106 Cool Star Trek Gift Ideas to Gift Strong and Prosper

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Star Trek is an enduring sci-fi phenomenon that began its reign in the 1960s. Airing on NBC from 1966-1969, this intelligent sci-fi series focused on Captain James T. Kirk and the intrepid crew of the Starship Enterprise.

Their mission?

To seek out new worlds, new life, and avoid catastrophic injury by malfunctioning transporter.

Spawning 13 films and nine (and counting) television series, Star Trek’s vision of the future has enthralled millions across several generations.

It’s a vast fanbase, and I’m quite sure you have at least 10-70 friends who say, with annoying regularity, “Live long and prosper.”

But when one (or several) of those 10-70 friends need a gift, you’re overwhelmed by the sheer volume of purchasable Star Trek paraphernalia.

What do you get someone who loves Star Trek?

Need a guiding hand? Perhaps the same hand that renders one unconscious with a pinch? Then take advantage of our handy Star Trek Gift Guide – it all but guarantees the perfect gift for critical, terrestrial Trekkies.

Here are the 106 Best Gift Ideas for Trekkies! (Star Trek Merch Overload)

More Than Just Red Shirts – Star Trek Clothing

This collection of Star Trek civilian clothing and apparel doesn’t portend your demise on the next away mission.

Live Long and Prosper Star Trek T-Shirt & Stickers

Popfunk Star Trek Live Long And Prosper Spock T Shirt & Stickers

Worried about a short, wasted life without meaning? Then I implore you to purchase this Live Long and Prosper T-Shirt, and then seriously consider the uplifting words of Mister Spock. Made from 100% cotton, this Star Trek t-shirt features Mister Spock on a distressed print—he’s giving the universal Vulcan hand gesture meaning, you guessed it, “Live long and prosper.”

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Star Trek Socks

Star Trek The Next Generation Uniform Adult Crew Socks

What features three pairs of socks resembling uniforms of the stalwart Star Trek: The Next Generation crew? This pack of Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniform Adult Crew Socks! Made from 98% polyester and 2% spandex, these Star Trek socks represent Command, Science, and Engineering classes with uniform accents and accurate insignias. You could add these socks to some other Star Trek workout clothes for a cool presentation at the gym!

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Official Star Trek Christmas Sweater

Official Star Trek The Original Series Holiday Sweater

This stitched sweater features your favorite classic characters and a front-and-center Enterprise. This isn’t some fancy future product from the year 2265 – this is handmade from present-day Grandma!

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Funny Star Trek Cats T-Shirt for Men & Women

Star Trek Cats Cast T Shirt

For fans of Star Trek and…uh….cats, it’s the cat-infused Star Trek Cast T-Shirt! Yes, this Star Trek t-shirt for men and women features the beloved cast as cuddly, furry, spacefaring cats. So, if a certain Star Trek fan has an especially logical cat named Spock, I believe said fan deserves this t-shirt.

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Star Trek The Original Series Command Patch Polo Shirt

Star Trek Tos Command Patch Polo Shirt

Take command of golf carts and unsteady office chairs with the Star Trek Command Patch Polo Shirt. Featuring a raised command insignia, this Star Trek polo is perfect for Trekkies who exude business casual while negotiating ceasefires along the Neutral Zone.

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Star Trek The Original Series Science Patch Polo Shirt

Star Trek Tos Science Patch Polo Shirt

Look smart (while acting smart) with this Star Trek Science Patch Polo Shirt. Based on the original Star Trek series, this blue polo mimics a science officer’s uniform complete with Federation-approved science insignia. It’s what one wears while monitoring orbit-breaking exoplanets.

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Star Trek Baby Onesie “I Just Boldly Went”

I Just Boldly Went Infant Snapsuit

Where did you boldly go? Where no man has gone before. The baby? Well, the trek was too long and lacking in potty breaks, so the baby boldly went. Made from 100% cotton, this infant snapsuit has a little fun with Star Trek’s spoken introduction. It also alerts parents to a baby’s malfunctioning diaper.

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Star Trek Shoes – High Tops

Star Trek Men's High Top Shoes

Spacewalking is now infinitely more fashionable with this pair of Star Trek High Tops! Featuring a printed, silvery Command insignia and several stationary stars, these lightweight Star Trek sneaks grant one a lighter step in gravity-heavy environs.

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The Perfect Star Trek Gear and Accessories for Confident Captains and Anxious Away Teams

This Star Trek gear helps cadets, officers, and commanders navigate uncharted worlds both civilized and hostile.

Star Trek Federation Backpack


This Star Trek backpack is riddled with pockets and official Starfleet seals and insignias. With cellphone pockets and a padded laptop compartment, this rugged, high-end backpack is perfect for hiking the toxic wastelands of Ceti Alpha V.

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Star Trek All Over Print Comic Backpack

Star Trek All Over Print Comic Sublimated Backpack

This Star Trek backpack features comic book renditions of your favorite Star Trek characters! This sublimated backpack features retro illustrations of preeminent crew members as they state their classic catchphrases.

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Star Trek Lunch Bag: Original Series Captain Kirk Version

Star Trek The Original Series Captain Kirk Insulated Lunch Bag

Perfectly capturing Captain Kirk’s color scheme, it’s the Captain Kirk Insulated Lunch Bag! Featuring two insulated compartments and an embroidered Command insignia, this Star Trek lunch bag protects cold foodstuff from especially warm warp cores.

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Star Trek Laptop Bag: The Original Series

Star Trek The Original Series Uniform Laptop Bag

This faux-leather laptop bag recreates the familiar aesthetics of Captain Kirk’s uniform. Complete with Command insignia and embroidered rank designation, this laptop bag features a padded interior pocket for careful laptop storage.

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Star Trek Watch for Men

Star Trek Live Long And Prosper Mens Chronograph Watch

This gorgeous Star Trek watch features the classic Command insignia, three subdials, quartz movement, a stainless-steel band, and more gleaming, time-keeping elegance! Sure to bedazzle your fellow Trek-heads, this Star Trek watch also features a familiar, inspiring inscription. This is a great Star Trek gift for him!

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Star Trek Apple Watch Band

Star Trek Vulcan Calligraphy Live Long And Prosper Apple Watch Band

Your Apple Watch is obviously the product of advanced technology gifted by Vulcans. To complete the look, we recommend this Vulcan Apple Watch Band. Layered with Vulcan calligraphy, these curved, winding characters spell out “Live long and prosper.” They could spell “squirrels eat cake” and it wouldn’t matter – these bands are absolutely gorgeous.

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Star Trek Earbuds Vulcan Style

Anovos Vulcan Earbuds With Inline Remote And Mic From Star Trek

Looking for molded Vulcan ears that fit comfortably over rounded human ears? And would you like skin-toned earbuds dangling from these earpieces? Good – these Vulcan earbuds should do the trick. With an inline remote and mic, you can listen to music and speak with Vulcan dignitaries about the downsides of human emotion. This is a pretty unique Star Trek gift!

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Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator

The Wand Company Star Trek Communicator Connect To Your Phone Via Bluetooth

Just pair this accurately rendered replica with a Bluetooth-enabled phone, and…. voila! A fully functioning Star Trek Communicator! Based on the handheld communicator used frequently by Star Trek’s classic cast, this flawless replica features sound effects, character voice clips, and flip-to-answer action!

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Star Trek Captain’s Log Passport-Sized Mini Notebook

Star Trek Captains Log Passport Sized Mini Notebook

How to record the extraordinary events of your five-year mission? Just jot them down on this Captain’s Log Mini Notebook. Featuring handy charts, inspirational quotes, and copious note space, this Captain’s log notebook keeps track of daily deeds and questionable alien interactions.

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Star Trek Bi-Fold Wallet

Star Trek Blue Bi Fold Wallet

It’s a bi-fold wallet sporting the specific uniform accents of a Federation Science Officer! With intricate stitching and plenty of space for cash, cards, and an official Starfleet ID, this Star Trek wallet goes great with, say, a certain Science Officer polo.

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Star Trek Stickers – Waterproof (70 pcs)

70pc Collection Of Star Trek Stickers

Featuring every conceivable Star Trek saying, logo, and graphic, it’s this incredibly complete pack of 70 Star Trek Stickers! Want to announce your everlasting allegiance to Starfleet? Then stick one of these fantastic Star Trek stickers on your laptop, bumper, water bottle, motorcycle helmet, or any items committed to fulfilling the Federation’s mission.

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Star Trek Qi Wireless Phone Charger

Star Trek Qi Wireless Charger

Charge your smartphone wirelessly with this Star Trek Wireless Charger! Featuring USB inputs for additional, slightly faster charging, this gorgeous Starfleet Command insignia lights up while charging a smartphone, tablet, or another handy mobile device.

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Star Trek Home Decor Gifts

Decorate your home or let the future fix mundane, present-day problems with Star Trek home décor and accessories.

Star Trek Levitating Command Insignia With Light Up Base

Star Trek Levitating Command Insignia With Light Up Base

Boast the wonders of Star Trek tech with this levitating Command insignia! What causes the golden insignia to float within its curved, character-laden base? Electro-magnets and innovative levitation technology! This unique and active sculpture is the perfect addition to any Officer’s quarters or Engineer’s hover-shelf.

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Star Trek Metal Tin for Loose Leaf Tea: Tea. Earl Grey. Hot

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Metal Tin For Loose Leaf Tea Storage

Who likes Earl Grey tea at higher temperatures? That’s right – Captain Picard. After a hard day of renegotiating alliances and replenishing deteriorating atmospheres, Captain Picard commands the Replicator to produce a piping hot reward. This metal canister replicates the Replicator and projects Picard’s demands on a verifying viewscreen.

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Star Trek Sticky Notes Booklet – Original Series Version

Star Trek Original Series Sticky Notes Booklet

This Star Trek sticky note booklet features fillable forms adorned with the lovely Lt. Uhura. It also includes page markers and Command insignia sticky notes. Your Starfleet Officer will never again miss a direct call from James T. Kirk!

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Captain Kathryn Janeway “There’s Coffee in That Nebula” Printed Star Trek Mug

There's Coffee In That Nebula Printed Ceramic Mug

Featuring Captain Janeway’s familiar uniform accents, this Star Trek: Voyager coffee mug also proclaims the contents of a mysterious nebula. Usually, a nebula contains uncharted worlds or previously unrecorded time-space anomalies. But this one? This one brews coffee, and Captain Janeway is plotting a course right for it.

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Star Trek Themed Amazon Echo Dot – Starfleet Insignia

3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot Starfleet Holder

Conscript your Echo Dot into service for the Federation with this attachable accessory. Want to mute or adjust the volume? Just press the insignia. Want to summon additional Starships to the Neutral Zone? Well, I don’t think Amazon delivers to the Neutral Zone, so…you may be waiting.

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Mr. Spock Quotes on Wooden Engraved Coasters

Dr Spock Quotes Wooden Engraved Coasters

What prevents cup rings and offers inspirational, blindingly intelligent quotes? That’s right – these engraved Mr. Spock Quotes Coasters! This set of six coasters features six Spock quotes – quotes that are certainly more helpful and profound than “Life is good.”

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Resistance Is Futile Star Trek Beer Glass

Resistance Is Futile Beer Glass

You can’t resist assimilation, and you can’t resist the urge to drink golden, frothy drinks. To celebrate your faltering willpower and unending thirst, we recommend the Resistance Is Futile Beer Glass. These custom pilsner glasses are carefully layered with “Resistance Is Futile,” a full beer, and a strong heartbeat. So, I suppose you should listen to the glass, gracefully surrender, and take a drink. This is one of the best Star Trek gifts for men!

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Star Trek Mr. Spock Toilet Paper Holder

Mr. Spock Toilet Paper Holder

Resembling a LEGO mini-figure (but wooden and rather large), it’s the Star Trek Mr. Spock Toilet Paper Holder! Just attach Mr. Spock to the wall (within close proximity to the toilet), and allow the renowned Science Officer to distribute reams of paper-based cleanliness.

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Star Trek Daily 2021 Calendar

Star Trek Daily 2021 Day To Day Calendar

Celebrate the beloved brainchild of Gene Roddenberry every single day with this Star Trek Day-to-Day Calendar! This 2021 calendar features a daily dose of gorgeous imagery, popular characters, inspiring quotes, and dependable Starships. Suffering from the Sunday Blues? Just look to the calendar and lose yourself in empowering Star Trek lore!

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Star Trek Panel Print: Schematic LCARS USS Voyager

Star Trek Schematic U.s.s. Voyager Large Plexiglas Print

You’ve seen it on-screen aboard the USS Voyager, and now it’s hanging on your wall – the Star Trek Voyager Schematic courtesy of the LCARS operating system! Available in foamex, aluminum, and Plexiglas, this Star Trek display will turn any wall into a Starship-running super-computer.

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Star Trek Lamp With Chrome Finish Shade

United Federation Of Planets Lamp With Chrome Finish

With a steel body and chrome-layered shade, this Star Trek lamp is a usable decoration for Star Trek-savvy households.

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Star Trek Wall Clock With Sound and Animation

Star Trek Wall Clock With Sound And Animation

How long have you been waiting in sickbay for a cybernetic ankle? Just look to the time-telling Star Trek Wall Clock! Handcrafted with incontestable skill and precision, this wooden clock features an Enterprise saucer pendulum, a montage of our fearless crew, and a rotating Enterprise that travels through “space” at the top of every hour.

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Heat Reveal Star Trek Transporter Mug

Heat Reveal Star Trek Transporter Mug

To take full advantage of this Star Trek Transporter Mug, we recommend taking the following steps:

Step 1: Pour a warm drink into the mug.
Step 2: Yell, with feeling, “Beam me up, Scotty!”
Step 3: Watch in amazement as the image changes, transporting the crew to a hopefully hospitable alien planet.

And that, my friends, is the power of a heat-changing mug.

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Star Trek Plaque to Hang on Your Wall: Enterprise Starship Lineage Engraved Blueprint

Star Trek Wall Hanging Wall Art Enterprise Star Ship Lineage Engraved Blueprint Plaque

This laser-engraved plaque shows the origins and lineage of the Starship Enterprise! From its humble beginnings as a seafaring vessel to the galaxy-hopping colossus we all know and love, this framed plaque celebrates every single ship blessed with the name “Enterprise.”

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Star Trek Oven Mitt – Spock Version

Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt

Looking for an oven mitt that shields one from overloading warp cores and overcooked hams? How about an oven mitt that offers, with a simple hand gesture, the calming credo of an advanced alien race? Made from cotton and polyester, this Spock oven mitt signals the “live long and prosper” sentiment while protecting palms from scalding pasta.

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Star Trek Captain Kirk Chair Bean Bag Cover

Star Trek Captain Kirk Chair Bean Bag Cover

Inspired by the original Star Trek TV series, this bean bag cover (beanbag not included) mimics the command chair utilized by Captain James T. Kirk. Within seconds of application, any bean bag can enable the pretend adventures of a bedroom-bound Starship.

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Star Trek The Original Series Phaser Cushion Pillow

Star Trek The Original Series Phaser Cushion Pillow

It’s the Star Trek Phaser with only two settings: stun and snuggle! Yes, this soft and cuddly Phaser cushion – based on the powerful laser pistol brandished regularly on the hit TV series, Star Trek – is the perfect headrest or decorative, deactivated future-weapon.

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Star Trek Fleece Blanket: Enterprise Blueprint

Star Trek Enterprise Blueprint Fleece Blanket

Learn the secret schematics of a Constitution-class Starship right before taking a nap! Made from 100% polyester, this Enterprise Blueprint Blanket features a stunning blueprint graphic of everyone’s favorite Enterprise. Learn how to reverse engineer your own Starship, or simply enliven that painfully boring, off-white loveseat.

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Star Trek Bottle Opener: USS Enterprise Style

Qiroseonly Brothers Star Trek Uss Enterprise Bottle Opener

Based on the original Star Trek TV series, it’s a silver, gleaming Starship Enterprise bottle opener! This reflective metal bottle opener – rendered in the shape of good old NCC-1701 – is perfect for opening bottles of atomically sealed Romulan ale. This is one of the coolest Star Trek novelty gifts on the list!

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Star Trek Bluetooth Speaker: U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D Replica

Star Trek U.s.s. Enterprise 1701 D – Enterprise Replica Bluetooth Speaker

A scaled replica of the Starship Enterprise discovering dangerous new worlds in the hit Star Trek series, Star Trek: The Next Generation? Check. A Bluetooth speaker with awesome sound quality and series-specific sound effects? Check! Just connect with your favorite handheld device, turn off the lights, and listen to your favorite tunes while enjoying the illuminating LED lights.

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Star Trek Beer Koozie – Spock Version

Bigmouth Inc Star Trek Spock Drink Kooler

It’s a drink cooler rendered in the uniformed torso of Science Officer Spock! Is it a talking point at parties? Yes. Does it keep drinks cold? Of course. Does it take arbitrary Tricorder readings or implore one to “live long and prosper?” Yes. Yes, indeed it does.

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Star Trek Tumbler: Picard Laser-Engraved

Star Trek Picard 30oz Laser Engraved Tumbler

It’s a laser-engraved Captain Picard adorning an insulated tumbler! This personalized drinking apparatus boasts double-wall vacuum insulation – this maintains the cooler temperature of Romulan Ales, or whatever chilled beverage the Replicator spits out.

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Star Trek Engraved Design Capital Decanter Set

Capital Decanter Set Star Trek Engraved Design

Adorned with subtle (but striking) Command insignias, it’s the Star Trek Capital Decanter Set! Featuring a glass whiskey decanter, two rocks glasses, and carefully engraved insignias, this Star Trek decanter set sits at the desk of every strained (but steady) Starship captain. This is one of the best Star Trek gifts for dad!

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Star Trek Starfleet Ice Cube Trays

Star Trek Starfleet Ice Cube Trays

Ready for ice cubes in the shape of official Star Trek rank insignias? Insignias pulled from Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation? Then pour some ice (or fruit drink, or chocolate, or squirming Klingon foodstuff) into these Star Trek Ice Cube Trays! These Star Trek ice cube trays are freezer safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and completely free of any boring square shapes.

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Star Trek Cutting Board: USS Enterprise Legacy

Star Trek Uss Enterprise Legacy Large Bamboo Cutting Board

This organic bamboo cutting board features laser-engraved vessels blessed with a legendary name: “Enterprise.” Slice and dice foodstuff while learning the legacy of mankind’s premier exploratory Starship.

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Starfleet Command Insignia Badge Collectible Star Trek Wine Glass Set

Starfleet Command Insignia Badge Collectible Wine Glass Set

Featuring subtly silver Command insignias, it’s the Star Trek Collectible Wine Glass Set! With two stemless wineglasses gifted by the Federation, one can boldly sip wine while “accidentally” breaking the Prime Directive.

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Handmade Star Trek Minimalist Wall Clock

Handmade Star Trek Minimalist Wall Clock

Cut oh-so-carefully from a vinyl record, it’s the Star Trek Vintage Vinyl Record Wall Clock! Featuring an open clock face and a landscape strafed by Starships, this gorgeous wall clock introduces subtle, sci-fi style without the overwhelming spectacle.

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Star Trek 3D Illusion Lamp

Enterprise 3d Illusion Lamp 7 Color Changing

This unique 3D light is rendered in the shape of everyone’s favorite Starship Enterprise! Cycling through seven cosmic color changes, this exquisite 3D lamp is a perfect, hypnotic house light.

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Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

No, it doesn’t blast pizzas from above the atmosphere – it cuts them with a laser-etched, stainless-steel blade! Layered in gleaming chromium plating, this Star Trek pizza cutter slices pizza with the strength and accuracy of a Starship phaser.

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Star Trek Borg Micro Cube Computer

Borg Micro Cube Computer System

It’s a purposely assimilated micro-computer! This micro-computer is rendered in the eerie likeness of the Borg’s square Starship. Just select your standard computer attributes (CPU, memory, primary drive, etc.) and prepare to assimilate unsuspecting desktops.

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Captain Kirk Close Up Poster

Star Trek Kirk Close Up Poster

Stare into the dreamy (and authoritative) eyes of Captain James T. Kirk with this commanding, photographic portrait. Measuring 13” x 19”, this Captain Kirk poster can command a crew with a series of charming winks.

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Custom Hand-Drawn Couple Star Trek Portrait Gift

Custom Hand Drawn Couple Portrait Gift With Star Trek Themed Outfits

What would you (and a friend, spouse, or family member) look like in the world of Star Trek? Submit your photos to the talented artists at NerdyFaceDesign and find out! Just send in your photos, and prepare to see your illustrated selves in familiar Star Trek uniforms and settings. There’s no better gift than seeing your loved ones conscripted by Starfleet!

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Star Trek for the Next Generation Gifts

You weren’t there for the ‘60s, but you were definitely there for the ‘90s. This collection celebrates the second (and perhaps smarter) Star Trek television series, Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Captain Picard Ugly Christmas Sweater

Captain Picard Star Trek 3d Print Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Who’s been “making it so” since 1987? Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise. Celebrate the holidays, ugly sweater patterns, and the esteemed Enterprise Captain with this purposely ugly sweater (in sweatshirt form).

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Star Trek Adult Costume: The Next Generation Deluxe Operations

Star Trek Tng Deluxe Operations Adult Costume

Even-tempered while updating Windows or dealing with aliens who nibble their food with arm-length mandibles? Yes? Then Starfleet wants YOU! And as a Starfleet officer, you’ll receive the glorious golden uniform complete with communicator badge. Made from 100% polyester, this costume top exemplifies the uniform adorned by those unafraid of modern technology and insectoid crewmates.

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Star Trek Captain Picard Facepalm T-Shirt

Star Trek The Next Generation Picard Facepalm T Shirt

What happens when the Romulans redeclare war on space? The same thing that happens when the extra-dimensional “Q” hijacks the Holodeck – Captain Picard puts palm to face, and waits for the misery to pass. It’s the perfect gift for those who experience exasperation while struggling to reassert normalcy.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Crew Cats Sherpa Blanket

Star Trek The Next Generation Crew Cats Sherpa Blanket

In case you were wondering: No, the Star Trek cat craze isn’t relegated to the original series. And driving that point home is the Star Trek: The Next Generation Crew Cats Blanket! Measuring 37” x 57″ and made from 100% polyester, this Star Trek blanket features the Next Gen crew as, well, cats. Need I go on?

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Star Trek Borg Cube Bean Bag Cover

Star Trek Borg Cube Bean Bag Cover

Inspired by the second Star Trek television series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, it’s the Borg Bean Bag Cover! Featuring intricately printed graphics replicating the Borg’s square-ish starship, this Borg bean bag cover will completely assimilate any and all bean bags. And, unfortunately, those daring to sit upon it.

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Star Trek Towel Set – Borg Version (Face & Hand)

Star Trek Borg Bath And Hand Towel Set

Featuring two black hand towels and a singular bath towel, these Borg towels feature the Borg symbol, their chilling proclamations, and patterns reflective of Borg spacecraft. Warning: Toweling off may result in post-shower assimilation.

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Star Trek Funko POP! Locutus of Borg Action Figure

Locutus Of Borg Action Figure

Courtesy of Funko, it’s the Borg-assimilated Captain Jean-Luc Picard! Measuring 3.75”, this cute (but tragic) figure features an assimilated Captain Picard layered in painful mechanics.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Borg Puzzle Cube

Borg Puzzle Cube

What does an assimilated Rubix Cube look like? Why, it looks just like this Borg Puzzle Cube! Have several hours to kill? Simply spin this revolving puzzle so it looks more similar to a square Borg Starship.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Bluetooth Communicator Badge

Star Trek Next Generation Bluetooth Communicator Badge

Just connect this Next Generation insignia to a mobile device (via Bluetooth), and tap it for series-specific effects! Functioning like the device adorning admirable crew members, the insignia chirps when one receives phone calls or enables Siri, Google, Cortana, or Alexa. The future is officially pinned to your chest!

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The Next Generation Geordi Low Poly Tee

The Next Generation Geordi Low Poly Tee

From Star Trek: The Next Generation, it’s a poly-dimensional Geordi La Forge! This dalliance into cubism features the Chief of Engineering and the heart of Enterprise NCC-1701-D!

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Star Trek: The Next Generation TV Series Klingon T-Shirt

The Next Generation Tv Series Klingon Adult 2 Sided Print T Shirt

You eat like a Klingon. You snort like a Klingon. There’s nothing stopping you from dressing like one. This sublimated Klingon costume t-shirt features a photorealistic print of customary Klingon war armor. So, slip on this less cumbersome t-shirt and demand food that wiggles while you chew.

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Star Trek Leather Jacket With Themed Patches

Star Trek Men's Black Leather Jacket With Themed Patches

This aviator-style, genuine leather jacket is the perfect gift for those bold enough to explore strange new worlds. Featuring a communication insignia, gorgeous patches, and a removable sherpa collar, this Star Trek Jacket is worn by aspiring — and discerning — first officers.

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Star Trek Face Mask

Star Trek Face Mask For Social Distancing

Based on the Starfleet uniform of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, it’s the Command Uniform Face Mask! This protective, high-ranking mask will direct its competent crew to smite invading alien viruses with a simple “make it so.”

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Rediscover Star Trek (Star Trek: Discovery Merch & Gifts)

For fans of the hit CBS All Access series, Star Trek: Discovery.

Quantum Mechanix Star Trek: Discovery Black Badge

Quantum Mechanix Star Trek Discovery Black Badge

Is your Star Trek fan a member of Section 31, the super-secret organization carrying out covert operations for the United Federation of Planets? Well, if he or she isn’t (but they really want to be), we suggest granting them their very own black badge! Made from the superior sculptors at Quantum Mechanix, this series-accurate replica implies your friend’s membership in an organization that doesn’t officially exist.

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Star Trek Discovery Bomber Jacket

Star Trek Discovery Bomber Jacket

Straight from the hit CBS All Access series, Star Trek: Discovery, it’s the Star Trek Discovery Bomber jacket! An accurate, wearable reproduction of official Starfleet apparel, this bomber jacket is perfect for low-altitude jumps from dangerously strafing starships.

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Star Trek Funko POP! Saru Figurine

Funko Pop Star Trek Saru Figurine

Who was the first Kelpien to leave his homeworld and voluntarily join Starfleet? That’s right – Saru! Celebrate the USS Discovery’s Commanding Officer with this equally commanding Saru figure.

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Men’s Star Trek Discovery T-Shirt  “A New Trek”

Mens Star Trek Discovery A New Trek Graphic Tee

A fan of the new Star Trek series, Star Trek: Discovery? Then grab this aptly titled Star Trek t-shirt! Featuring stoic silhouettes of preeminent characters, this Star Trek: Discovery t-shirt helps one celebrate the latest series of enduring adventures.

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They Don’t Always Come in Peace (Star Trek Aliens Gifts!)

Celebrating Star Trek aliens that support the Federation, or prefer humans on a sandwich.

Star Trek App-Enabled 8-Inch Interactive Plush Tribble

Science Division Llc Star Trek App Enabled 8 Inch Interactive Plush Tribble

Now you can own, pet, and cuddle with a very realistic (but still fake) Tribble! And while petting and cuddling your pretend space-pet, this lifelike (but artificial) Tribble will make Tribble-like sounds. Upload the app, and make your Tribble scream at unwanted siblings or roaming neighborhood cats. It’s the perfect pet for those without pets.

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Star Trek Klingon Bird-of-Prey 3D Wood Puzzle & Model Figure Kit (55 Pcs)

Star Trek Klingon Bird Of Prey 3d Wood Puzzle & Model Figure Kit (55 Pcs)

Build your own Klingon Bird-of-Prey space destroyer with this 3D wooden model kit! This paintable, customizable model also features a 32-page book filled with colorful images and inside information regarding the Klingons’ stealthy attack craft. It’s the perfect gift for DIY enthusiasts!

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Play Star Trek (Star Trek Board Games!)

This collection of Star Trek games allows players to face the perils of space with strategy, dice, and just the coolest Star Trek game tokens.

Star Trek Monopoly: Klingon Collector’s Edition

Monopoly Klingon Collector’s Edition

There is no deeper dive into Klingon culture than this collectible, Klingon-themed Monopoly set! This bi-lingual set – featuring the English and Klingon languages – includes six Klingon game tokens, and “Combat” and “Honor” cards replacing “Chance” and “Community Chest.” Play with friends, but never with Klingons. If they lose, they’ll probably eat the tokens.

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USAopoly – Star Trek: The Next Generation Monopoly Collector’s Edition

Usaopoly – Star Trek Monopoly The Next Generation Collector’s Edition

Roll the dice and skip another boring, episode-stealing interaction with Q! This Star Trek: The Next Generation Monopoly set features eight pewter game tokens, an Alien Species Guide, an Enterprise Manifest, and the usual Monopoly bits dressed in the Next Generation aesthetic.

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Star Trek Catan

Star Trek Catan Board Game

Take the legendary gameplay of Legends of Catan, mix it with the Star Trek universe, and you have yourself one heck of an imaginative boardgame. With a Star Trek-themed gameboard, cards, and game tokens, you can truly build, trade, and settle where no Catan player has gone before.

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Aquarius Star Trek Playing Cards

Aquarius Star Trek Playing Cards

These 52 playing cards feature art and photographic images pulled right from the original series! Lost the Enterprise to a Romulan with unlucky cards? Then win back the jewel of the Federation with these Star Trek playing cards!

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“To Seek Out New Star Trek Toys and Collectibles”

A collection of Star Trek toys, statues, and collectibles with noble intentions.

Star Trek Classic Tricoder Full Scale Toy Model

Star Trek Classic Tricorder Full Scale Toy Model

From Diamond Select Toys, it’s a ridiculously authentic Tricorder replica! With a strong resemblance to the multifunctional machines worn by crew and officers alike, this Tricorder replica features silver highlights, series-accurate mechanics, and familiar sound effects pulled from Star Trek: The Original Series.

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Star Trek Starships Figure & Magazine Special #1 DS9 Space Station

Eaglemoss Collection Ds9 Space Station

It’s a miniature, plastic reproduction of the Deep Space Nine space station! Based on the hit series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, this tiny replica is the perfect addition to your small-scale Starship collection.

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Star Trek Picard Facepalm Paperweight

Limited Edition Star Trek Tng Picard Facepalm Bust

If you’re looking to celebrate Captain Picard’s diminishing tolerance, we suggest this display-ready Picard Facepalm Bust Paperweight. This hand-painted, polystone paperweight exudes frustration regarding the intricacies of alien decorum and the occasional, time-melting warp core.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation “Inner Light” Ressikan Flute

Star Trek Tng Inner Light Ressikan Flute Playable Prop Replica

Who plays a mean flute? Captain Picard. Would you like to play that flute, or perhaps one that looks very similar? Good – this accurate rendition of Jean-Luc’s Ressikan Flute grants you that opportunity. Handmade from metal and plastic, this completely playable flute helps one reenact the flute-playing scenes from “Inner Light” – the 25th episode from Star Trek: The Next Generation season five.

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The “Legends of Star Trek” Character Sculpture Collection

The Legends Of Star Trek Character Sculpture Collection

This impeccably detailed, handcrafted Captain Kirk sculpture is the epitome of high art! Besides an amazingly crafted figure, this Star Trek collectible includes a raised-relief sculpture of the USS Enterprise and a glossy black base. And yes, this base recreates the literal hub of space-faring action – the bridge! Stick this on a bookshelf and transform your home into a personal Star Trek museum.

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Star Trek The Original Series Remote Controlled Rock Mood Light

Star Trek The Original Series Remote Controlled Rock Mood Light

Need to heat a rock in order to survive a freezing alien atmosphere? Be like Sulu – use a Phaser! Based on helmsman Sulu’s harrowing adventures on Alfa 177, this replica set features a realistic, hand-painted rock and a Type-1 Phaser facsimile. Want to make your rock glow? Fire the Phaser and watch said rock cycle through several gorgeous (but room temperature) colors.

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Electric & Bluetooth U.S.S Enterprise FT Diesel Locomotive

Electric & Bluetooth U.s.s Enterprise Ft Diesel Locomotive

If the NCC-1701-D was relegated to more terrestrial trekking, it would look very much like the Star Trek Electric Gauge Model Train Set! Featuring three cars, an engine, and awesome Enterprise sound effects, this Star Trek: The Next Generation train is propelled via wireless controller or Bluetooth-enabled device.

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Star Trek Remote Control Drone: U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701-AStar Trek U.s.s Enterprise Ncc 1701 A Remote Control Drone

Now you can circle above the neighbor’s yelping pet with this USS Enterprise Remote Controlled Drone! Besides the attention to detail, this flying Enterprise replica also spouts ten series-specific sounds and lights.

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Mega Bloks Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge Collector Construction Set

Mega Bloks Star Trek U.s.s. Enterprise Bridge Construction Set

Build the bridge with this collectible Star Trek set from Mega Bloks! This buildable set comes with four micro-figures and all the necessary pieces to recreate an authentic-looking set piece.

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Hallmark “itty bittys” Star Trek 50th Anniversary Collector Set

Hallmark Itty Bittys Star Trek 50th Anniversary Collector Set

Are they “itty bitty?” Yes. Are they “cutesy-wootsy?” Oh, absolutely — they’re incredibly huggable renditions of Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Lt. Uhura, and Dr. McCoy. Rendered in soft plush and covered in embroidered accents, these Star Trek figures will bring a smile to the most smile-resistant Klingon.

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Star Trek Starships Borg Tactical Cube Die-Cast Vehicle With Collector Magazine

Borg Tactical Cube Die Cast Vehicle With Collector Magazine

This incredibly accurate replica of the Borg’s flying death square is rendered in die-cast, high-quality ABS materials. Hand-painted to effectively capture every single detail, this Borg ship facsimile comes with a full-color Collector Magazine.

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Star Trek “Space Cat Crusaders” Cat Figurine Collection

Star Trek Space Cat Crusaders Cat Figurine Collection

Check out these pristine cat figurines courtesy of the Hamilton Collection! Sporting the familiar uniforms and quirky expressions of beloved Star Trek characters, these handcrafted, hand-painted Star Trek cats are must-haves for pet-friendly collectors.

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Star Trek: The Original Series Captain Kirk Cat Limited Edition Statue

The Original Series Captain Kirk Cat Limited Edition Statue

Standing (well, sitting) over 7.5” high, it’s a lounging, cat-inspired Captain Kirk! Made from sturdy polystone resin, this exquisitely rendered cat sports a detailed, series-accurate uniform while meowing orders from the Captain’s chair.

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Star Trek Christmas Gifts in Space

Star Trek Christmas ornaments and decorations that turn any Starship into a space-faring sleigh.

Hallmark Star Trek Christmas Ornament: Spock

Hallmark Christmas Ornament Star Trek Spock

Who’s that hanging (and philosophizing) from the Christmas tree? Why, it’s the beloved icon of universal logic, Mr. Spock! Measuring over 3” high, this solid polyresin ornament dangles from snowy branches while pondering the illogic of emotions.

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Hallmark Star Trek Christmas Ornament: Commander Data

Hallmark Star Trek's Commander Data Ornament

Who’s that hanging (and computing) from the Christmas tree? Why, its everyone’s favorite, affable android! This Commander Data Christmas ornament turns any Christmas tree into a vertical, launch-ready Starship.

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Star Trek Mirror, Mirror Collection Captain James T. Kirk Ornament With Light and Sound

Mirror Collection Captain James T Kirk Ornament With Light And Sound

Based on the Star Trek episode “Mirror, Mirror,” It’s the Mirror, Mirror Collection Captain James T. Kirk Ornament! Standing over 5” high, this figural ornament – featuring an alternate, mostly evil Captain Kirk – sounds out an integral scene from the episode after pressing a button. It brings Christmas cheer from a parallel universe!

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Star Trek Mirror, Mirror Collection Lieutenant Nyota Uhura Ornament With Light and Sound

Lieutenant Nyota Uhura Ornament With Light And Sound

Another figural ornament based on the classic Star Trek episode, Lt. Nyota Uhura enacts another scene at the press of a button. Put her near other “Mirror, Mirror” ornaments to enact more interactive performances and additional light sequences.

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“Trek the Halls” Star Trek Christmas Ornament

Trek The Halls Star Trek Christmas Ornament

This wooden, handmade Christmas ornament features the clever phrase “Trek the Halls” rendered in Star Trek’s branded lettering. Because Christmas and Star Trek celebrate hope with equal measure.

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Your Car Runs on Impulse Power (Star Trek Car Gifts!)

These Star Trek car accessories will infuse your silly gas-guzzler with the spirit and gravitas of the Starship Enterprise.

Star Trek Car Sunshade

Star Trek Passengers Car Sunshade

Is the crew of the USS Enterprise discussing stuffy Romulan decorum in your car? No, that’s just the image on your Star Trek Passengers Car Sunshade. Universally sized to fit most cars and trucks, this Star Trek sunshade protects one’s car from harmful UV rays and maintains cooler subspace temperatures.

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Your First Officer Is Loyal (and he even does tricks) (Star Trek Pet Gifts!)

Star Trek swag for the loyal pet who happily watches — and rewatches – every episode of Star Trek during a belly rub.

Star Trek Spock Dog Costume

Rubie's Star Trek Spock Dog Costume

This simulated Spock costume for dogs features knitted uniform accents, gold detailing, and an attachable wig. Dogs who dress like Mr. Spock suddenly find endless barking highly illogical.

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Star Trek Enterprise and DS9 Wood Cat Tower

Star Trek Enterprise And Ds9 Wood Cat Tower

Resembling the DS9 space station, it’s a custom-made cat tree! Topped with the Starship of your choice (the Enterprise or Voyager), this fully functional cat tower features a DS9 station suspended in the middle, and a dual “wormhole” base. This cat entertainment center is pulled straight from the future – specifically, the year 2369.

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Wearing the Light of Stars (Star Trek Jewlery!)

Star Trek jewelry that sparkles endlessly throughout a vacuum.

Star Trek Starfleet Insignia Post Earrings

Starfleet Insignia Laser Engraved Wood Earrings

Okay, they don’t sparkle, but they certainly delight! Rendered in the shapes of Command insignias, these wooden, laser-engraved earrings subtly celebrate the regality of command. This is one of the cutest Star Trek gifts for her!

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Beautiful Golden Anniversary Boldly Ring for Ladies

Beautiful Golden Anniversary Boldly Ring For Ladies

These golden rings are rendered in the shape of an extremely elegant USS Enterprise! Handmade in lustrous yellow gold, these Enterprise rings come with your choice of glittering, inset gems. If you’re looking to positively floor that special someone, these Star Trek rings are the gifts to get. They make for a really fun Star Trek Valentine’s Day gift!

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Star Trek-Inspired Natural Created Stone Bat’leth Necklace

Star Trek Inspired Sword Necklace Bat'leth Be Careful Its Sharp

Based on the Klingons’ ceremonial weapon, it’s a dangling, slightly dangerous Bat’leth! These custom pieces are available in several metals, and inset with stones of your choosing. If you long to wear a dangerous weapon developed by a war-worshipping culture, this Bat’leth necklace is probably for you.

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Revisit the Analog Reading Experience (Star Trek Books!)

Put down the interactive, holographic, 24th century reading apparatus and curl up with a handheld book. You’ll learn more about Star Trek, and have a genuine 21st century experience.

Star Trek: Body by Starfleet: A Fitness Guide

Star Trek Body By Starfleet A Fitness Guide

Want to stay healthy like a Starfleet Officer? Then pick up the Star Trek: Body by Starfleet fitness guide! With thorough instructions and guiding illustrations, you’ll be ready to run in heavier gravity and run away from human-eating aliens.

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Crisis of Consciousness (Star Trek: The Original Series)

Crisis Of Consciousness Star Trek The Original Series

Set during the adventures of Star Trek: The Original Series, this Star Trek novel sends our fearless crew to meet the Maabas – an intelligent race that would make a fine addition to the Federation. Does this routine diplomatic mission go smoothly? No, it does not.

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The Star Trek Encyclopedia Revised and Expanded Edition: A Reference Guide to the Future

The Star Trek Encyclopedia, Revised And Expanded Edition

This set of hardcover encyclopedias features anything (and everything) you need to know about Star Trek. And these updated editions include even more entries, photos, and illustrations. This is for the Star Trek fan who thinks they know everything, but still has a lot to learn.

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Watch (and Rewatch) Star Trek

Watch the harrowing, inspiring adventures of your preferred Star Trek series on crystal clear Blu-ray discs.

Star Trek Picard Movie & TV Collection [Blu-ray]

Star Trek Picard Movie & Tv Collection

Featuring four movies (Star Trek: Generations, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, and Star Trek: Nemesis) and two feature-length episodes (“The Best of Both Worlds” and “Chain of Command”), this Blu-ray collection is a must for fans of Jean-Luc Picard – the thinking man’s captain!

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Star Trek: The Original Series: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]

Star Trek The Original Series The Complete Series

This Blu-ray set features all three seasons of the original series in glorious high-definition! See the sweating pores of your favorite characters as they combat galactic threats and outsmart ungallant galactic gods.

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BONUS CATEGORY: Buy Tickets to the Future (Star Trek Convention Gifts)

Experience Star Trek Conventions with like-minded Trekkies, or take tours of authentic Star Trek sets.

Tickets to the 55-Year Mission Tour Star Trek Convention

Tickets To The 55 Year Mission Tour Star Trek Convention

Want to celebrate the 55th Anniversary of Star Trek, the 20th Anniversary of the Los Angeles Star Trek Convention, Gene Roddenberry’s 100th birthday, and William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy’s 90th birthdays? Then grab your tickets to the 55-Year Mission Tour! Featuring hundreds of guests, programming, contests, cosplay, and serious after-parties, this special Star Trek Convention is the can’t-miss event of the millennium!

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Star Trek: Original Series Set Tour

Tour Of The Star Trek Original Series Set

Travel to Ticonderoga New York and view replicated (but extremely accurate) Star Trek set pieces! With the help of original blueprints, photographs, and extensive research, these Star Trek set pieces painstakingly recreate an authentic, on-set experience. If you’re looking to surprise your Star Trek fan with a vacation, this might be the preferred destination.

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Beam me up, Scotty

With this Star Trek Gift List at your disposal, you now have the means to supply Star Trek goodies to the make-believe captains of legendary Starships. Help them live the dream, or simply offer support through the well-wishing words of Mister Spock: “Live long and prosper.”

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