49 South Park Gift Ideas: OMG They Gifted Kenny!

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South Park is one of those shows that has become an institution for so many people. It is a comfort show that they go to when the world just becomes too much. Plus they tackle current events in a pretty great way.

If you aren’t a fan of the show, but you want to buy a gift for someone who is, you may be a bit stuck about what is worth your while.

What do you get someone who is a South Park fan?

Thankfully, we have found some of the best gifts that you can get for someone who loves hanging out with Kenny, Cartman, and the rest of the group.

South Park Home Gifts

South Park is a pretty old show – it debuted in 1997! That means that most people who fell in love with the show originally are outfitting homes or apartments at this point in their lives. And even people who found it later! Needless to say, there are some pretty great home goods out there to add some humor to the place. Take a look:

South Park Construction Set

This fun little activity set is something they can make and display on a bookshelf somewhere. This particular set shows Mr. Garrison’s classroom.

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Pennywise Kenny Print

Even if you don’t know much about South Park, you probably know that Kenny always ends up dying. In this print, he’s back to seek his revenge as Stephen King’s famous villain.

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South Park Nesting Dolls

This hand painted set of nesting dolls features the most popular characters from the show, including Eric Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Mr. Hankey.

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You Killed Kenny Cutting Board

It might be surprising to you, but this is a very high quality cutting board that has a “You Killed Kenny” scene they are sure to remember on it. Whether they use this or just display it, it may help them to remember to be safe with their knives!

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South Park Randy Marsh Achy Breaky Heart Throw Pillow

When your friend sees this Randy Marsh throw pillow, they will be able to hear him singing this line, and they will laugh every time.

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South Park Cooler

This Igloo cooler is a great gift for anyone who loves going to concerts, games, or parties and brings their own drinks. It’s just a touch of South Park, but it is enough to make this special.

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Mr. Hankey The Christmas Poo Ornament

Even though they are an adult, they need to have a little humor, right?

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South Park Kenny Mug

If they love Kenny, this mug is a must have. You can drink out of it, but it makes a good display piece too.

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South Park I Love You Social Distancing Sherpa Blanket

This is a great gift because everyone needs blankets and it isn’t quite as obvious that someone is a fan – they can hide it for the important company!

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South Park Social Distancing White Mug

This mug is hilarious and a reminder to keep social distancing.

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South Park Towelie Beach Towel

Will they use it on the beach or display it at home? The option is theirs!

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South Park Faces of Cartman Sherpa Blanket

If you like the idea of a blanket, but know that someone loves Cartman (as most fans do), this is a perfect gift.

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Small Gifts For A South Park Fan

If you just want to supplement your gift with something from South Park, we have some great options for you as well.

Wizard Cartman Enamel Pin

Cartman is a special little guy, and this wizard pin helps reinforce that. This pin is gorgeous and high quality – perfect for display.

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South Park Among Us Stickers

Who doesn’t love Among Us? These cute stickers are uniquely designed and come as almost all the main characters!

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South Park Cartman Plush

This plush is fun and just a little bit chubby, just like Cartman is. However it doesn’t have his smart mouth – which is a good thing.

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South Park Respect My Authority Mug

“Respect My Authori-tah” is another quote from the show that many people are sure to recognize. Whether they actually use this as a mug or display it, it’s a great little gift.

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Cartman Funko – South Park Funko POP!

This South Park Funko is a perfect gift for a collector who hasn’t purchased new collectibles in a few years. It is true to color, which is hard to find in South Park merchandise.

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South Park Tumbler

This clear, reusable tumbler has the South Park characters against an outdoor background. The cup itself is a great item to help someone get their daily water in, and it just so happens to have these characters.

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South Park Decal Stickers

There are just so many options for these stickers. A great small gift to throw in an envelope!

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Tegridy Farms – Farming with Tegridy Sticker

This sticker, in particular, is a deep cut reserved for only the biggest fans.

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South Park Kenny Tough Phone Case

You can’t really kill Kenny, but you can kill your phone. This case helps prevent it with Kenny’s powers.

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South Park Kenny Keychain

A small little gift for one of the biggest cartoon characters of all time.

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South Park Merchandise & Clothing Gifts

There is a ton of South Park merch out there, but it can be hard to find unique South Park clothing, even though it can be really fun to wear it and meet other fans in the wild.

South Park Raglan T-Shirt

This South Park Athletics tee is a subtle nod to the show while still being a completely wearable shirt. It’s fun and the little icon is adorable.

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South Park Kyle Hat

This hat is identical to the one that Kyle wears on the show. It is a must-have gift for anyone who cosplays or anyone who lives in a colder climate.

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Towelie Ugly Christmas Sweater

This is the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for any South Park fan. It has Towelie within a festive design on the front and Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny on the back.

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Cartman “Screw You Guys” T-Shirt

Another famous Cartman saying (there are so many!), this one is a great gift for somebody who tends to be a bit of a homebody.

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South Park Joggers

These are the perfect gift to sit at home and watch your favorite episodes of South Park. They are also a pretty unique gift!

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South Park Socks

These socks are hilarious and actually really comfortable too. They are perfect for anyone who likes to wear crazy socks.

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You’re Gonna Have A Bad Time T-Shirt

Thumper, the cool ski instructor isn’t always on the show, but he’s a memorable character. “You’re gonna have a bad time,” if you don’t show up with a good gift!

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South Park Stan Marsh Cosplay Knit POM Beanie Hat

Even though it says cosplay in the name, this could just be a good old hat to use on a daily basis.

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City Wok T-Shirt

This is a more subtle approach to a fandom t-shirt.

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South Park Cartman Embroidered Dad Cap

Hats are making a huge comeback, and this is a great option for anyone – dad or not.

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South Park Randy Marsh Mask

Since we are going to be wearing masks for awhile now anyway.

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Member Berries Shirt

This is one of those South Park things you just can’t explain – but they’ll get it.

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South Park Towelie Premium Fanny Pack

Who doesn’t love a fanny pack?

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Funny South Park Gifts

Anyone who loves South Park is going to have a pretty good sense of humor. These gifts will hopefully make them laugh and still be useful.

South Park Kenny Toothpick Holder

How did Kenny die this time? He was stabbed to death with toothpicks.

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South Park Couple Portrait

If you know someone who is getting married – or you are dating a South Park fan – this portrait is going to be a hit. Just be sure to buy it in enough time!

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Dead Kenny Backpack

This backpack shows a previously dead Kenny put back together. It is also super spacious!

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South Park Blind Mystery Box

What will they get in this mystery box? This is a fun way to add an experience into your gift.

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Mr. Hanky Christmas Poo Enamel Pin

Mr. Hanky is the Christmas Poo, one of the more memorably recurring characters on the show. This pin is well done and hilarious.

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A.W.E.S.O.M.E.-0 4000 South Park Funko POP!

This little Funko is cool and super collectible. It is one of Cartman’s pranks that may have gone a little wrong.

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South Park Mr. Hat Puppet

Does someone need a Mr. Hat puppet? Probably not, but it is funny to have around.

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Mr. Hankey South Park Funko POP!

Having an action figure (essentially) that is a piece of poo is really strange, but also pretty funny.

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I Thought This Was America Die Cut Sticker

This sticker is hilarious and the moment from the show makes most people laugh. The things your friend will want to do with this sticker…

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Must-Have South Park Gifts

There are just some gifts that all South Park fans need. If yours doesn’t have this, be sure to get them.

South Park Soundtrack

You’d be surprised, but South Park actually has a really good (and often funny) soundtrack.

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South Park Video Game

This video game is a little gross, but it is super fun to play. Be sure to buy it for only older fans!

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South Park Movie on Blu-Ray

Often, movies don’t live up to the quality of the television show. This is certainly not the case here.

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Christmas Time In South Park DVD

The South Park Christmas episodes are always the best. This is a great gift for anyone who was a little late to becoming a fan, as they are harder to find.

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South Park FAQ by Dave Thompson (Paperback)

This book offers some absolutely amazing insight into South Park. It is a must have on any bookshelf.

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Game Against South Park

If they have a lot of friends who love the show, this is a perfect gift. It flew a bit under the radar!

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