56 Gifts for the Serious World of Warcraft Player

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World of Warcraft (WoW) is the world’s most popular MMORPG with tens of millions of players worldwide. Since its release in 2004 it’s grossed over $9 billion solidifying its place as one of the highest-grossing video game franchises of all time.

World of Warcraft quickly spawned a dedicated community that for some, has now spanned over 16 years and has helped form life-long friendships, relationships, and marriages.

With stats like that you’re guaranteed to have a World of Warcraft player in your life.

So, what do you gift a WoW player?

First thing’s first, if you know or can find out what faction the WoW fan in your life is a part of, that will allow for more gifting options and personalization.  In addition to the faction, as with any other media, if they have a favorite character such as Sylvanas, Illidan or Garrosh, you can have more options for gifts that feature characters like art prints or figurines.

With all that information in mind, let’s dive in, here are 40 Gifts for the World of Warcraft Player in Your Life.

The Best Gifts for World of Warcraft Players

World of Warcraft Merch for Every Faction

If you don’t know what faction the person you’re buying a gift for is aligned with, don’t fret! There are tons of gifts out there that every WoW player will appreciate whether they’re for the Horde or Alliance!

Trivial Pursuit: World of Warcraft Edition

Trivial Pursuit World Of Warcraft Edition

Test their World of Warcraft knowledge with Trivial Pursuit: World of Warcraft Edition. The perfect game to get them offline. Great for game nights with their guild!

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Legendary Coffee Mug

Legendary Coffee Mug

The perfect accessory to prepare for grinding their next raid or dungeon. Fuel your player in style with this novelty mug outlining the stats of their favorite gamer fuel. Warning: Not soul-bound until equipped. 

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WoW Blackout Logo Snapback Hat

Wow Blackout Logo Snapback Hat

This subtle snapback is the perfect gift for the gamer in your life, especially if they don’t like to be too obvious with their fandom. The blackout logo snapback is a discreet nod to their favorite game and it goes with everything!

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WoW Adult Coloring Book

Wow Adult Coloring Book

Encourage them to take some time away from the screen, calm an anxious mind, or just decompress at the end of a long way without leaving Azeroth completely with this WoW Adult Coloring Book. This coloring book features popular characters, landscapes and scenes so there is really something for everyone.

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MSI GS66 Stealth 10SE-442 15.6″ Gaming Laptop

Msi Gs66 Stealth 10se 442

They’ll love being able to take the battle with them wherever they go – at home or travelling they’ll always have Azeroth at their fingertips with this MSI Gs66 Gaming Laptop.

With 16GB of Ram and an RTX2060 Graphics Card this VR-Ready laptop will run World of Warcraft and any of their other gaming favorites seamlessly. This is the perfect gift for the serious gamer.

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WoW Wall Clock

Wow Wall Clock

Bring a bit of Azeroth to their home office with this WoW Wall Clock. Perfect for keeping track of how many hours they’ve spent leveling or raiding.

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WoW Blackout Ceramic Coffee Mug

Wow Blackout Ceramic Coffee Mug

A more subtle option for that gamer fuel. This WoW Logo Blackout Mug is subtle enough to bring to the office, or just enjoy their late-night coffee while gaming at home.

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Cinematic Art of World of Warcraft: Volume 1

Cinematic Art Of World Of Warcraft Volume 1

World of Warcraft is known for redefining the gaming landscape and part of that was their jaw-dropping, movie-quality cinematics. Celebrate over 15 years of World of Warcraft with this stunning book of Cinematic Art. The perfect coffee table book for every WoW player and art lover alike.

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Monopoly: World of Warcraft Collectors Edition

Monopoly World Of Warcraft Collectors Edition

Whether they’re a WoW fan or not, everyone loves Monopoly! Give friends and family a taste of the world of Azeroth at the next family game night or party with friends.

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World of Warcraft Pandaren Brewmaster Deluxe Action Figure

World Of Warcraft Pandaren Brewmaster Deluxe Action Figure

Alliance or Horde, no matter the faction every fan of the Pandaren will love this high-quality action figure. The perfect addition to every collector’s shelf.

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World of Warcraft Comic Collection: Volume 1

World Of Warcraft Comic Collection Volume 1

With all-new stories from the Legion, Warlords of Draenor and Battle for Azeroth eras featuring all the fan-favorite WoW characters, any player would love to continue the story offline with this comic collection.

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Redragon K585 One-Handed Mechanical Professional Keyboard

Redragon K585 One Handed Mechanical Professional Keyboard

Help the WoW player in your life up their raiding game with the Redragon K585 One-Handed Mechanical Professional Keyboard. This keyboard puts all of the necessary action keys in one easy to access place by removing all the unnecessary keys to maximize speed in a wide variety of gaming situations. They’ll be the best raider in their guild in no time with this gift!

WoW Fact: The most popular class is the Hunter.

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Redragon Impact Programmable Gaming Mouse

Redragon Impact Programmable Gaming Mouse

If they prefer to have access to most of their action keys right on their mouse, this is perfect! This completely customizable mouse has 12 programmable side buttons, a quickfire button and completely customizable dpi and weight tuning. Every serious gamer will love this gift.

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Small World of Warcraft: Game

Small World Of Warcraft Game

A World of Warcraft twist on the classic Smallworld game. Occupy lands, eliminate enemies all while taking charge of the races of Azeroth. A fun and competitive game to play with friends!

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Mega Bloks World of Warcraft Barren Lands

Mega Bloks World Of Warcraft Barren Lands

Buildable Mega Bloks Alliance Nightsaber mount and Horde X-53 Touring Rocket mount with seats for multiple action figures, including the two buildable Orc Warlock and Night Elf Warrior figures that come with the set. The perfect gift for the WoW fan that loves to build and collect.

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Funko POP! Murloc Keychain

Funko Pop Murloc Keychain

They’ll love carrying everyone’s favorite WoW NPC with them wherever they go. This gift will have them Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle! 

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World of Warcraft Funko POP! Figures

Best World Of Warcraft Gift Ideas

Every WoW fan will love showing off their favorite characters with these Funko POP! figures. The best decorative addition to every player’s shelf and desk.

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JuJuBe World of Warcraft Accessory Bag Collection

Jujube World Of Warcraft Accessory Bag Collection

World of Warcraft but Chibi! This super cute World of Warcraft Chibi design on a set of accessory bags perfect for all kinds of uses – toiletries, travel, pencil case? You name it.

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WoW Hearthstone Stud Earrings

Wow Hearthstone Stud Earrings

Always have the ability to teleport to whatever location they’ve bound with these hearthstone earrings. Speak to an innkeeper to bind your location.

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JuJuBe Mini Backpack: World of Warcraft Collection

Jujube Mini Backpack World Of Warcraft Collection

Space for all their necessities on the go with this JuJuBe Mini Backpack featuring a super cute World of Warcraft chibi design.

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Frostmourne Sword Decoration

Frostmourne Sword Decoration

The perfect decoration for every gamer’s desk, or addition to every streamer’s backdrop. This Frostmourne Sword looks as though it was thrust right from the Frozen Throne by the Linch King.

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Hearthstone Replica Shadowbox

Hearthstone Replica Shadowbox

For those that have their hearthstone bound to their home. This Hearthstone Replica Shadowbox is a great addition to every WoW player’s entryway or living space.

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Teldrassil World of Warcraft Print

Teldrassil World Of Warcraft Print

This stunning Teldrassil print that comes as either a single print or multi-panel print would be a gorgeous addition to any WoW fanatic’s home or office.

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WoW Leather Keychain – Horde or Alliance

Wow Leather Keychain Horde Or Alliance

Show off their faction with a Horde or Alliance leather keychain that can be customized with any text you’d like. A very classy way to display their alliance, a thoughtful and personal gift for any player.

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Personalized WoW LED Desk Lamp

Personalized Wow Led Desk Lamp

Another stunning customizable gift. The perfect desk lamp for every player, and unique addition to the background of any stream. This LED lamp can be customized with the crest of their faction as well as the name of their main.

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WoW Classic Azeroth World Map

Wow Classic Azeroth World Map

Show of their love of Azeroth with this simple but beautiful world map. The perfect art piece for any room of the house.

WoW Fact: Azeroth would be 80 Square Miles in Real Life!

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WoW Alliance & Horde Vinyl Stickers

Wow Alliance And Horde Vinyl Stickers

Show off their faction with these Alliance and Horde Vinyl stickers. Use them to display how they align on their car, laptop, or notebooks!

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NECA Heroes of the Storm Arthas Action Figure

Neca Heroes Of The Storm Series 2 Arthas Action Figure

This Knight of the Silver Hand Action Figure will be any WoW player’s favorite collector’s item. Complete with the iconic frostmourne sword, this is an essential figure for every fan’s shelf.

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WoW Legion: Digital Deluxe Item Bundle

Wow Legion Digital Deluxe Item Bundle

Enhance their adventures in Azeroth with these in-game items. The Legion: Digital Deluxe bundle features exclusives mounts, pets and more.

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WoW Game Time

Wow Game Time

There’s nothing a WoW player will appreciate more than the gift of game time. Gift them the ability to keep playing WoW without worrying about renewing their own subscription for one month or one year, you choose!

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World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1

World Of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 1

The tome of World of Warcraft history. Any fan of lore will appreciate this in-depth look at all the backstories and tales that surround their favorite characters, locations and events in the World of Warcraft.

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Shadow Rising: World of Warcraft Shadowlands

Shadow Rising World Of Warcraft Shadowlands

A prequel novel to the latest World of Warcraft Expansion Pack. Dive into the story behind the latest events to unleash upon Azeroth.

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LootCrate Exclusive Hearthstone Stress Ball

World Of Warcraft Hearthstone Stress Ball

Every WoW player needs a stress ball after a particularly hectic raid. Help come down from an adrenaline rush after an epic win, and horrible loss with this Hearthstone Stress Ball.

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World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook

World Of Warcraft The Official Cookbook

If you have a WoW fan that loves to cook, why not gift them the Official Cookbook of World of Warcraft so they can feast like they would while resting in-game at the local inn.

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Illidan Extended Gaming Mousepad

Illidan Extended Gaming Mousepad

Level up their gaming with this Illidan Extended Mousepad. Extra space for better movement when they’re caught up in those intense raids and dungeons!

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Funko POP! Oversized Deathwing Figure

Funko Pop Oversized Deathwing Figure

Gift this iconic dragon Funko POP! Deathwing Figure to any WoW player in your life will it drop the World Breaker? There’s only one way to find out.

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Shadowlands Expansion Pack

Shadowlands Expansion Pack

Any gamer would appreciate the gift of you pre-purchasing them the latest WoW Expansion Pack – Shadowlands. Make sure they don’t miss a second of the newest in-game story and content by making sure they can jump right in to battle on launch day.

WoW Fact: Many celebrities have talked about their love of World of Warcraft. Most notably is Mila Kunis who talked about having to remove the game from her computer to kick her addiction to the game.

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For the Alliance!

Is your WoW fan For the Alliance!? Help them represent their faction with pride with these Alliance specific gifts.

WoW Alliance Joggers

Wow Alliance Joggers

Every gamer wants to be comfortable if they’re spending hours levelling their main. These Alliance Joggers are the perfect comfy attire for long nights gaming.

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WoW Alliance Travel Card Wallet

Wow Alliance Travel Card Wallet

Store your loot while you travel with this alliance travel card wallet. The perfect accessory whether you’re traveling between Stormwind and Darnassus or just to the grocery store.

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WoW Daughter of the Sea Premium Tee

Wow Daughter Of The Sea Premium Tee

This 15th-anniversary tee featuring fan-favorite Jaina is the perfect way to show off your fandom. Any Alliance member needs this shirt in their wardrobe.

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WoW Alliance Drawstring Backpack

Wow Alliance Drawstring Backpack

Too much loot for just a wallet? This Alliance Drawstring Backpack is the perfect upgrade for carrying all their potions, coin, and crafting materials.

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WoW Alliance Flag

Wow Alliance Flag

The true sign of having pride in your faction – flying their flag. Gift the Alliance member in your life the ultimate sign of their allegiance to Anduin.

WoW Fact: The biggest raid in WoW history had over 900 alliance members.

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MegaBloks Deathwing’s Stormwind Assault

Mega Bloks World Of Warcraft Deathwing's Stormwind Assault

Alliance members will rush to defend Stormwind Castle from Deathwing’s assault with this MegaBloks set. Solidify your place as one of the Alliance’s top warriors and you may be rewarded with new weapons and gear.

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WoW Alliance Cotton Robe

Wow Alliance Cotton Robe

They’ll feel like Anduin himself in this Alliance Cotton Robe. The royal treatment for post-shower, or just lounging around.

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WoW Alliance Logo Mug

World Of Warcraft Alliance Logo Mug

Any Alliance member will love this Alliance Logo Mug as their new caffeine vessel. The best way to get your caffeine buff to start the day.

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WoW Alliance Two-Tone Slouchy Beanie

World Of Warcraft Alliance Two Tone Slouchy Beanie

Keep your Alliance member warm on their journey to Ironforge with this Alliance Beanie.

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For the Horde!

If your WoW fan is a member of the Horde, these gifts will help them in their fight for freedom in the land that despises them.

WoW Horde Wrapping Paper

Wow Horde Wrapping Paper

When you’ve chosen the perfect gift, surprise them with just how much you’ve learned about the game they love and who they align with by wrapping it in this Horde Wrapping Paper.

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Swordfish Tech Warcraft Durotan Statue Phone Charging Dock

Swordfish Tech Warcraft Durotan Statue Phone Charging Dock

Whether they’re a fan of the Warcraft movie or game, this Durotan Phone Charging Dock is the tech accessory for every Horde Member. Charge your phone (and your spells)!

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WoW Horde Varsity Hoodie

Wow Horde Varsity Hoodie

They’ll love showing off their Horde spirit while keeping warm with this Varsity Hoodie.

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WoW Personalized The Horde Whisky Gift Set

Wow Personalized Whiskey Gift Set

Take a seat at The Gallows End Tavern and sip on a glass of  Darkmoon Special Reserve. Every Horde Member will appreciate this Personalized Whisky Gift Set.

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WoW Horde Living Room Rug

Wow Horde Living Room Rug

A true member of the Horde will love making a statement with this Horde Living Room Rug. There will be no denying who they fight for when this is the centerpiece of their living space.

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WoW Horde Loot Bag

World Of Warcraft Horde Loot Bag

Every Horde member needs somewhere to carry their gear. This Horde Loot Bag is the perfect storage upgrade so they’ll never have to worry about running out of space when looting enemies.

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WoW Horde Hardcover Ruled Journal

Wow Horde Hardcover Ruled Journal

Help them plan their attack with this Horde Hardcover Ruled Journal. The ideal way to keep track of raids, guild events, and stats.

WoW Fact: As a Horde you can explore a much bigger world – space and resource wise.

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WoW Horde Face Mask

Wow Horde Face Mask

Make their faction known while they’re picking up essentials during the “new normal” with this Horde Face Mask.

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WoW Horde Logo Mug

World Of Warcraft Horde Logo Mug

Every Horde member needs their buffs! The Horde Logo Mug is the ideal way to drink their potions and prep for battle.

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Lok’tar Ogar Victory or Death Wood Sign

Loktar Ogar Victory Or Death Wood Sign

Victory or Death. They’ll be happy to display this Horde Motto anywhere in their home. A constant reminder of what they’re fighting for when they head into their next battle.

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Shorel’aran (Farewell)

Buying a gift for a World of Warcraft fan can seem like a daunting task (there are 16 years of fandom and lore behind it!).  However, regardless of it, they’re Horde or Alliance there are endless options for gifting to your favorite World of Warcraft player.

Help them level up their raiding game with the perfect computer accessory, or show off their allegiance with Horde or Alliance apparel, decor, and toys, no matter what you choose the WoW player in your life will appreciate any of the gifts on this list!

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