36 Transformers Gifts for Heroic Cybertronians

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Billions of years ago, a race of giant, sentient, transforming robots lived peacefully upon the mechanized planet Cybertron. Until they didn’t.

The insidious Decepticon faction waged war across the planet, and the peaceful Autobots struggled to contain it. Until they couldn’t.

So, the Autobots fled to Earth, the Decepticons followed, and they resumed an eons-long war with humanity regularly trampled underfoot.

In 1984, the harrowing Transformers epic was told by Hasbro’s popular toyline, Marvel Comics, and the classic animated cartoon. This three-pronged marketing assault captured a generation’s imagination, leading to the renowned animated movie, several more cartoon series, countless toys, and more recently, a live-action film series.

If you’re shopping for a Transformers fan, you’re probably overwhelmed by the decades of accumulated Transformers merchandise.

Not sure what to choose for the person who disparages Megatron, exalts Optimus, and claims your city is actually a sleeping Metroplex? Then look to our Transformers Gift List and choose an item worthy of admirable Autobots (and devious Decepticons).

Transformers Clothing and Apparel

Transform from exposed to mostly clothed with this collection of stylish Transformers apparel.

Transformers Optimus Prime T Shirt & Stickers

This Optimus Prime t-shirt harkens back to the classic ‘80s cartoon and grid-layered, action figure box art. Celebrate the most powerful (and beloved) Prime with this glorious Transformers tee.

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Optimus Prime Costume Shirt

Featuring a beautifully sublimated print of Prime’s detailed torso, this Optimus Prime costume t-shirt inspires one to defend a smoldering Cybertron from unrelenting Decepticons.

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Transformers the Periodic Table of Transformers T-Shirt

This play on the periodic table features familiar Transformers categorized by color. If you can’t recall the name of a certain Insecticon, the chart’s handy initials (formerly atomic numbers) should certainly help.

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Hand-Knitted Woolen Optimus Prime Hat

It’s a hand-knitted rendition of Optimus Prime’s head! Made from head-heating wool, this warm Optimus Prime hat dissuades Autobot disloyalty and fluctuating cranial temperatures.

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Kids Transformers Face Masks

This set of four Transformers face masks feature various Transformers from various cartoon epics. If human health precautions seem insufficient, we suggest the capable protection offered by giant, extremely well-armed robots.

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Sounds of the ’80s Men’s High-top Sneakers

These Converse-style kicks feature airbrushed images of the elusive Soundwave. These glossy, stylish sneakers help one walk softy while gathering intelligence or ejecting cassette-shaped compatriots.

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Transformers Gear and Accessories

Stash stolen energon or dodge Decepticon patrols with these handy human accessories.

Transformers Deluxe Mini Cake Toppers

Featuring popular Transformers and their post-transformation selves, these hard-plastic cake toppers look great on cakes, cupcakes, fruitcake, and stacked energon cubes complete with candles and frosting.

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Transformers Stickers

Select a sticker representing your favorite Transformer! Have some boring, sticker-less science equipment? Then apply a Perceptor sticker! How about a truck with an unbelievably wide bed? Then apply the Optimus Prime “Wide Load” sticker! There’s no shortage of Transformer stickers and empty, unstickered surfaces!

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Bumblebee Pinata

Because he probably asked for it – and because he has candy – this Bumblebee pinata is prepared for a merciless, birthday party pummeling. This is the perfect party pastime, or a child’s first lesson in Transformer interrogation techniques.

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Transformers Autobot Crayons

Color to your heart’s content with these five Autobot symbol crayons. And when you finish coloring that picture of Megatron petting kittens, please show it to the class for all to see.

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Your Home Away from Cybertron

Remind yourself of Cybertron’s advanced interior technology with Transformers furnishings, household accents, and accessories.

Transformers Optimus Prime 3D Night Light

Rendered in the shape of Prime’s commanding cranium, this illusory light cycles through several color changes. If you’re about to sing “The Touch,” this is the perfect, portable lightshow.

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Transformers 3D Wall Decal

Available in various sizes, this Transformers wall decal features giant robots wrecking your house! Printed in high-resolution, this easy-to-apply sticker brings an eons-long war right into the bedroom.

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Transformers Vinyl Record Clock

Carefully cut from a vinyl record, this unique wall clock features Optimus Prime, the Autobot and Decepticon symbols, and a city that still stands regardless of feuding giant robots.

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Transformers Glass Set

This set of Transformers glasses features carefully etched Autobot and Decepticon symbols. Drink to honor, courage, and kindness, or absolute, unlimited destruction with these ideologically opposed glasses.

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The Transformers Optimus Prime Comic Shower Curtain

Made from 100% polyester, this Optimus Prime shower curtain features faded, comic book renderings of the renowned Autobot leader. And he’ll shield your exposed rear bumper from peeping, transforming cassettes.

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Vintage Transformer Toys Patent Poster Prints (Set of 4)

Celebrate the inception of Transformers toys with four, 8” x 11” prints! Recreating the toy patent artwork of iconic G1 Transformers, these vintage toy schematics trace the creative process from pure idea to functional collectible.

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Transformers – Unicron Destroyer of Worlds Art Print

This gorgeous art print presents the mighty Unicron — a planet-sized, eternally hungry Transformer! Sitting on a throne carved from ruined, fed-upon worlds, Unicron seriously reconsiders his alliance with the underachieving Galvatron.

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Transformers Autobot Logo Metal Wall Art

Skillfully wrought from 12-gauge sheet steel, it’s the empowering Autobot symbol! Available in multiple colors, this reflective emblem is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, guestrooms, bathrooms, or wherever Autobots gather to discuss Decepticon patrol patterns and dwindling energon.

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Transformers Toys, Figures, and Collectibles

High-end recreations of entrenched Transformers, or simple and irresistible Transformers toys.

Bumblebee DLX Scale Collectible Series Optimus Prime

Based on Prime’s appearance in the hit Bumblebee film, this movie-accurate collectible is prepared to personally liberate Cybertron! Measuring over 11” high, this detailed figure features serious articulation, light-up eyes, a trusty Ion blaster, and several more things that make serious collectors swoon.

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Bumblebee DLX Scale Collectible Series Soundwave and Ravage

A painstaking recreation of the Decepticons’ communications officer, this exquisite Soundwave figure is also based on the hit Bumblebee film. With unparalleled character detailing and attention to movie accuracy, this Soundwave figure gathers intelligence with Ravage — his loyal, portable pet.

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Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy DLX Scale Collectible Series Megatron

Based on the War for Cybertron series streaming on Netflix, this poseable Megatron figure is a powerful, imposing collectible. Standing over 10” tall, the Decepticon leader comes with character-specific accessories that regularly atomize Autobots.

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Transformers: Legacy of Cybertron Ironhide Limited-Edition Statue

From the acclaimed “Legacy of Cybertron” statue line, it’s a destruction-dealing Ironhide! With several interchangeable parts, this limited-edition statue will continue to deter Decepticons with multiple guns, shoulder cannons, and a never-ending bullet belt.

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Handmade 7.5 Foot Tall Bumblebee Statue

Measuring a massive 7.5-feet high, this movie-accurate Bumblebee statue is painstakingly constructed with 100% recycled car and motorcycle parts. If you’re looking to add an incredibly unique item to your collection (only one in stock!), this is the ultimate (and I mean, ULTIMATE!!!!) Transformers collectible.

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Transformers Funko POP!

Based on the hit Transformers movie Transformers: Age of Extinction, it’s a very movie-accurate Bumblebee figure! Standing over 3″ high, this compact Bumblebee is ready to slam Decepticons and speak in radio snippets!

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Megatron Statue

From the sculpting wizards at Sideshow Collectibles, it’s an incredibly detailed Megatron statue! Based on his appearance in the hit Transformers film Transformers: The Last Knight, this Megatron statue is the perfect reproduction of the diabolical, cinematic villain.

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Transformers Classic Scale Optimus Prime Statue

Standing over 10” high, this Optimus Prime statue recreates his iconic cartoon look! Based on the hit animated series, this polystone Prime includes interchangeable weapons, and perhaps the calm, commanding voice of actor Peter Cullen.

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Transformers: Legacy of Cybertron Devastator Limited-Edition Statue

For serious collectors only! This Devastator statue stands over 40” tall, so it’s ready to wrestle small children should they swear allegiance to Optimus Prime. With flashing LED lights and a proportional hand-cannon, this character-accurate Devastator is another exquisite entry in the “Legacy of Cybertron” line.

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-43 Megatron

From the incredibly detailed Masterpiece line, it’s the Transformers Masterpiece MP-43 Megatron! Based on his Beast Wars iteration — a tyrannical (and very purple) dinosaur — this Masterpiece Megatron features serious articulation, smooth transformation mechanics, and a dangerous dinosaur head cannon!

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Autobot Matrix of Leadership Kit

This human-scale Matrix of Leadership kit is the perfect, assemble-ready replica of the legendary, life-giving Matrix! Based on the artifact’s appearance in the hit animated film Transformers: The Movie, this stunning Matrix model features glowing LED lights and a complete disdain for Ultra Magnus.

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Express Your Allegiance in Vehicle Mode

Transformers car accessories that trick out your non-transforming Transformer.

Transformers Laser-Engraved Stainless-Steel License Front Plate

This stainless-steel license plate features the imposing Decepticon symbol! It’s perfect for vile Decepticon spies who wish to subtly self-identify.

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Transformer Autobot Auto Emblem

This chrome Autobot emblem features an adhesive backing for easy application. Simply apply it to your car, and await further instructions from Optimus Prime.

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Transformers License Plate With Chrome 3D AUTOBOT Emblem

This sleek, black license plate features a raised Autobot symbol rendered in blazing chrome. If your car resided in a mountain for billions of years before resuming its eons-long war, it should definitely appreciate this valorous, stylish emblem.

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Big Robots on the Big Screen

Transformers movies and series chronicling epic battles over billions of years.

Transformers: The Ultimate 5-Movie Collection Blu-ray & DVD

Available in Blu-ray and standard definition, this Transformers movie collection features all five live-action films directed by Michael “more explosions, please” Bay! Ready to watch Shia LaBeouf and Marky Mark combat massive alien robots? Then sit back for the action-driven, plot-deficient Transformers films!

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Bumblebee Movie

Ready to watch Bumblebee in his solo, cinematic outing? Prepared for a snapshot of what live-action Transformers should actually look like? Then put in this Bumblebee DVD, enjoy the glorious, ‘80s-inspired soundtrack, and weep when the scene on Cybertron ends too soon.

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Transformers: The Movie (30th Anniversary Edition)

Now THIS is a movie! Available in standard definition and excruciatingly clear Blu-ray, it’s the epic cartoon movie that scarred a generation! “Scarred?” Really? Yes. Ask any kid who saw this in the theater – the death of (SPOILER!) Optimus Prime was something no child had the emotional flexibility to accept. So, they simply buy toys and remastered versions of this film to work through the trauma.

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Transformers Books

According to Optimus Prime, reading is the best way to enhance intricate cognitive functions and improve memory storage capacity (i.e., it makes you smarter and improves your memory).

Transformers: The Ultimate Pop-Up Universe

This awesome pop-up book shares intricate details regarding the massive Transformers universe! And while you’re reading, make sure to pull various tabs to “activate” various pop-up, 3D Transformers!

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Grab Your Gifts…and Roll Out!

You managed to grab the perfect Transformers gifts regardless of the constant robot war occurring on your roof. You gathered these gifts, got in the car, and managed to avoid the rampaging Constructicons as they overpowered a single, patrolling Autobot. And at the party, your presents were greatly appreciated since they were totally unique and still in one piece. Now, it’s back to the bedlam to sleep in your bed. May the Autobots be plentiful, and may the Dinobots have your back.

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