armor, but absolutely useless against an axe.

Have You Seen This Sweetroll T-Shirt

All you wanted was a sweet roll, but that gang of hooligans wanted it more. Now you’re nearly unconscious, nursing a black eye, and lamenting the loss of that improbably delicious pastry. If only someone would heed the sign, and for the promised price, hand-deliver that delectable, icing-dipped dessert.

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Skyrim Christmas Jumper/Ugly Sweater

This Skyrim sweater features dueling dragons and alternating, game-inspired patterns. And no, it’s not printed — it’s 100% knitted and nearly warm enough for Skyrim’s perpetual Nordic frost.

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Skyrim Hoodie (please change picture)

This gray, lightweight hoodie features Skyrim’s renown dragon icon. And that’s it. Does it need more? Honestly, no. The ominous, minimalist dragon says it all while never overstating.

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Arrow in the Knee T-Shirt

If you’re wondering how to find love in Skyrim, we recommend the many (but unproven) pick-up lines on this very t-shirt.

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3D Skyrim Nightingale Armor Custom Hoodie

This warm hoodie features the printed appearance of immaculate Nightingale armor. Boasting a three-dimensional appearance and double-sided print, this hoodie displays your dedication to a certain Daedric Prince.

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Black T-Shirt T-Shirt

Wondering about the statistics of a very plain, unenchanted, wearable-but-useless-in-a-fight black t-shirt? Then wear this stat-sharing t-shirt and wonder no more.

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Skyrim Cosplay Helmet

Made from impact-resistant resin and fiberglass, this tough-looking, Nordic-leaning, Skyrim-inspired headpiece was handcrafted, hand-painted, and harmed nary a ram to procure its horns. Looking to protect a gamer’s most important asset during imagined combat, this cosplay helm is a game-accurate gift.

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Skyrim Socks

Made from a blend of comfortable/stretchy spandex and polyester, these Skyrim crew socks feature an organized slathering of familiar dragon symbols.

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Skyrim Style Leather Armor

Made from full grain leather, synthetic (and not at all bloody) animal pelts, metal, and polyurethane plastic, this handmade leather armor is absolutely essential for crucial cosplay conventions and dangerous backyard quests.

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Skyrim Home Décor and Household Items

Recreate your stay at Skyrim with these game-inspired furnishings and household decorations.

Skyrim Dragon Wall Art

This gorgeous print is a snapshot from the beautiful and beastly world of Skyrim. Decorate your home with a painted window to your second home.

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Skyrim Coaster Set

Made from high-quality birch, these handmade coasters feature carefully carved Skyrim symbols. The perfect gift for barkeeps who absolutely dread drink-stained bars.

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Skyrim Legendary Throw Pillow

Increase your health with the healing power of sleep! Thanks to this soft pillow and its transparent statistics, you can now depend on its magical means to induce medicinal sleep.

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Province of Skyrim Map Area Rug

Available in multiple sizes, it’s a gorgeous map of Skyrim applied to scroll-colored carpet! Yes, this unique carpet features a gorgeous print of the popular (and dangerous) province. Accent the den or mark a path through Skyrim with this sprawling map that’s soft underfoot.

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Skyrim – You’re Finally Awake Pillow Case

There’s adventure waiting, and an impatient adventurer wants to get on with, y’know, adventuring. Encase your unenthusiastic pillow with this adventure-ready pillow case!

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Skyrim Map – Continent of Tamriel

A map to hang and not walk upon, this detailed map features all nine provinces filling the continent of Tamriel. If you’re quite tired of Skyrim, you can set a course for an adjacent, equally dangerous land.

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Skyrim Beer Stein

This hand-carved, oak tree mug features a stainless steel inside and a glowing copper label featuring Skyrim’s iconic dragon. There’s a very good chance you drank from one at the Sleeping Giant Inn. And then again at The Bannered Mare.

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5 Panel Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Artwork Poster

This modular, five-panel poster offers a sizable, breathtaking view of Skyrim province. Take a step forward and enter a world of magic, mayhem, and…uh…sweet rolls.

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Illuminated Skyrim LED Wall Art

Hang it up. Light it up. This illuminated Skyrim icon projects one color or several with its handy remote. Light up the darkest caves or simply upgrade the mancave with this Skyrim-inspired light.

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Skyrim Alduin Wall Bust

He was prophesied to destroy everything until he met you. Now, he’s hanging on your wall between pictures of last year’s family fishing trip. This replica of Alduin’s cleanly removed cranium was a gift from very thankful, very relieved Greybeards.

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Skyrim Vinyl Clock

Carved from a vintage vinyl record, this non-skipping Skyrim clock features a stoic Dragonborn and the symbol of his sizable, scaly adversary.

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Skyrim Coffee Mug Dark Brotherhood Mysterious Note

Featuring the Dark Brotherhood’s ominous symbol, this marble-ceramic coffee mug prepares one for dark visitors and a terror-filled trek to the Abandoned Shack.

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Skyrim Nordic Runes Print

Measuring 11″ x 14″, this purposely aged print features the denoted runes of Skyrim’s ancient alphabet. Is your favorite sword layered in strange, confounding symbols? Symbols that could potentially unlock impressive, prophesied powers? Then grab a candle, grab the print, and decipher your way to godhood.

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Skyrim Toys, Games, and Collectibles

Play with and admire Skyrim’s hidden (and purchasable) treasures.

Monopoly – Skyrim Edition

With Skyrim-inspired game tokens and a board filled with familiar locations, this Monopoly game boasts significantly more dragons than the average board game.

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The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim Daedric Armor Bust

Yes, it’s heavy (the armor, not the bust), but it contains the highest armor rating of any wearable, protective covering. Celebrate the incredibly spikey (and intimidating) Daedric armor with this equally spikey bust.

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Skyrim Dwarven Armor

This 6″ Skyrim replica accurately represents resplendent dwarven armor. If you ever doubted a dwarf’s skill at the forge, allow this immaculate armor to end that thinking.

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Life-Size Skyrim Elder Scrolls Props

These custom-made, life-size props cleverly recreate in-game items! If you long to hold a succulent sweet roll, or find yourself in need of necessary potion bottles, we recommend this pretend but mostly useable prop set.

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Skyrim Ulfric Stormcloak Tubbz Collectible Duck

Wondering what a Skyrim-obsessed duck might look like in Ulfric Stormcloak cosplay? If you considered it but couldn’t quite imagine it, here it is! Part of the “Tubbz” series of pond-pedaling collectibles, this Ulfric Stormcloak-inspired duck is a feathery iteration of the renown rebel.

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Skyrim Funko POP! Sheogorath With Wabbajack

Measuring 3.75″ high, it’s a diminutive Daedric Prince of Madness in charming Funko form. Armed with the transformative Wabbajack, Sheogorath welcomes you to the rather ominous Shivering Isles.

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Skyrim Funko POP! Daedric Warrior

Whose terrifying armor is crafted with Daedra hearts and ebony ingots? That’s right — the dreaded Daedric Warrior! Yes, this stylized figure from Funko is slightly less dreaded, but its small stature still casts a long, dark shadow.

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Skyrim Funko POP! Dovahkiin

It’s you! Okay, it’s not “you,” but it’s the character you play in Skryrim — the very last Dragonborn (or “Dovahkiin,” as it’s pronounced in the ancient Dragon Language). This compact, vinyl caricature features stunning character details, and it’s the perfect petite representative of your playable, psuedo-chibi champion.

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Skyrim Shout Puzzle

It’s a bird’s-eye view of the daring Dragonborn thanks to this immaculate (and completed) puzzle. If you have a few days to kill before your next adventure, we recommend assembling this breathtaking, 1000-piece Skyrim puzzle.

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Skyrim Dragonborn Statue

Made of solid and intricately sculpted PVC plastic, this exquisite statue features a furious (and female) Dragonborn warrior. Measuring over 9″ tall, this detailed figure features our lightly armored warrior standing upon a cautiously winding tail.

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Skyrim Skeleton Key

This Skyrim Skeleton Key lockpick is a perfect replica of the Daedric Prince’s most revered artifact. If you complete the Blindsighted quest for the Thieves Guild, you definitely deserve this unbreakable implement of unimpeded entry.

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Shrines of The Nine Divines Collectible Vinyl Figure Set

Want to connect with the divine but can’t build a shrine? Then grab this collectible set of professionally crafted tokens guaranteed to motivate your maker. Made from finely sculpted vinyl, these game-accurate artifacts decorate shelves and awaken shelved deities.

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The Dragon Priests Wear Many Masks

A collection of skillfully wrought replicas representing the unique, armored, and enchanted headwear of dangerous Dragon Priests.

Miraak Dragon Priest Mask

It’s an accurate recreation of Miraak’s unique mask. With adjustable straps and a comfortable inner lining, you can dress the part of oppressive Dragon Priest, Miraak.

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Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask

Made from carefully crafted and varnished larch wood, this Dragon Priest mask is a display-worthy, perhaps enchanted artifact.

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Zahkriisos Dragon Priest Mask

You handily defeated Zahkriisos at Bloodskal Barrow and earnestly earned your prize — his sacred mask! Perfect for wearing or displaying, this realistic mask may increase shock resistance!

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Konahrik Dragon Priest Mask

This handcrafted, hand-painted Dragon Priest mask resembles the armored headpiece of Konahrik. This wearable mask represents the mystical headpiece that appears after acquiring the other masks.

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Skyrim Gear and Accessories

Helpful, everyday items that proclaim your fealty to Skyrim province.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Tin Tote

This tin, lunch-carrying tote features gorgeous Skyrim branding and scenery. Carry precious food or sacred Soul Gems with this Skyrim tin tote.

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The Elder Scrolls V Vintage Pendant Necklace

This brass-like, pocket watch-like necklace features the iconic dragon and ornate construction and design. If you’re counting down the minutes to your next Skyrim campaign, this is the watch to constantly recheck.

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Skyrim Metal Pendant Necklace

Based on arcane symbology found in the Key of Solomon grimoire, this metallic pendant may attract a significant other with love-infused magics.

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Skyrim Keychain

Encased in a clear glass dome, this Skyrim Keychain features a chambered dragon symbol floating above a maelstrom of electric blue. Warning: cracking the glass may free an unhappily chambered dragon.

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Skyrim Earrings

Layered in a shimmering silver, these metallic, handmade earrings reflect the great dragon Alduin — enemy of the Dragonborn and stunning, ubiquitous symbol of the Skyrim game.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Logo Necklace

This muted silver necklace features the dangling, dragon-shaped Skyrim symbol. It’s the perfect accent for Skyrim-inspired apparel.

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Skyrim-Style Jewelry Box

A painstaking recreation of the ritual table, this ornately carved jewelry box is topped with stylized dragon heads. With a fine velvet lining, this unique Skyrim artifact holds prized possessions and perhaps possessed heirlooms.

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Skyrim Engraved Wooden Box

This handcrafted box features carefully engraved and stained Skyrim branding. If you need extra storage for smaller items and secret artifacts, this compact crate should supplement the above box.

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Vintage Skyrim Pocket Watch

Yes, it looks very much like the Vintage Pendant Necklace (scroll up), but this proper Skyrim Pocket Watch features the renown, fiery nemesis perched upon its bluish, electric clock face.

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Skyrim Limited Edition Accessory Set for Nintendo Switch

Trick out your Nintendo Switch with this glorious Skyrim accessory set! Featuring a soft pouch for your console, a joy-con trigger grip, a cleaning cloth, and protective screen filter, these Skyrim accessories enable enhanced gameplay with familiar dragon branding.

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Skyrim Books and Survival Guides

Modern writings and sacred tomes continuing the Skyrim saga.

The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook

Eat like the perpetually peckish adventurers of Skyrim with this very official cookbook. Want to conjure up in-game edibles enjoyed by warriors far and wide? Than open this official cookbook and enjoy the very real taste of imagined foodstuff.

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The Skyrim Library – Volumes I, II & III

Stored in a lavishly illustrated slipcase, this Skyrim book set features three hardcover volumes stuffed with Skyrim lore, magics, creatures, characters, and perhaps formerly unknown histories told only in secret throughout Tamriel’s perilous province.

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The Adventure Never Ends

Don’t worry — if you beat the game, you can simply go back and ignore the main adventure. Yep, you can spend your days drinking at the pub, or following various factions and then leaving various factions because you’d rather be drinking at the pub. It’s all up to you, really, which is the beauty of Skyrim. And if you’re looking for souvenirs from your myriad adventures, we’ll have the perfect keepsake tailored to your experience. Just put down the ale, pull out your laptop, and browse our Skyrim-stuffed online store.

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